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Hey, I didn't really know who else to ask and you're one of my favorite accounts so, do you have any ficrecs for bottom!Sam?

so i was just gonna give you a short list of some of my favourite bottom!sam fics, but i figured what the hell and i turned into a little masterlist of sorts. enjoy!

long fics:

last outpost of all that is || 60k || NC-17: sam and dean learn to cope with being the last two people left on earth.

stranger than fiction || 50k || E: dean can’t stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and sam.

the psychology of genetic sexual attraction || 49k: non-hunting au. sam and dean fall in love, but don’t know that they’re brothers.

west series || 49k || NC-17: if you haven’t read this, read it now because it’s pretty much bottom!sam heaven and is basically 40k+ words of the greatest smut you’ll ever read

everlasting light || 39k || E: au. sam creates a soul bond between himself and dean.

take a hard turn || 30k || NC-17: zombie apocalypse au. when the world changes, dean and sam struggle to keep up, but through all the twists and turns they’ve had one constant: each other.

in the name of the father, the son and the zombie spirit || 28k || NC-17: apocalypse au. dean gets sam pregnant in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, angst ensues.

behold, a pale horse || 19k || E: when sam fails to complete the third trial, he inadvertently opens a tear between earth and hell, and must kill his soulmate to correct his mistake.

hands away || 12k || E: i only didn’t put this under pwp because it’s pretty angsty, and there’s a plot hidden within all the glorious smut

stranger that i used to know || 12k || NC-17: sam and dean both wake up in a hospital with no memory of their lives or each other.


*note: all of these are explicit/nc-17. i’ve put warnings/kinks beside each fic.

act your age || ~15k: extreme underage, basically kinky as hell

obedience spell || 6k: vaguely sub/dom, comeplay

just called to say || 5k: phone sex, dirty talk, toys

love that’s gonna break me in two || 5k: drunk dean, rimming

loudmouth || 4k: dirty talk

the routine || 4k: rimming, dirty talk  

asking for it || 3k: (consensual?) non/con, dirty talk, rough sex

don’t say his name || 3k: underage, dirty talk

lay my hands on heaven || 3k: underage, rimming, virginity kink

playing house || 3k: underage, feminization

slow ride || 3k: comeplay, impala sex

take a good look || 3k: barebacking

and the truth shall set you free || 2k: truth spell, dirty talk 

gonna make you sweat || 2k: soulless!sam, first time

i feel it way down (way down) || 2k: dub-con, bloodplay

settle down || 2k: angst

something that’s real || 2k: possessive!dean

John catches them. He walks in, not due back for three more days, to find Sam in nothing but a tiny pink tank top, riding his older brother like he was getting paid for it. 

It took the man three seconds exactly to lose his mind and Sam will never forget the look of debilitating fear in Dean’s eyes when John yanked his skinny eighteen year old body off Dean’s lap. 

In the aftermath, when John finally lost steam and left them for the nearest bar, it was Sam who helped Dean off the floor. It was Sam who bandaged the gash on Dean’s cheek. It was Sam who wiped the tears from his brother’s blackened eyes. 

And while Dean slept that night, it was Sam who slit his father’s throat. 

Dean wakes the next morning, confused, in the passenger seat of the Impala. He felt like he’d been roofied, but maybe that was just the beating. Sam smells faintly of a recent salt and burn but Dean’s got to be imagining things. 

His baby brother smiles, gorgeous eyes twinkling in the early morning sun. He’s got a full ride, he tells Dean. Stanford will pay for everything. I’ll introduce you as my boyfriend and we’ll have the life we deserve, far, far away from Dad. 

Something feels wrong; off, but Dean’s not willing to examine it further. He reaches across the seat and holds Sam’s hand. Whatever comes next, they’ll be together. 

And in the end, that’s all that really matters. 

sam coming untouched from dean rimming him (^∇^)

dean mouthing at sam’s cock through his pretty pink panties, getting them all wet and messy (^∇^)

sam riding dean reverse cowgirl, bouncing on his dick like that’s all that he’s good for (^∇^)

dean coming all over sam’s face, then licking it all off (^∇^)

dean tying sam too the bed, teasing his hole and his cock until he’s shooting long thick ropes up his stomach and chest (^∇^)

dean dressing sam up in a skirt and doing his makeup real pretty, then taking him out on a date and fucking him in a restaurant bathroom (^∇^)

sam sucking dean’s cock in a public library, where anyone can walk by and see them (^∇^)

sub!sam (・ω・)ノ*+ •: .


Demon!Dean / Sam - Blood to Blood (NC-17)

fantastic video! gorgeously composed, beautifully colored and - just HOT *__*

Heat of the moment

It’s summer time in South Carolina, the hot July sun, brutal as it beats down from it’s perch in the sky, baking the small town of Fort Mill along with it’s residents. They’ve been here for two weeks, their dad three counties away, hunting only God knows what. Sam quit caring about a thousand miles ago. They’re both spread out on the queen size bed, clad in only their boxers, the heat from their bodies radiating in the small space between them.

