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@seafoxfire said: Still doing prompts? How about honey as lube? (Don’t ask. Just. Don’t.)

“C'mon Cas, want it. Just do it!” Dean slurred as he leaned his upper body over the kitchen counter.

“Dean, I don’t think this is going to –”

“Just fuck me!” Dean growled, peering back at the angel.

Castiel frowned and dipped his fingers in a small jar of honey. They were both pretty drunk, and when Dean got drunk, he became very irrational, and very horny. He slathered the honey onto his dick and nudged Dean’s ankles further apart as he moved closer.

He’d warmed up the honey, so it was runnier than usual, but it was still sticky. However, Dean was absolutely insistent since the kitchen was nearly bare of anything else they could use for lube. God forbid they have to trek upstairs to the bedroom for some actual lube.

Dean was wet and stretched from Cas tongueing and fingering him open, but he still wasn’t optimistic about the honey.

Dean started whining and rocking his hips back, cursing and filth pouring from his mouth as he waited to be filled. Something about how if Cas didn’t shove his dick in there right now, Dean would shove them both onto the floor and. Well, that was the moment that Castiel did decide to push in slowly.

Dean went silent, back tensing as his hands gripped the edge of the counter, knuckles white.  

Castiel only got halfway in before Dean was shoving at him and shrinking against the counter. “Getitout. OUT. FUCK!” Dean yelped as Castiel pulled out and took a step back

Dean was panting against the counter while Cas grabbed a dish towel and wetted it with warm water, already starting to clean the honey off his dick.

“That’s one way to wax my ass. Goddamn, fuck.” Dean cursed loudly, forehead down on the counter while he caught his breath. Castiel wetted the cloth again and began cleaning the honey off Dean’s backside as well.

“Told you so,” Castiel remarked.

The door opened and shut behind them, and Sam walked into the kitchen, eyebrow quirked at the sight before him.

Cas glanced back, wiping his hands clean before tossing the cloth on the floor near the laundry room door. “Dean discovered why honey does not make a good lubricant. We were just going to head upstairs.”

Sam looked at the jar of honey, then took it from him  and lead the way upstairs. “I think I have a better use for this.”

While Castiel helped the drunk and stumbling Dean up the stairs, Sam sat against the headboard, drizzling the honey over his erection. He patted his thigh  before beckoning Dean closer. Dean perked up and scrambled onto the bed, his sore ass forgotten while he wrapped his mouth around his brother’s cock, licking and sucking at the thick honey.

Meanwhile, Castiel dug out some proper lube from the bedside drawer and began to slick himself up. Dean let out a surprised whine when Cas pushed two lubed fingers into him. After a few minutes of making sure Dean was plenty slippery, Castiel thrust into him slowly, and before long, Dean was rocking between his two lovers, moaning enthusiastically.

Castiel’s and Sam’s eyes met over their partner, and they grinned. Dean was a hell of a lot of fun drunk.

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a: a list of typos made by god, all these absences [weecest], anchor meand one for the road, and miles to go before i sleep [mpreg], and that devotion crumbles [AUish]and the truth shall set you freeand then there were none, angels, arance sanguinelle [bloodplay]as certain dark things!verse [AU]

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Hey, I didn't really know who else to ask and you're one of my favorite accounts so, do you have any ficrecs for bottom!Sam?

so i was just gonna give you a short list of some of my favourite bottom!sam fics, but i figured what the hell and i turned into a little masterlist of sorts. enjoy!

long fics:

last outpost of all that is || 60k || NC-17: sam and dean learn to cope with being the last two people left on earth.

stranger than fiction || 50k || E: dean can’t stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and sam.

the psychology of genetic sexual attraction || 49k: non-hunting au. sam and dean fall in love, but don’t know that they’re brothers.

west series || 49k || NC-17: if you haven’t read this, read it now because it’s pretty much bottom!sam heaven and is basically 40k+ words of the greatest smut you’ll ever read

everlasting light || 39k || E: au. sam creates a soul bond between himself and dean.

