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Supergirl 2x22 Episode Reaction

First of all I’m very emotional right now because of the Karamel scene but let’s save that for later.

First of all let’s talk about Winn mouthing I love you to Superman. That was one of my favorite moments. Winn has such a superhero kink.

The second thing is the fact that Clark approves of Karamel! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

The third and final thing before I move on to the angst is Cat grant knowing that Kara is Supergirl. I mean I kind of knew that she might’ve known from that comment she made last episode with James, but I still love it.

Now it’s time for angst. Get your tissues ready.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Ugh I love how Mon-el told Kara to do it. Like he would self sacrifice himself for her and the world. I didn’t cry because once you seen Containment you are immune to this but I was really emotional. Especially when they said there goodbyes and Kara said I love you. I also love how she gave him her necklace that her mom gave her. It was an extremely sad and beautiful scene but hey we need more angst.

So I’m going on a limb here and I’m saying he’s going to another universe. The hole Mon-el went into looked oddly similar to ones that Cisco makes but hey it might actually just be easier to have that same effect. But I can’t wait till next season.

Oh Captain! // Steve Rogers x Reader (P1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, Nat x Bucky (WinterWidow)
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Language, Fluff, Smut, ‘Captain’ kink. This is a bit of a slow burn. I’m not sorry. 

Summary: How is Steve supposed to resist you when you call him Captain like that? How is anyone supposed to resist those god-forsakenly beautiful thighs? Naturally you both have to fuck it out; your only choice really. WinterWidow makes a brief appearance. Bonus: Tony Stark’s seal of approval.

A/N: Idk why my fics keep starting in the gym, maybe it’s a sneaky way of telling myself I need to work out more. Lmao, ignore me. I’m so sorry. This was supposed to me a short 500 or so word one shot but I’m a goddamn wordy ass ho with no self-control and a shitty understanding of the word ‘short’. Happy New Year everyone 

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Hi kids!

This is a gentle public service announcement to let you all know that I’m no longer engaging in any more discourse about the kink meme. 

This has become a really polarizing topic, I think the fandom’s collective ability to discuss it in a constructive way has eroded quite a bit, and the “callout posts” about it have themselves begun to feed an alarming amount of sensitive or triggering content into public social media spaces, which, quite frankly, runs a far higher risk of landing in front of the eyeballs of someone who needs to avoid it than when it’s safely quarantined in spaces like LiveJournal and Ao3.

It is staying open for at least the next couple weeks, and I intend to keep writing Kabby fic for it and sharing that fic here, as well as on Ao3.  I’m a big proponent of people curating their own social media spaces, so if you need to unfollow, block, blacklist, etc. because that is a nope for you, that doesn’t bug me in the least and I don’t take it personally.  We all have to know where our boundaries are.

A few last words on this topic and then I’m done. 

(P.S. this post contains no potentially triggering references to any of the specific kinks or fics in question.  It’s safe for all.)

There are many fics on the kink meme and Ao3 that I can’t and won’t ever read.  There are many kinks that squick me out.  But if you’re asking me to condemn specific writers or specific fics because they upset you, just know I’m never going to do that.  Even if it’s a fic I would never read myself.  My position is always going to be that I’m a writer and I stand with writers.  Even when I disagree.  Even when what they wrote squicks me out. 

“But what about this kink? Surely you can’t defend that writer.” 

Yes I can. 

“Okay, but what about this???  This very upsetting thing involving your favorite character?” 

Yeah, even that one. 

Free speech is most important when it isn’t convenient.  It’s most important when you have to go to bat for the rights of people to say shit that makes you want to die inside.  It’s why the ACLU defends Westboro Baptist Church.  If I only held to my values when it related to people who agreed with me and did exactly what I approve of, then they’re not values, they’re personal tastes I’m trying to legislate on everyone else.

