I’d like to say a few things about otherkin

1. “Astral limbs” Are incredibly stupid. I mean, if you believe in the “Reincarnation” theory, then why don’t people who have reincarnated from humans have phantom hair? Phantpm height/weight? And the spiritual theory, this I don’t understand, your spirit is an animal? OK back on point, according to most things I’ve heard about your spirit/soul is that you don’t feel them.

2. “Otherkin oppression” First of all, most alleged otherkin oppression I’ve heard of is when otherkin act like their “kin form”/”Shift” and people get weirded out/angry, I mean, If some “Werewolfkin” started growling and howling, you’d get pretty weirded out and might even complain.

3. “Animal in a human body” This is just nonsensical, it makes no sense at all. you can not be an animal in a human body, because that means you are human. Animals don’t have human thought processes or the like so the only way this could be true is if you were acting like them completely

4. “factkin/fictkin” The two craziest of the kins, how can you “be” a fictional character? They never existed, nor will they ever exist, so logically, you can not be a fictional character, and on to the worst kin ever, the factkin. You can NOT be another person, I mean, I could lump the factkin that believe they are a now dead person with normal otherkin, but factkin that believe they are a living person? That is delusional. They are LIVING. If I right now said I was you, wouldn’t that sound crazy?

That is all.