This is kind of a three-way present for Kink-ler’s one-year blogiversary, McModdity’s birthday, and belatedly Kudalyn’s birthday, eheh! ;;;

Offered McMod a request and they asked for Autumnal Kink or Kinkter. c| It’s hot chocolate and iced tea time~

heartbreak in canon what heartbreak 

Lonely Hearts Club

I feel like if I’m too kind then you will only change your mind
Take advantage of my heart and I’ll go back into the dark
Love will never be forever, feelings are just like the weather
January to December, do you want to be a member?


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I worked stupid hard on this for a long time last night ahh;;;

I wavered between having it as a stand alone illustration or an illustration for a Winter update, but decided with my first idea. I’ll do something else for Winter’s blog today.