My best friend and I were discussing this on Twitter yesterday when this cropped up over there.  We have very, very different personal tastes.  As in, there are rarepairs I write for and kinks I enjoy reading that hit some places of really deep “please don’t discuss that fic while I’m in the room” discomfort for her.  And we’ve learned, over the past years, how to be sensitive and respectful to each other about those things.  I offered - without her asking - to write a censored version of one of my fics to remove a personal squick of hers so that she could read it and not feel left out of the fun the rest of the group chat was having.  She, in turn, never once judged or shamed me for writing the thing that made her uncomfortable in the first place … which is just as important. It’s crucial to our relationship that, just as I don’t judge her for her preferences, she doesn’t judge me for mine.  And I don’t judge other people for theirs, even when they’re MILES away from things I would ever consider erotic, or even feel comfortable reading.  Because another trigger which is very, very real - which for many of us is deeply lodged within our body and our sense of self - is the trauma of being publicly shamed, outed, maligned, or criminalized for your sexuality.

I am gay, and for eight years I was a youth minister at my church.  When I was in my mid-twenties, an anti-gay hate group found a video clip online of a documentary about LGBT Christians that I had been interviewed for, and they emailed it to the entire staff of the church where I worked, the school, and the office of the diocese.  Until you have been outed by force, against your will, to your pastor, your coworkers, your middle school health teacher, the school moms whose kids are in your youth group, and the fucking Archbishop, with a letter explaining that young people are in danger from your deviant sexuality; until you have been on the receiving end of a campaign of online harassment that went on for four years; until you have read a complete stranger write on her blog, not three months after your mother’s funeral, that she hopes your mom died without knowing she had a gay child, to spare her that humiliation; then you cannot possibly imagine the sense of sexual shame that I have carried for my entire adult life about the idea that the things I do in private behind closed doors, or even the things I think about in the privacy of my own mind, are fundamentally evil and wrong.  

This is why I do not make assumptions or judgments about other people’s sexuality.  There is a wide gulf between the things that turn you on in fiction and things that turn you on when done to live human beings (including not just your own sex life, but any other area such as the sex trade, trafficking, the porn industry, etc., where real human beings may potentially experience harm). 

If I can make a distinction between you enjoying a television show where people have murdered each other without assuming you are a murderer, I’m not going to come after anyone for what they masturbate to, no matter how squicky I find it, by assuming they would practice or endorse criminal sexual behavior in real life.  

If you were in a car accident, it might be really, really traumatic for you to watch movies or TV shows that show graphic depictions of car accidents.  That’s 100% legit.  It would be fair for you to expect a warning about that content so you know what you’re getting into and can skip that episode, close your eyes and look away during that part of the movie, or say “nope this isn’t for me, that’s not content I’m comfortable with.”  And nobody would judge you for that.  However, there are other people who have been in car accidents who might be fine with it.  It might not land in their body the same way.  They might find it cathartic to watch the thing that happened to them from a safe distance in a context which is fictional.  They might process the trauma they went through - which is the same as yours - in a way that looks totally different.  

None of this is universal.  There are no hard-and-fast rules about what sexual fantasies are and aren’t okay.  For example, I know at least two fics which I’ve seen alluded to as being content that should not exist because it triggers survivors of _____, which were written by survivors of that exact thing themselves.  You have every right to protect your own boundaries, but you cannot assume that everyone else’s boundaries are in the same place.  

This blog is and remains a primarily Kabby-only blog which I do care very much about keeping a safe space.  I have always, and will continue to, post occasional fic here with Raven or Bellamy OT3s, and am absolutely happy to help you out if there is a way I can be more helpful in tagging that content for you so you can blacklist it and keep your Tumblr safe if that’s something that makes you uncomfortable.  It is always, always okay to come to me with “hey can you tag this thing so I can filter it.” 

In terms of the kink meme, the fic I’m writing and sharing here is primarily Kabby.  I have written for some other pairings, which you can find on my AO3 in my collection of kink meme fills (Doctor Mechanic, etc.) but this is a Kabby blog designed for Kabby shippers, so the kink meme fics I’m writing are largely for them.  They are also all labeled very carefully when I share them to AO3 with the specific prompt I was filling, and a plethora of tags, in case the kink they’re about hits a button that is a nope for you. 