The shoddy air conditioner rattles and clunks as it blows a weak stream of warm air into the room. Dean’s mouth is desert dry, lips sticking to his teeth as he tries to talk.

“Saaaammmm” he groans. “I’m fucking melting man. It’s like a hundred degrees in here.”

“I know,” his brother agrees, raising up to look at him. “I’m about to go take a cold shower.”

“That’s a good idea Sam I am.” He says slapping his brother on the leg and stands. “Go ahead and get it started, I’ll be in in a minute.”

“Wait! What?” His brother gasps, eyes huge as he stares up at Dean in confusion. “You wanna take a shower together?”

“Don’t make it weird.” Dean says with a shrug of his shoulders, like this is a perfectly normal thing for brother’s to do.

“Dude,” Sam scoffs. “It is weird.”

“Is not.” His brother defends and Sam wants to say something else but Dean’s already lost his boxers and is walking bare-assed into the bathroom.

“Oh god!” Sam swears under his breath. This is a bad idea. A really, really bad idea.

His feet feel like they’re strapped down with iron weights as he takes the few steps leading him into the bathroom. He can see his brother’s silhouette through the thin shower curtain and he swallows hard against the knot in his throat.

Pulling his boxers off and discarding them on the floor he pulls the curtain back and climbs inside. His brother’s back is turned to him, head bent under the spray and he takes in the expanse of freckled skin thats laid out against broad shoulders. Eyes following the path of Dean’s spine down to the curve of his ass and he bites the meat of his jaw and wills his dick to stay down where he feels it stirring to life.

Dean chuckles from under the spray, like he knows exactly what Sam’s doing back here, and pulls back from under the water, rubs a hand down his face and turns to look at Sam. His eyes snap up, right as his brother turns around, and Sam tries to hide his face under his shaggy, chestnut hair, hands scrambling to cover his middle.

“Don’t be shy Sam. I’ve seen everything you got. I used to change your diapers dude.”

“Yeah well,” Sam mumbles awkardly, “I’m not a little kid anymore.”

“I won’t make fun of you Sammy.” Dean promises as his hands grab his brother’s shoulders and spin him around, effectively pushing him under the cold spray.

“That’s not- I mean, I’m not.” Sam stutters, as he sucks in a suprised breath as the cold water sends a shock to his system. He wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, he also wants to cry; he does neither. Instead, he takes several deep breathes as he stands there, silent as the icy blast pelts against his skin and rolls down his back. It should be enough to kill his boner but he can feel how heavy it still hangs between his legs, refusing to go away knowing Dean’s naked body is just inches away.

“It’s almost too much at first.” Dean says from somewhere behind him. “But after you adjust to it, it feels good.”

Something in the tone of Dean’s voice makes Sam turn around, and he watches as his brother’s eyes track every single mile of his skin, not much different than what he’d done when their positions had been reversed. However, Dean’s face seems to hide no shame when his eyes shift to Sam’s, tongue flicking out to wet his lips.

The silence that hangs between them is loaded but he can’t make his mouth move, can’t clear the fog that’s seemed to settle over him.

He lets his eyes continue their path down dean’s stomach, resting on the patch of hair between his legs, and there’s no mistaking how hard Dean is, except he isn’t trying to hide it like Sam is.

He slowly removes his hands from where they’re resting and watches as his brother follows the movement, eyes wide and not moving from where he stares at Sam’s erection.

“Jesus Christ Sammy!” Dean says eyes flicking back to his siblings face as he rubs the back of his neck. “That’s impressive.” He adds not sure where he should be looking but unable to pull his eyes off his little brother.

“Do you,” Sam starts to say but then the words get stuck because he’s not really sure how to ask this.

“Yeah.” Dean answers anyway. “Yeah Sammy, I do.”

They stand there a few more seconds both openly staring before Dean slowly inches his way towards Sam.

“You sure this is ok?” He asks but Sam doesn’t answer. Just reaches out and grabs Dean’s hand where it’s resting at his side and boldly brings it to his stomach, his brother’s palm burning against his cooled skin.

Dean’s hand does a slow slide down his abdomen, fingertips brushing over his hard prick and when he finally wraps his hand around it, Sam shudders and throws his head back, eyes closed as a moan bubbles up from his chest.

Dean’s hand feels good where its wrapped around him and he seems to know exactly how Sam likes it without him having to say a word. His hips snap foward and he tries not to let his legs buckle from underneath him as they shake from the pleasure.

“Maybe we should take this to the bedroom.” Dean suggests, “ lay you out on the bed, get you comfortable.”

“Yeah, okay. Yeah.” He says maybe a little too eager and turns the water off.

He’s dripping water all over the floor as he makes his way to the bed but he can’t really find it in himself to care.

He lays down against the sheets, legs spread wide and watches as Dean crawls in between them, breath ghosting over Sam’s dick.

“Can I Sam?” Dean asks, voice pleading. “Can I taste you.”

“Fuck!” he hisses, hand coming to rest against Dean’s face. “Yes Dean. Please.”

