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Humans Are Space orcs: Mouths

But like.. Humans have teeth literally for everything thing. Our larges facial oraface might be the swisspocket knife of space!
Just stick with me here my dudes, because like, we have power full jaws tha are literally strong enough to shatter our teeth but we have a squishy brain hard wired not to which is why you can’t even if you try (but you can if you are having a seizure! Yay!). We have sharp incisors that cut like clippers, canines for tearing at flesh, and big flat molars to grind and crack stuff. Like…

Imagine ailiens watching in disgust and horror as a crewmate opens a stubborn water bottle with their teeth.

Imagine that same human slowly and carefully grinding some plant to a remarkably fine paste.

Imagine a human child biting an ailien in anger, and that ailien getting an infection FROM HELL BECAUSE MOTHER GAWD OUR TEETH ARE FILTHY!!!!

Then imagine an ailien doctor staring into the slimey overcrowded maw of that kid and watch as a human dentist pulls those extra, murderous, teeth out of the child’s super sensetive gums and putting them in a little baggy to give to a weird folkloreic figue that apparently trades these mouth-knives for currency????!?

And then also learning that the human tongue is super sensetive, in fact one of the most nerve dense areas of our body. And we literally chew RIGHT NEXT TO IT!

ALSO WOW TONGUES ! We use them to make all our weird noises, and they are just like loose,weirdly well coordinated muscels that have the own sensory ability! Like that is the only part of our body we do that sensation with (AGAIN RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEETH???)

Also, as if food consumption l, weaponry -both mechanical and biochemical- and sensory organ was not enough we can breath with our mothes? Like we have extra holes through which to breath??? Ehhhh! So may holes!!!

Now, imagine the suprise of that ailien/human couple when the human finds a whole new set of uses for that terrifying, sensetive, slimey maw.


(via ScienceAlert (@sciencealert) • Instagram photos and videos)

Crabeater seal’s teeth are so incredible! They are like this so they can filter water and extract as much Antarctic krill as possible.