I am always, always open to helping you guys create safe internet spaces by opening up a conversation about ways I can tag fic more helpfully.  But just as I do not police who anyone sleeps with or what gender(s) they’re attracted to - because I remember on a visceral gut level the shame and trauma I felt when that was done to me - I do not police what anyone masturbates to, fantasizes about, is turned on by, writes about, or reads about.  

Before anyone gets the wrong idea that my inbox has been flooded with assholes, I should be clear that 99% of all the conversations I’ve had on this topic - whether people love the kink meme, hate it, can only handle parts of it, don’t read smut fic at all, or don’t care what anyone else does behind closed doors and just wants to go back to talking about whether Isaiah’s tweet this afternoon legit means Jaha got killed off??? - have been thoughtful and civil and great.  The Kabby fandom is awesome and the majority of the really ugly drama has been swirling around around at a distance from our happy little corner.  But I still get occasional anons about this which seem pretty clearly intended to draw me into conflict I have zero interest in, so I wanted to state, one last time, very clearly, that I’m not going to be engaging in any of those from this point forward, and explain as thoughtfully as I can the reasons why.


not-even-even replied to your post “the thing that confuses me about acecourse is how exactly people…”

like, there are norms that are imposed differently on guys and girls, and then there are norms that are strongly connected to straightness, but they are not the same? maybe if we stamp not-straight on anything the mainstream has found objectionable in a gendered way, then we can make the poster-above-you correct, but I’d feel that would be empirically false. you can’t just collapse categories like that.

This exact thing is why I headtilt at “Hetace and hetaro is queer, but het kink is not queer.” I do not understand how these things can be true at the same time.

If “liking genders other than the one approved gender” is too narrow to capture what queerness is, I don’t understand why kink would not go under it at all. If queerness is about “the people who fit the standards look at us and think we are subhuman and vile,” rather than about gender norms, then… IMO, kink’s queer.

I mean, maybe “we tried fuzzy handcuffs” isn’t, in a post-50S world (as weird as it feels to type that.) But a leather lifestyler who heads a leatherfamily? You really think the average random non-kinky heterosexual is gonna suddenly grok that because Master Mike is cis and so is slave becky and slave linda?

to be completely clear: the discussion currently taking place in the band of brothers fandom is not about shipping, or kinks, or preferences, or squicks, or the validity of and place for any kind of smut in fandom, or judging people for doing things of which someone doesn’t approve, or any of the real person vs fictional person vs mashup of the two issues that come up wrt hbo war fanworks, and it’s certainly not about ruining anyone’s fun.

it is an issue of safety, and - if that somehow doesn’t emphasize the importance enough - it is also an issue of legality. it’s bigger than tumblr and even the concept of fandom itself. please respect that.

The Kinks List [Harry Villiers x Reader]

Author’s Note: Whoa! Two posts in one day?! I know. I’m surprised too. But I thought I should do a little extra writing considering I have the day off from school and I’ve been pretty absent because of all the work I’ve had. This was the idea I came up with weeks ago that I had mentioned in my Alistair Ryle imagine and I’m glad I finally wrote it out. I gave it an open ending too so I can definitely continue it.

Word Count: 2,591

Warning(s) (this is new ha ha): Smut. Voyeurism. 

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Hitting the Mat

Ok part 9. I hope you all are prepared for it! Better go read this then take a cold shower.


You get it right?

Here is my Masterlist
Part 7 & Part 8.

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like but HONESTLY tho (based on your recent chat) ace has a praise kink the size of the fucking s u n (aka im so glad you Know This because i see too many ppl not Realising it and im like guys. guys please. he wants approval so fuckin bad. IF HE CAN'T FIND IT IN ONE BOYFRIEND HE'S GOT IT FROM THE OTHER, LIKE WHERE'S THE LIE?)

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I….I had to look up what Praise kink was.  But I agreeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Ace has a praise kink that he switches between Marco and Sabo. Like in everything.

fight me on this.

