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What fic was it that Derek almost loses Stiles in a house fire?

It’s mpreg with a descriptive pregnancy so consider not reading if it’s not your thing :)

Fire, Fury, and Flame by IAmAVeronica ( 124,623 | 22/22 | E )

Stiles Stilinski was never going to be the omega who got knocked up right after high school, and then he’s accidentally artificially inseminated with a stranger’s sperm.


And the father of Stiles’s baby just so happens to be Derek Hale. Half-feral, quite possibly a murderer, and pursued by a gleefully sadistic band of hunters who are only too eager to use Stiles and his baby to hit Derek right where it hurts.


And You’re My Ever After~ Chapter 18

“You’re so cute when you laugh!” Louis threw his hands up into the air then continued laughing feeling Harry’s shaky head on his shoulder.

“And you’re cute too…if I could and if I wanted to I would marry you.” Harry looked up giving him a lazy smile.

“You’re not husband material.” Louis hiccuped then laughed when Harry pouted.

“And I’m proud of it.” Was all Harry said before drinking his tequila shot.

“You’re the kind of person I’ll never have sex with.” Louis stated looking back at Harry who had a horrified expression on his face.

“I wouldn’t sleep with you either.” He said then burst out laughing.

[Harry and Louis are two strangers visiting Vegas. Harry just wants to have fun and Louis just wants to get over the cheating bastard of his ex fiance. They accidentally get married.]

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Chapter 18

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I strongly believe Taemin is pregnant

And here is my pictorial evidence:

First: He  has put on some weight recently (mostly on his face and stomach) and this is one of many signs of pregnancy. 

Second: In recent pictures, he looks a little moody and touches his stomach a lot.  He probably has morning sickness. 

Third: a few days ago we caught Onew on camera rubbing Taem’s tummy very happily. 

My conclusion: Taemin is expecting Onew’s baby. And we all know how this happened ;) 

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Harry after Louis confirmed the pregnancy