Whoopsie Daisy || Miri & Sami

Some men just didn’t know when to quit while they were ahead. This was the problem with Marcus Kinlin. Miri had believed her company was enough to afford her a free meal, but he clearly wanted more. No problem. She knew exactly how to handle this. A few tugs here and there would have Marcus backed off and running with his tail tucked firmly between his legs. The problem became worse once she slipped into the Matrix. Suddenly, Miri’s cruel streak took over and it became hard to stop. She wanted him to suffer, so much that she had forgot to stop at the point of no return. 

Marcus Kinlin was dying at her feet, and Miri was in big, big trouble. Real, true panic took over as she rushed out into the hall. She needed to stall and across the hall was the perfect decoy. Using the poodle’s lifeline to buy her some time, Miri now had a half an hour before Marcus was dead.

There was only one person Miri thought to call in that moment. Unfortunately she wasn’t certain as to how Sami would react to this. Maybe he’d just laugh and hang up or maybe he’d not even answer her call. That’s not something she could think of as she picked up the phone calling from her hotel room.

When the answering machine picked up Miri cursed, loudly. “Hey.” She started trying to sound as calm as possible. Failing. “I have a big problem and I need your help.” She swallowed hard. “I really did it this time, Sami. I’m in big trouble. Could you come to my hotel? Please.” She ended giving him the room number and then crossed her fingers.