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Your Jimin scenario the hidden agendas one, you should totally make a follow up scenario. Since Jimin said he may let Jungkook watch next time. Oh god, I can imagine it now.

the apparently very anticipated sequel to hidden agendas

disclaimer: this is a work of fiction pls dont take it srsly thank. 
warning: themes of D/s, exhibitionism, embaressment kink, and hints of polyamorous relationships, along with underage sexual themes ahead. if you don’t approve, do not pass go, do not collect $200

show but don’t tell
rated m for mad amount of prons
word count: 2,897

It’s one of those rare days off when the house is quiet. The hum of the TV echoing down the hall letting you and Jimin know that Jungkook, at least, is well occupied for the next hour or so. Everyone else is out because Taehyung had insisted that they needed to try this one thing from the place that’s next to that other place with the thingies out front—his words.

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Hey! Hi! Again so Daddy and I are still looking for a friend Switch/Mommy/little.... ALSO READ BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION IF YOURE INTERESTED LIKE SERIOUSLY READ BELOW

Soooo daddy and I are looking for a friend again, BUT YOU WILL GO THROUGH DADDY, so first you will message me, and I will give you DADDYS KIK so that he can approve and put you in a group chat, thank you :)

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Hell is waiting for us and our sinful souls

But dammit was it worthy :’) ily girl even if that bunny thing killed me very much (also: You have it in you don’t you? That kink for a pleading Jeon :-) :-) :-) ) it’s ok, I approve it *wink wonk*                              


 Dude, the bunny thing… opened a world of new possibilities for me. I’m a new woman, and yes omg, apparently I had the kink within me and Ignis ripped it off my chest until it was out for everyone to see… and now here I am, calling Jungkook bunny. :’) WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT.



Hey guys!!
As you probably already know from my previous post my office closed half of last Thursday and all of Friday because of hurricane Matthew so I’m not getting paid for those days! That means I’m out about 200$ for bills this month so I’m opening commissions!!!
I’m doing this on mobile so I’m so sorry for any weird formatting!

Pricing is as follows:

Icon: $10 (please specify what size)
Sketch: $15
Full color Waist up: 30$
Full color Full Body: $60
+half the price for multiple characters

please note these are approximations and depending on the complexity of your character it might change especially for multiples. Please contact me for a custom quote!!


Will you draw NSFW:
Of course!! NSFW usially has a complexity up charge so just contact me and we can talk about it!

Will you draw xyz kink/gore/character/interaction?
I’ll draw PRETTY much anything TBH. It’s always better to just message me and ask! The answer is almost always yes.

When do you want payment?
I need payment upfront before I can start.

What can I expect?
Icons will 90% of the time headshots unless asked otherwise

Sketches are sketches. I can do minor tweaks after completion but not major ones.

Full color waist up and full body paintings will get a sketch for approval which they can make changes to, and once that’s approved I will start to paint it. Once the painting has been completed minor tweaks can be done but no major ones. Major changes need to be handled in the sketch stage.

Any other questions just message me!!

I’m going to put a list here and mention anyone who showed interest. If your on the list and I haven’t contacted you already or if your interested and not on the list just shoot me a message!!! I do work 9-5 so don’t expect immediate responses.

The notes are mainly here for me so ignore them

@washigtub INVOICED Two icons pharma roller
@chocomejin PAID- waist up ratchet
@bossbot-PAID rodi/op waist up
@eat-your-spark-out DONE Starscream sketch
dynamesvirtue INVOICED Getaway sketch and two icons

If you’re on the list and no longer interested no worries at all! Just message me and I’ll take you off!

Thank you again to everyone interested!!


Gratuitous reminder that Shigeru never wears his labcoat properly… except in Satoshi’s fantasy.

(It was even a cape in AG192, until Shigeru apparently got a change of clothes - the new one at the lab’ had pockets and sleeves. Shigeru.)

Justice somehow uses the tattoos to transfer to Fenris (whether accidentally or not). Does Justice remain pro-mage, or does he turn his energies towards rectifying the injustices perpetrated against slaves? How does Fenris take to the spirit within him? How does Anders react? (If any main relationships, OP prefers slash)

Really old prompt in kmeme but I want. Would also love it if Justice yearns to be inside Anders again, but since it’s was a one way trip. He settles for physically being inside Anders and Fenris approves.