take a hard turn || 30k || NC-17: zombie apocalypse au. when the world changes, dean and sam struggle to keep up, but through all the twists and turns they’ve had one constant: each other.

in the name of the father, the son and the zombie spirit || 28k || NC-17: apocalypse au. dean gets sam pregnant in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, angst ensues.

behold, a pale horse || 19k || E: when sam fails to complete the third trial, he inadvertently opens a tear between earth and hell, and must kill his soulmate to correct his mistake.

hands away || 12k || E: i only didn’t put this under pwp because it’s pretty angsty, and there’s a plot hidden within all the glorious smut

stranger that i used to know || 12k || NC-17: sam and dean both wake up in a hospital with no memory of their lives or each other.


*note: all of these are explicit/nc-17. i’ve put warnings/kinks beside each fic.

act your age || ~15k: extreme underage, basically kinky as hell

obedience spell || 6k: vaguely sub/dom, comeplay

just called to say || 5k: phone sex, dirty talk, toys

love that’s gonna break me in two || 5k: drunk dean, rimming

loudmouth || 4k: dirty talk

the routine || 4k: rimming, dirty talk  

asking for it || 3k: (consensual?) non/con, dirty talk, rough sex

don’t say his name || 3k: underage, dirty talk

lay my hands on heaven || 3k: underage, rimming, virginity kink

playing house || 3k: underage, feminization

slow ride || 3k: comeplay, impala sex

take a good look || 3k: barebacking

and the truth shall set you free || 2k: truth spell, dirty talk 

gonna make you sweat || 2k: soulless!sam, first time

i feel it way down (way down) || 2k: dub-con, bloodplay

settle down || 2k: angst

something that’s real || 2k: possessive!dean

In most of these fics Sam’s the bottom.

Act Your Age by Wren

De-aged!Sam, Older!Dean. This fic is pretty kinky, no srsly, KINKY AS FUCK, THE KINKIEST FIC I’VE EVER READ IN MY LIFE, if you’re going to read it, read the warnings first yo, and if this is not the stuff you like just don’t read it, skip it and scroll down.

  • Warnings and Tags: daddy!kink, come!play, age!play, belly bulging, Impala!sex, and a touch of someone-might-catch-us.

All Stripped Down by saltandbyrne

It’s not that Dean hasn’t rubbed himself off on Sam before. He’s just never done it like this.

  • Warning and Tags: Weecest, Frottage, Somnophilia, Dub-con

Baba O'Riley and Eleanor Rigby walk into a bar by sammehsayum

 AU: Mary never died and if the supernatural exists, it leaves the Winchesters alone. When Dean Winchester was four years old he almost lost his younger brother for the first time to a fire. When Dean Winchester was eighteen he almost lost his brother a second time to a full bathtub and a pack of sleeping pills, citing some decidedly unbrotherly feelings in his suicide note. At twenty-two he’s about to lose him for a third time to Stanford University. He and Sam’s therapist sit down and talk out the chain of events leading up to and proceeding after what Dean considers to be the worst day of his life. He figures out a few things along the way. 

  • Warnings and Tags: attempted suicide, bullying, religious overtones, underage sex, Sam/OMC, Dean/OFC

Best Laid Plans by the-miss-lv

A teenage Sam is upset because Dean keeps leaving at night for sex, he’s afraid Dean will end up leaving all the time like their father so he decides to try to learn to be what Dean wants.

  • Warnings and Tags: Weecest, first time, dub-con, D/s elements

Brittle by sammehsayum

 Sam Winchester has an eating disorder

  • Warnings: Main Character suffering from an eating disorder and graphic descriptions thereof, mentions of past suicide and self harm in secondary character.

Check Me Out and Keep Me by slsh-lvr08

or How Dean saw Sam with Another Guy in a Library and Became Oddly Possessive.

