If there’s only one race I could participate in, it would  be the Dudes of Hazzards “The Spirit of Enduro” in Kinlochleven.


Here's to Good Sports - Slainte.

Early start for the 2nd day in Kinlochleven and the competitors in the Scottish Enduro Series blow me away with their amazing attitude.  I wonder if there is any other style or racing that courts this outlook?  The nature of the race is to ride to timed sections with your mates, and race the sections individually - the collated times give your final position in the ratings - with mates re-grouping at the bottom of the section to celebrate/commiserate and then ride together to the nect stage.  The riding to the sections, by the nature of the downhill timed sections means riding uphill.  Often big climbs, and in this event there were 3 climbs and 3 sections.  Most competitors had gone round the course yesterday, many had partied last night, and now they had the arduous task to do over again.  The timed sections are perhaps different in style according to the lay of the land, but they all involve rocks, roots, mud, trees, tight corners,steep drops - and all at the greatest speed you can achieve.  The buzz and excitement, encouragement of friends, hugs and support were endless today.  So impressed with around 400 fantastic sports.

This was the top prize - but most don’t really aspire to winning this.  They aspire to survive.

Even better weather today, so I’m not going to look at weather forecasts anymore.  They definately didn’t predict this.

Mostly they are lively and enthusiastic.  But sometimes they are just knackered.

The Scottish Highlands were looking magnificent.

As the day cooled, and the Kinlochleven fires were lit, it misted up a little.

Spook, Uncle D and I are off to Spain tomorrow.  Sending support for Catalonia and the wonderful Catalonians who took part in WEMBO in October.

Kinlochleven - Scottish Enduro Series

Kinlochleven.  Every year, I forget how lovely it is…


part of my autumnal lunch, courtesy of Running Girl.

What I really love about Enduro, is the camaraderie, the friendliness and support for each other - the good humour with which the riders take on some amazingly tough riding.  

4.15pm.  End of practice day.  Back to do it for real tomorrow.