He's my favorite.

Lilo. The most versatile ship there is. Listen, many Liam fans (and many more Louis fans) are not into Lilo. That is really sad because I’m not sure there are many people that those two love more than the other. They went from being completely WTF about each other, to practically living in each other’s pockets, to what it is now: a strong reliable friendship.  In Lilo, you find a lot of pranks and teasing. When they are on, they stay on. No one gets each other as riled up as they do. But there’s also a lot of protectiveness and respect there as well.  Partners in a lot of ways.  Band Parents. Songwriting. Business. The forever taken crew. The Zayn boys. See what I mean? Lilo for your eyes and your soul. Take a look at Lilo’s finest and peek in for some LILO thoughts from some of your faves.



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Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Prompt from anon: I heard the song “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”. and all I could think about was dean and cas’ daughter seeing daddy kissing Santa Claus and telling everyone about it the next morning


“Dean.” Cas protested against his husband’s lips. “I just put Mary to bed, she is probably still awake.”

His husband simply shrugged before diving in for another kiss. “Come on, angel, don’t be a naughty boy for Santa.”

 The fake white beard Dean had on tickled under Cas’ chin and made him giggle despite the warmth he could feel pooling in his abdomen. There was no argument left in him by the time Dean tossed off his Santa hat and started to bite his way down Cas’ throat.

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Please be sure to check the original post for an accurate commission status.

Commission status: closed

All payments done through PayPal or Google Wallet. Full payment is required after the base sketch is sent to you and you approve it.

Max of 3 characters in one drawing. Drawings come with a white, simple color, or transparent bg. Sketches can be color of your choice. Complex armor, robots, or extremely detailed outfits will be extra. Otherwise I can simplify complex designs for no extra charge.

What I will draw: Original characters, fan characters, fan art, most NSFW, robots (depending on complexity), anthros, animals, and mild blood/gore

What I will NOT draw: Noncon, incest, aged-up characters in NSFW, unsanitary kinks, hate art. I reserve the right to turn down anything I am not comfortable with drawing.

Contact with the basics of what you want to commission. If I accept we can then start working out details.

Please send an email to the address above, do not contact me on Tumblr about a commission UNLESS it’s a question. If you have any questions feel free to IM me or send me an Ask.

Sourin drabble (anon request): NSFW? (Rin finds fanfiction about them)

Rin is usually the little spoon in their cuddling sessions and by now Sousuke is used to all his mannerisms so he doesn’t react when Rin freezes in his arms. It’s only when Rin turns to face him and smacks him with his phone that Sousuke cracks his eyes open.

“What.” It’s not a question because Sousuke is too relaxed to care.

“You know what fanfiction is right?” Rin asks as if what he’s saying is incredibly important. It’s not. And so Sousuke lets his eyes close again.

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: $5 sketch | $10 colour
Waist up: $15 sketch* | $25 colour*
Full body: $25 sketch* | $35 colour*
*additional characters $10 each

- LADIES! YES! I actually CAN draw female characters, don’t let my tumblr fool you
- Original characters either totally original or from any fandom
- Headshots to be used for avatars
- Furries, ponies, other animals
- Group pictures (see pricing for additional characters)

- NSFW (no sexual content)
- Gore
- Mechs
- Anything that promotes hatred (racist, sexist, x-phobic art)
- Existing (canon) characters from fandoms

- In commissioning me, you are paying for a service and I retain the rights to post the work on my blog, deviantART, and any future galleries. I will be uploading the finished (downsized) product to my tumblr. If you want to share it on tumblr please reblog the original post.
- A rough draft will be sent to you prior to payment and one (1) free revision will be allowed to work out any kinks with the pose or feel of the finished product. Additional revisions will cost $5 each.
- Payment must be made once the rough draft is finished and approved. Once payment is received, I will begin the final commission.
- Commissions are non-refundable.

Please send me an email at with “commission” in the subject line. Remember to include a detailed description of what you want, with reference photos. Thanks!