  • Tags: Handcuff kink, explicit sex

Collars and Cream by keep-waking-up

The fact that the witch had been using magic to make certain… fetishes more realistic was weird enough.  The fact that she decided to use one as an attack?  Weirder.

  • Tags: Animal appendages (aka sort of Kitty!Sam)

Dominate by kiraynn

Dean’s a werewolf, his brother Sam’s a human. They have sex.

  • Tags: scent!kink, jealous!Dean

Don’t Need You To Fix Me by keep-waking-up

For some reason, they always thought Sam would end up an Omega.  And then he wasn’t.

  • Tags: A/b/o, Knotting, Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean

Flying Weight by fleshflutter

Sam wakes up after being soulless for 3 years to discover that Dean is gone and Dean is a vampire and shit got CRAZY between them while he was in the pit (sashi’s summary)

  • Tags: Vampire!Dean, Soulless!Sam (in blashbacks), Switching, Angst like ughh my heart

Gonna Make You Sweat by nyxocity

Set in S6, pre-Live Free or Twihard. Since Sam came back from the pit, Dean can’t figure out how to get any kind of reaction out of his brother. Trying to provoke Sam starts out innocently enough, and quickly turns anything BUT innocent.

  • Tags: Soulles!Sam, Vampire!Dean

Hands Away by objectlesson

When you’re horny and alone with one person in one room for a long time and you’re sixteen and all you’ve ever been taught is to love your brother more than anything, it doesn’t seem like that far of a leap to start imagining what his mouth would feel like around your dick.

  • Tags: underage, s1, Dean’s a guilty motherfucker, Sam’s all fucked up, Rough sex, First time

I Feel It Way Down (Way Down) by jellybean-slash

Dean eventually gets out of hell, but angels have nothing to do with it. Sam is willing to make a lot of exceptions to his morals and principals in order to have his brother back.

  • Warnings and Tags: Dark!Dean, Demon!Dean, Dub-con, Graphic Violence

In Medias Res by dimeliora

Dean wakes a day after dying with no memories of Hell, and no idea what has happened. His only clues are a catatonic Sam, and whatever his brother was doing when they were separated.

  • Tags: Catatonic!Sam, Switching, what else do you want?

Last Outpost Of all That Is 

The world is over, and it’s a Winchester’s lot in life to cope with anything – no matter what.

  • Tags: Angst, humor, graphic sex

Let It Ride by dimeliora

While transporting relics from John’s old storage to the Men of Letters bunker the Winchesters lose an item with disastrous results. 

  • Warnings and Tags: Dub/Non-con, Soulless!Dean

Obedience Spell by Wren

Sam gets an obedience spell put on him.  Dean makes the mistake of having some fun with him, and ends up getting a little carried away.

  • Tags: D/s elements, dirty talk, come!play

Riot Gear by elaine_penny

Sam’s first thought after Dean and Cas, after Kevin and Crowley and a room full of slime had become a memory embedded in his mind like shrapnel, didn’t come until he was three states away staring out of the Impala’s cracked windshield.

‘This is all I have left then.’

  • Warnings and Tags: M-preg (miscarriage), S8 fic

Sex Hair by melungeoned

Prequel to the episode “Pac-Man Fever” in which we learn how Sammy got crazy sex hair in the first scene.

  • Tags: Firs time, hair pulling, bareback, s8

Stranger Than Fiction by nyxocity

Set immediately post-The Monster at the End of This Book. Dean can’t stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and Sam. Research takes him to interesting places; re-reading novels for subtext, visiting message boards, and a really freaky place called LiveJournal. What he discovers is a sick fascination with fanfiction, more about gay sex than he ever wanted to know, and an even deeper obsession with understanding why people write this stuff. Meanwhile, they’re hunting a mysterious monster that takes the form of a person’s truest love to kill them slowly, the lines between fanfiction and reality are starting to break down, and they still have to stop Lilith and save the world.

