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The Signs as Iconic Bands
  • Aries: Metallica
  • Taurus: Journey
  • Gemini: The Beatles
  • Cancer: Fleetwood Mac
  • Leo: Queen
  • Virgo: The Moody Blues
  • Libra: The Kinks
  • Scorpio: Nirvana
  • Sagittarius: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • Capricorn: Led Zeppelin
  • Aquarius: Pink Floyd
  • Pisces: The Mamas and Papas

Imagine this; the air sent goosebumps up your arms, and the dim moonlight cast ominous shadows in the woods around you. The air was still as you trudged forward, just trying to get home after a long day. Despite the risks, you had decided to take the supposed “shorter route” through the woods; but as the air got colder, and the feeling of being watched increased, you began to regret your decision.

You had just begun to approach an old church building, when your foreboding increased dramatically. You were being followed, you had no doubt about it, but from where? That shadow over there was no trick I of the light. You tugged your jacket closer around you and picked up your pace.

Then, out of the corner of your eye, you saw a flash of silver. You stopped short, your legs beginning to tremble. “Who’s there?” You called out unsteadily. You reached for the switch blade you kept in your pocket, gripping the handle tightly, and then began to continue your walk when the woods offered no reply.

Again and again you would glance at gleams of silver, always just out of your line of sight, and your heartbeat jumped up. The darkness seemed to swallow you whole as you finally crossed the path of the old church, with its crumbling gray walls. In the daytime it was enchanting, but under the cover of darkness it seemed sinister.

A deep laugh creeped up behind you, and you heard a twig snap as heavy footsteps began to match with yours. Without even looking back, you burst into a panicked sprint, cutting through the churchyard, and leaping over the wrought iron fence. The steps behind you seemed only to get closer to you as you pushed yourself harder to escape; a hand caught the back of your shirt and ripped you back as you screamed wildly.

You fought back, blindly flailing, as you whipped your knife wielding hand forward. A firm hand caught your wrist in a tight squeeze and you finally looked at your follower. You recognized him instantly as the Ghoul Omega. He leaned his face close to yours and laughed at your attempts.

“Oh honey,” he said, his voice thick with mockery, “were you planning on using this on me?” He expertly​ yanked the blade from your hand, keeping his other hand tangled in your hair, as to prevent you from running away. He grazed the knife over your neck, laughing darkly, “you don’t even know how to use this.” He knicked your shirt collar with the edge of the knife, causing a tear. He whispered teasingly in your ear, “But I know how to use it.”

Your pulse quickened now, not from fear, but from arousal. A low moan slipped out of your mouth as he continued to cut your shirt away; Omega seemed surprised.

“You’re such a little whore.” His words sent a thrill up your spine. He seemed to smirk, “You’d make a perfect sacrifice.”

Before your fear could set in, he shook his head. “But I’m not going to that, my pretty little whore. No…” The scraps of your shirt finally hit the ground. “I like you far too much for that”. He began to pull you into the ruined church by your hair, still clenching the knife. He threw you down onto a raised alter, still partly covered with old velvet. You shivered as your bare skin hit the cold stone. Omega loomed over you, drawing the knife down your collar bone to your hips. “Let’s have some fun, hmm?”

You moaned as he pressed down on you, the knife making red ridges against your hips as shallow cuts formed. You heard Omega moan at the sight. “Fuck, Ghuleh, you’re beautiful like this.” Your eyes fluttered back as the switchblade pressed harder into your skin. Omega growled as more red lines appeared across your hips from his knife work. “Let me hear your screams”.

And scream you did. He continued his cuts up and down your sides, under your breasts, and drawing teasing white lines down your inner thighs. The pain and pleasure and fear hit you all at once as you screamed out. Your back arched high up off the altar as his tounge covered the red lines, drinking up what little blood had pooled there.

His voice was low and deep. “Give yourself to me. Let me have you, little whore.” You whimpered and moaned, your general consent given in a mess of pleading and whining. The knife at your throat shut you up, as the ravenous Ghoul climbed on top of you. You tried to keep, still mindful of the blade at your throat, as Omega pushed his entire length into your sore body all at once. You moaned and screamed, your pulse racing at the knife to your neck. “Omega, God, Omega!” Omega laughed teasingly, “No, darling, I’m just Omega.” He whispered in your ear, “Say my name again”.

He held the knife with a careful balance of pressure, keeping it close enough to you to be acutely felt, bit not to cut, every time you moaned and squirmed with pleasure as he fucked you. He snarled and grabbed your hip with his free hand possessively as he fucked you into the alter.

Your back ached and your throat was raw with screams as you felt yourself about to come undone. “Omega, I’m gonna cum, fuck, you feel so good I’m—” you threw your head back and cried out Omega’s name as your climax hit you at full force; you felt the knife bite into your neck slightly, as Omega’s control slipped for a moment as he hit his climax.

