kate’s tv otps: 3/100

↳ sabrina spellman & harvey kinkle 

↳sabrina the teenage witch 1996-2003

↳ ❝May your life be filled with happiness, and with the magic only you can create. I’ll always love you  

The ending to Sabrina the Teenage Witch is so underappreciated because you follow her throughout highschool with her first love/bf Harvey, and then they break up and she goes off to college and gets a new bf and then they eventually break up and then she graduates and starts her career and then she meets someone else and falls in love and they get engaged and she’s about to get married and she realizes that they’re not soulmates and runs out of the church and guess who’s waiting for her on his mother fucking motorcycle after like 7 seasons while Running by No Doubt plays in the background? Harvey mother fucking first love/bf kinkle! Like how fucking satisfying was that ending. They both grew apart and lived their lives and dated different people and in the end, they still found their way back together.

Sabrina the Teenage witch was such a wholesome show like the main character went through the struggles of teenage life and it portrays a sophomore relationship realistically. Every episode Sabrina learns a new lesson and it isn’t vague either her aunts straight up say “what did you learn” and she says what she learned.
But hey y'know 2017 with their sexualized teenagers and glorified suicide is good too

Harvey Kinkle, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (4 y/o), Hillside Park, Brooklyn, NY • “He’s gotten stuck in the cat door trying to eat the cat’s food – it’s his all time favorite treat. He was supposed to be a show dog but one of his testicles didn’t descend, so he couldn’t and we got him.”