  • Tags: Switching (tends more towards bottom!sam)

Sweet Dreams by dishonestdreams

Dean likes his brother best when he’s sleeping

  • Warning and Tags: Somnophilia, Dub-con

The Alpha Problem by keep-waking-up

Sometimes Dean takes being Sam’s Alpha a little too seriously.

  • Tags: A/b/o, Knotting, D/s elements, overprotective!Dean

The Inevitable by the-miss-lv

‘Take care of Sammy’ and ‘listen to Dean’ was what their father would say when he pushed them together and left them alone far too often. The way Dean saw it, it was inevitable. Even with their shared blood, Dean was still an alpha and Sam was a beta, it was nature.

  • Tags: Weecest, A/b/o, Knotting, m-preg, Dean/OMC

There’s a Hole in You and Me by jackles67

November 2nd, 1983. Lawrence Kansas - Mary Winchester’s attempt at a normal life is destroyed by a deal she made with a demon years earlier, and she returns to the hunter life to track him down with her 6 month old son in tow. She leaves her other son to be raised as a civilian by his father. June 1998, Camp Blackwater - Sam Campbell is on his first solo hunt, infiltrating a camp to find and destroy whatever’s been killing innocent people for the past few decades. Unfortunately, his job is complicated by a certain Dean Winchester - a camp counselor who can’t seem to keep his freckled nose out of Sam’s business.

  • Tags: Weecest, AU

The Hunter Games by afattribble

This is a SPN AU based on the wonderful first book of the Hunger Games saga by Suzanne Collins, but it does notfollow the same storyline. You also don’t need to have read the book (or seen the movie) in order to understand this AU. It is a world populated entirely by Supernatural characters, and not an exact replica of the Hunger Games world either.

  • I don’t remember who tops, but this fic is amazing, read it!

This New Sin by bewaretheides15

There’s the tattoo over Sam’s heart that everyone knows about. Then there’s the other one. 

  • Tags: Marking, angst

The Throw Down by xela-fic

They’ve played these games before. When Sam feels ignored or taken for granted he’ll engineer a situation where Dean can’t disregard him; Dean will respond, they’ll move on. Dean’s drawing this one out, making Sammy work for it.

  • Tags: D/s elements

Trust by enamourous

Dean’s tendency to follow in their father’s footsteps doesn’t end with drinking. It doesn’t take Sam long to recognize that.

  • Warnings and Tags: Dub/Non-con, Weecest

Whatever He Wants by nu-breed

Dean always gives him what he wants.

  • Tags: Demon!Dean, Breathplay

When the Levee Breaks by cards-slash

Dean wanted him to run, he wanted to chase him, he wanted to hold him down and use him however the hell he wanted. Sam knew because he could see it—because he looked for it—because he’d been looking for it since the first time.

  • Tags: Rough!Sex

Come is fucking disgusting (Dean tasted his own, once, and yeah, never, ever again) but Sam seems to live for it, and Dean has to admit, seeing Sam’s face covered in it is a real turn on. Probably has to do with Dean’s alpha male personality being encouraged by Sam’s huge submissive streak.

Anyway, Sam’s gorgeous when Dean paints him white, both because Dean’s inner dom is happy and because Sam looks genuinely happy like this, so Dean always make sure to pull out when he comes, spilling all over Sam’s face before shoving back inside and finishing down Sam’s throat.

Afterwards he’ll scoop up the mess on Sam’s face with his fingers and feed it to his hungry, slutty mouth, and Sam always moans around his fingers, always licks them clean.

“Thank you, Sir,” Sam never fails to say when he’s done cleaning up Dean’s fingers and limp cock.

“You’re a good boy,” Dean always answers back.

anonymous asked:

if you still want to, wincest, bottom!sam, sweet but hard? thank you, its okay if you don't want to. :)

bb you are so polite ily

Sam jumped as Dean slammed his palm over the page of the book he was flipping through. “Jesus, Dean, what the hell? I’m trying to research.”

