My kinks include:

• choking
• keep choking me
• literally just end my life


what’s that? you want MORE erotic horse dating videos? okay! let’s see how deep this game goes - My Horse Prince #3 CHOKE ME HORSEY 🍆🐴


new gaming video! want to find the line between kinks and good parenting? dan and phil play WHO’S YOUR DADDY 👨‍👨‍👦⁉️

The Signs As Kinks

Aries: Rape Fantasy

Taurus: Roleplaying

Gemini: Face-fucking

Cancer: Rubber/ Latex/ Leather

Leo: Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Virgo: Vulnerability

Libra: Biting and Marking

Scorpio: Breathplay

Sagittarius: Master/ Slave

Capricorn: Anonymous Sex

Aquarius: Medical/ Needle Play

Pisces: Knife/ Blood Play

Daddy Kink (4) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three

Bang Me Like Those Drums - analphancones

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Call Me Daddy - jilliancares

Summary: Phil asks Dan what his kink is, but Dan doesn’t feel so inclined to tell him.

Choke Me Daddy (ao3) - Jeaven

Summary: It took Phil exactly twenty four hours to make Dan regret the “Teach me dad” joke.

Daddy Kink (ao3) - thejigsawtimess

Summary: Dan thinks it’s hilarious that the phandom thinks he has a Daddy kink. Until he doesn’t.

Feel Good Inc - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: Dan is your local sexually ambiguous religious boy. Phil is your local bad boy that sleeps with anyone that’ll have him and sins as if second nature. Then there’s also the poor original character that gets caught between them and their ridiculous amount of sexual tension. Threesomes, eh?

Party- for Good Boys Only - elliesfics

Summary: Dan and Phil are reluctant stepbrothers soon to be strangers. When Dan’s father decided to marry Phil’s mother, no one could have predicted the marriage ending in flames only a few weeks later. The two boys who avoided each other at all costs during the marriage are brought together one last time before they part ways forever. Phil hates Dan. Dan can’t stand Phil. But what happens when a house party goes terribly wrong and they end up needing each other more than their parents ever did?

Pastel Daddy - omgdatphantho

Summary: pastel!Dan and punk!Phil have sex after school.

Pastel Interview - omgdatphantho

Summary: Phil interviews with Dan.

Patience - analester

Summary: “Dan, I swear to go-“ “I’ll do it if daddy asks nicely.” “Fuck.”

Punish Me Harder - babyboy-dan

Summary: One where Dan isn’t happy with Phil’s punishments so he pushes Phil to the edge and then Phil ends up fucking him and then Dan has marks and bruises and scratches and shit the next morning that will last a while.

Reaching For the Floor - uglylester

Summary: Dan’s a horny teenager whose boyfriend lives hours away. Or, in which Phil teaches Dan the wonders of Skype sex.

Sacrilegious (ao3) - TheUKAmazingDan

Summary: The one where Phil fucks Dan like five different times over the course of several days.

Sinner’s Prayer - elliesfics

Summary: Dan is just a freshman in high school. He follows all the rules and even goes to Mass every Sunday because that’s what good boys do. But Dan’s nature to do everything that he is told, seems to attract a certain kind of ruthless older boy; one who’s only desire is to spoil Dan’s innocence.

Super Massive Black Hole - theaterkidlester

Summary: Whenever Dan goes on Tumblr blogs, all he ever sees is how much of a slut he is for Phil’s cock. When he reads one fic, he starts to wonder what it would be like to be fucked by his sub.

The Bus - snpped-rose-stems

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting.

The Great Unexpected Daddy Kink - gorgeousdan

Summary: Dan totally doesn’t have a daddy kink. It’s just that sometimes he reads phanfics and sometimes he turns red when he calls Phil daddy in these fics and sometimes he uses humour to cover up the fact that he finds it totally, ridiculously, hot.

Warm On A Cold Night - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: They’ve been out at a movie premiere all night, Phil is tired of sharing Dan with the world and Dan is tired of not being able to put his hands on Phil. Then their car breaks down on the way home.

You Can Be My Full Time Daddy - livingvicariouslythroughphan

Summary: neko!Dan goes into his 2nd heat and Owner!Phil fucks him through it.

glumshoe  asked:

Kink assigner, it's been too long. Do your magic. Assign me a kink.

Far too long indeed, but the universe is expanding so we can make up for that lost time, coming at you with a especially magic Kink Forecast.

Near silent nights in the woods where children all mysteriously awaken at 3:21am, form a circle and hum a synchronized perfect A flat. 
Wearing nothing underneath your cultist robes.
A body pillow of a skeleton, inside the case is an actual skeleton, this is not very comfortable, but thats not the point. The point is its sexy. 
Against a tree, in a tree, under a tree, the tree possibly participating. 
The whisper of Stolas, telling you nature facts.
A lap dance from a giant skeleton comprised of other skeletons.
The forbidden tongue of eldritch horror terrors, this means more than one thing.

Mommy Finally Gives Little A Punishment

Little: *Being Bratty*

Mommy: Keep It Up And I Promise You WIll Be Punished

Little: *Continues To Be Bad*

Mommy: Okay Baby Fine, Its Time Out For You *Sticks Little In Corner* Ill Come Get You In 20 Minutes and You Better Have An Apology Waiting.

Little: *Upset They Have Punishments But Also Extremely Grateful Mommy Has Gone Through With A Punishment And Is Proud To Have Such A Good Mommy*