You panted hard and reached up for the imposing Ghoul, and he drew you close and kissed the small cut on your neck. You could only think of one request.

“Please do that again.”


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Daddy? (Josh Dun - Twenty One Pilots) (SMUT)

Word Count: 994


You were waiting for your boyfriend Josh to come back from band practice. He was preparing to go back on tour with Twenty One Pilots and you couldn’t be happier for all his success. However with long days and nights at the studio had put some stress on your sex life, Josh was tired when he came in and just wanted to cuddle and then sleep. You wanted to spice up your sex life before he went on tour for another three months.

You and Tyler’s wife Jenna were best friends and told each other everything. Last week the two of you had been talking about kinks you had while you were tipsy from drinking too much wine. You let slip that you had a small daddy kink but you weren’t sure Josh would like that sort of thing, she swore to keep your secret and called you a dirty minded girl.

“y/n I’m home.”

You jump off the sofa and run at Josh before throwing your arms around his shoulders and jump so he has to catch you. You kiss him roughly and he stumbles back against the door before he matches your passion and runs his hands through your hair. After a minute or two he pulls back with a smirk.

“Did you miss me little girl?”

You quirk an eyebrow, Josh never called you a little girl.

“What did you call me Josh?”

“Get on your knees little girl. Isn’t this what you wanted y/n? Now be a good girl and obey daddy.”

Josh lets you down and pushes you onto your knees, to say you were surprised would have been an understatement.

“How did you find out Josh?”

“Jenna let it slip today. Who knew my baby had a dirty side.”

You should have been mad at your friend but this dominant side of Josh was turning you on.

“I want you to suck daddy off little girl.”

You nod and pull down his trousers followed by his pants, his erection springs free. He was just as turned on as you were. You take him inside your mouth and start to bob your head up and down his shaft, with your fingers you play with his balls causing him to throw his head back and moan loudly.

“Fuck y/n, you know how to make daddy very happy.”

He tangles his fingers in your hair and forces you to take more of him until you feel his length touch the back of your throat and you start to gag as he deep throats you. In a matter of minutes Josh comes in your mouth and you swallow.

“Good girl, now clean daddy.”

You lick his length clean before he helps you stand back up. Next thing you know Josh has you pushed against the front door and his hand slides under your dress and he caresses you through your panties. You bite your lip and throw your head back suppressing a moan as Josh smirks again.

“Are you wet for daddy little girl? Did I do this to you?”

“Yes daddy I’m wet for you, only you can make me feel this way.”

Josh pulls down your panties and inserts two fingers inside you, you gasp as he adds a third and starts to pump them faster.

“You’re not allowed to come until I tell you little girl understood?”

You nod.

“I understand daddy.”

Josh continues his torture as you struggle to keep yourself together. He removes his fingers and brings them to your lips; you open your mouth and lick them clean. But before you can take a breather Josh thrusts his length inside you making you scream.

“Fuck daddy.”

Josh throws his head back and laughs.

‘Daddy is going to fuck you so good little girl. If you come you get punished okay?’

“Yes daddy now fuck me please.”

Josh fucks you roughly; this is what you’d wanted for a long time. You dig your nails into his back as a tingling sensation rises in your belly, you didn’t want to get punished because you were enjoying the sex too much. But you didn’t know how long you could hold it in.

You tighten around Josh and he chuckles against your neck where he was planting small love bites claiming you as his own.

“Is my little girl close?”

You bite your lip and nod afraid that if you said it out loud you’d come. Josh shakes his head and slaps your ass making you squeal in surprise.

“I asked my girl a question. Are you close?”

“Yes daddy.”

Josh nuzzles against your throat before pulling back and his pace slows down as he pulls out of you. He kneels down in front of you and you gasp as his tongue licks and flicks your clit.

“You did a good job for daddy little girl, now daddy is going to reward you.”

He skilfully teases and sucks working you up into a frenzied mess. It doesn’t take you too long to build up again.

“Fuck Josh…I mean daddy I’m going to come…”

“Come for daddy.”

You squirt your juices onto his face and he cleans himself up before standing back up in front of you. Both of your breathing is heavy as Josh pulls you into a hug and you smile against his chest.

“I like that side of you Josh. Maybe next time I won’t behave so well.”

Josh pecks your lips before smacking your ass one last time.

“I think I’ll enjoy punishing you babe. Now how about round two?”

You grin like a mad man before grabbing his hand and pull him towards the bedroom.

“I’m daddy’s little girl.”

Josh smirks darkly.

“And don’t you forget it y/n.”

He closes the bedroom door shut behind him and pushes you backwards onto the bed. Let’s just say you both went for more than two rounds and each round was more mind blowing than the last.