“What is this shit, Sam?”

Dean was balancing Sam’s laptop on his other hand, his fingers splayed on the bottom to support it, the laptop warm on his palm. Sam glanced at the screen, his eyes catching the header at the top: the bright pink bubble letters that cheerfully spelled out YOUPORN. Sam rolled his eyes and went to grab the laptop. “Dude, seriously? You’re going to give me viruses.” Dean dodged Sam’s grab and dropped the laptop with a sharp bang, leaning forward, his palms pressed into the table.

“Yeah, Sam,” Dean said quietly. “Let’s talk about viruses.” Sam cocked his head a little bit, glancing at the laptop and furrowing his brow.

“I dont—”

Dean crushed his lips onto Sam’s, cutting him off, bringing his hands up to hold Sam’s jaw as he kissed him. “Do you know what I stumbled upon while I was surfing the web, Sam?” he said after pulling away, still holding Sam’s face. Sam shifted a little in his chair, nervous now. Dean pressed their foreheads together. “I found you, Sam. So tell me,” Dean murmured, his voice even, and Sam forgot to breathe, his heart stopping, “exactly what the hell you are doing on”

“Dean…” Sam stammered, reaching up to grip his brother’s wrists still cupped around his face. “I just— Money was short in Stanford, you know, I needed cash for food and stuff, and I had a friend who offered, and I just—” Dean cut him off again, pressing his lips to Sam’s and pulling him up off the chair without breaking the kiss, only pulling away to push him down onto the bed. “I swear to fucking god,” he muttered into Sam’s skin, nipping at Sam’s jawline as his fingers began to open the buttons on his shirt, “when I clicked on the link, I didn’t realize who it was at first.” Dean lifted his head and didn’t bother unbuttoning his own shirt, grasping the material and tearing it instead, shrugging it off his shoulders and onto the floor. Sam tossed his shirt over the edge of the bed as well, his fingers scrabbling at Dean’s belt. “I wanted to fucking murder the guy,” Dean growled, his teeth catching skin as he yanked the waist of his little brother’s jeans down to his ankles. Sam flushed and kicked them to the floor. Dean wasted no time and ripped his own jeans off, adding them to the pile on the floor. He gripped his little brother’s hips and dipped his head down, laying kisses along his hipbones and abdomen, the skin under his chin just barely brushing the tip of Sam’s cock as he moved. “Dean,” Sam whined, squirming a little, feeling Dean’s hot breath over his cock. Dean crooked a small smile.

"Didn’t treat you right, the guy,” Dean muttered, pushing Sam’s knees up to his chest and settling himself between his legs. He pressed his mouth over his brother’s little pink hole, his tongue darting out and licking a wet, sloppy circle around the rim. Sam mewled a little, fisting his hands into the sheets. “Didn’t know how to take care of you. Did it all wrong.” Dean licked harder, swirling his tongue over Sam’s opening until he pulled back with a wet slurp. He pushed himself back up, reaching over to the dresser for the little container of lube. He drizzled some over his fingers, smiling a little at the way his little brother’s breath hitched as he smeared it over his own cock. “Guy didn’t know even how to make you feel good, did he?” Dean reached down, sliding two fingers into Sam and watching how his expression changed with every crook of his fingers. “Inexperienced bastard. You didn’t even look like you truly enjoyed that orgasm at the end.” Sam’s breath was coming in pants now, and Dean slipped a third finger in, scissoring them around, opening his brother up.

