hoestoevsky  asked:

Hello! Could you update the breathplay tag please? It doesn't have anything in it rn 😔

oops! there was a minor coding error and the posts that should be in there weren’t. there’s some in there now, but i’ll still update it :)

More Important Than Air by LadyDrace (1/1 | 616 | NC17)

Stiles sits on Derek’s face, and discovers new kinks for both of them.

with pleasure by saucysterek (1/1 | 3,593 | NC17)

“I want you to rip these panties off and just fuck me. God. No foreplay, just have your way with me, please. I’ve been waiting all day, please don’t make me wait any longer, Sir, please.”

(Or, the one where Stiles is a caring boyfriend, they both love each other, a lot of kinky occurrences take place and Derek wears panties.)

Cabin Fancy by lizlybear (1/1 | 1,978 | NC17)

Mandatory team building, cabin sharing and Stiles propositions Derek Hale, his boss.

Portent by Anonymous (2/2 | 2,175 | NC17)

It feels like love. Even when it does not look it.

Foxes and Wolves by CelestialVoid (2/2 | 5,268 | NC17)

Stiles loves to play it up for Derek, and so it comes as no surprise when Derek gets a sext about what awaits him when he gets home.