“Dean,” Sam gasped, arching into his fingers, trying to get them deeper. “Dean, please. Need it. Need you.” Dean let his fingers brush at Sam’s prostate just once more, enjoying the little ‘o’ his candy-pink lips formed as the pleasure sparked through him before pulling his fingers out and lining his cock up. He leaned over his brother, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips before pushing in, one long movement until he was buried to the base. Sam made a little noise as he felt the burn, and his features furrowed a bit before he relaxed, the pleasure coursing through him as Dean started to move his hips. He moaned, reaching down to palm his neglected cock, but Dean batted his hand away. “I’ll show you, baby boy,” he said, wrapping his hand around Sam’s cock instead. “I’ll show you how you’re really supposed to orgasm.” Sam moaned, long and loud, his vision exploding in white as he came, his hands fisting in the sheets, and Dean came to his little brother clenching around him, making the most delicious little sounds he’d ever heard, much better than he’d seen in the video.

"See, baby boy,” he breathed as he pulled out and crawled to lay beside his brother, tugging him close. Sam’s long legs wrapped around his middle, his long locks spilling over the pillow as he rested his head on Dean’s shoulder. “That’s how you do it.”

sam coming untouched from dean rimming him (^∇^)

dean mouthing at sam’s cock through his pretty pink panties, getting them all wet and messy (^∇^)

sam riding dean reverse cowgirl, bouncing on his dick like that’s all that he’s good for (^∇^)

dean coming all over sam’s face, then licking it all off (^∇^)

dean tying sam too the bed, teasing his hole and his cock until he’s shooting long thick ropes up his stomach and chest (^∇^)

dean dressing sam up in a skirt and doing his makeup real pretty, then taking him out on a date and fucking him in a restaurant bathroom (^∇^)

sam sucking dean’s cock in a public library, where anyone can walk by and see them (^∇^)

sub!sam (・ω・)ノ*+ •: .

It's Just Us

a s10 wincest reunion fic, post-10.03. starts out really emotional but ends up fully nc17, bottom!sam. enjoy. AO3

Dean had been lounging on his bed, his eyes closed, ankles crossed, and head tilted back, when Sam had quietly slipped in, dropping a bag full of food from Dean’s favorite local burger place. He’d mumbled something about Dean not eating for a long time, apologized for nothing, and slipped back out through the door, which was only open a fraction.

Sam was a lot skinnier and beaten down than the last time Dean had seen him human, and it was like seeing him again for the first time. This Sam looked at him with recent grief weighing him down, with widening eyes that said It’s actually him before they slid to the floor and Sam would scurry out before Dean could ask him to stay. Dean felt guilty- which felt new, even though it wasn’t- that he had all this food on his lap. He should be giving some to Sam. Sitting next to him in the bunker’s kitchen and trading small sentences, building up a trust.

But he couldn’t get himself to move. It was like all the really human emotions, the ones that actually meant anything, had built up when he was a demon and now the dam was broken. There was an ache inside him that he didn’t know how to heal. Every once in a while his mind would wander and he’d remember one more thing, one more terrible action against someone or even worse, against Sam and the pressure on his chest would build. After a few stretching minutes he finally dug into the bag, and forgot about his tsunami of worries when he took the first bite of the burger, extra onions. He looked to the roof and thanked Sam, not God, digging in, grateful for the distraction.

After that it was obvious he had to do something or Sam would keep slipping through his fingers, keep slimming and fading away to nothing. These past few weeks for him had been nothing but punches to the gut, words and actions meant to cut. Dean ran a hand through his hair- he would get Sam to cut it later- and stood up arthritically, stretching and cracking his back. He looked around his room, at the pictures on his nightstand, and chided himself for procrastinating. This was Sam. There was only one thing Dean could do, wanted to do, and that was be with his brother. He stepped into the hallway and looked into Sam’s bedroom– empty and still devoid of personal effects. Dean’s room had looked exactly as he’d left it but he had an unwavering suspicion Sam had spent his time in it. Dean strode through the hallway into the main room and there was Sam, sitting at one of the tables and sipping from a beer. Three empty bottles surrounded him. His phone was in his hand, but he was motionless.

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