The first brush of Dean’s tongue against his shaft has his toes curling, muscles pulled tight and he allows his head to fall back against the pillows.

“Yeah.” He moans, running his fingers through Dean’s short hair, but anything else he was planning on saying gets loged somewhere inside his throat as his brother swallows the rest of his length, his cockhead hitting the back of Dean’s throat.

He wraps his lips tight around Sam’s girth and pulls off, slow slide up, tongue curling around the head of Sam’s cock, scooping up a bead of pre-come that’s gathered at the tip.

“Dean,” Sam shudders, “I want-”

“What baby boy?” Dean asks, green eyes bright as they shine down on him. “What do you want?”

He can’t think straight, not enough blood flow getting to his brain but he manages to say, “You Dean. I want you.”

His brother grins from where he’s looming overtop of Sam.

“I’m yours.” He says. “Always have been.”

“Kiss me.” Sam whispers, his voice trembling as his heart hammers inside his chest.

His brother’s lips are soft and wet, and he opens to him eagerly. Can taste the remnants of himself on dean’s tongue as it tangles with his and he tries not to think too hard about why that turns him on so much. He wraps his hand around the back of Dean’s neck urging him closer, and when Dean’s dick brushes against his it feels like a wave of electricity jolting through his body.

“Do that again.” He begs between kisses. “Do that again Dean.”

His brother grinds his hips against his, one arm supporting his weight as the other has a bruising grip on Sam’s waist.

Sam raises his hips slightly, seeking his brother’s friction but it changes the angle enough so that when Dean grinds against him again his dick slides down between the crease of his ass, the tip of his dick brushing up against Sam’s hole.

“Do it.” Sam says, voice frantic. “Please Dean I want you to fuck me.”

His brother makes a noise deep in his throat and he sounds like he’s in pain but the look in his eyes says something else entirely.

“Are you sure?” He asks but all Sam can do is nod.

Dean runs his hands down the length of Sam’s legs, thumbs coming to rest at the bend of his knees and pushes them up, legs coming to rest over his brother’s shoulder.

“We’ll start slow.” Dean says sliding one finger in his mouth to get it wet and gently pushes against the pink furl of his brother’s hole.

It slides in easy, Sam’s body accepting it with no struggle. He pushes it in and out a few times then adds another. That one burns slightly but it feels good, lighting up Sam’s insides as he tries not to come.

He stretches and sissors them, a third joining the other two and Sam has to bite his lip to keep from moaning too loud.

“I’m ready.” Sam says and Dean smiles. Leans down to kiss him as he pulls his fingers free.

He watches as Dean grabs some lube from the bedside table and slicks himself up. Slowly, so very slowly, he pushes inside the tight, wet, heat of his brother’s body. After bottoming out he rests for a moment, giving Sam time to adjust to the feeling of being so full before he starts to move again.

“You’re so tight Sammy.” Dean moans, hips pumping into him at a slow and steady pace. It’s too much but not enough and Sam feels like he’s being taken apart.

“Faster Dean.” He begs. “Please.”

So his brother picks up the pace, thrusting harder inside and pulling back out, hips pistoning as he fucks into Sam.

The headboard is banging against the wall, the sheets sliding off the bed as he keeps up the punishing pace and he hopes like hell none of their neighbors calls to complain.

He brushes something inside Sam that has him screaming out for more but he knows he’s not gonna last long. A bead of sweat drips down from Dean’s nose landing against the hollow of his throat and he watches as Dean’s arms shake with exertion.

“Dean.” Sam moans, feeling his orgasm building at the base of his spine.

He comes, dick completly untouched, as his brother follows a few seconds later.

The bed is still wet and their probably gonna have to have another shower but Sam can’t find the strength to move.

“I think you killed me.” He says as he looks over at his big brother. “Death by sex.” And Dean laughs.

“Next time,” he says smiling at Sam, “You can top if you want.”

“Really?” Sam asks, his dick feebly trying to stir back to life at the thought.

“Yeah, of course.” Dean says, fingers smoothing Sam’s wet hair from his face.

“So there’ll be a next time?” He asks voice almost a whisper.

“Oh absolutely.” His brother smiles against his lips.

He kisses him back, lips swollen and spit-slick from his brother’s mouth but he could never get tired of having Dean this close. Sometimes, he thinks to himself, everything works out exactly like it’s supposed to.

OKAY I am just ALL ABOUT Sam getting a nice dildo collection ever since they settled down in the bunker. Can you imagine? Sam getting his own private room with private boxes underneath his bed. Can you imagine him making supply runs and stopping by sex shops, picking up a toy or two. Or ordering them discreetly online. His little shoebox full of toys changes into bigger and bigger boxes until he has three boxes. One for specialty toys, one for his favorites, and one for extra big ones. 

Can you imagine??? Sam/dildos OTP
Open Road - Maygra - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Just discovered this series and I absolutely love it. I’m genuinely surprised that there aren’t more comments and feedback. It’s hurt!sam and bottom!sam throughout the whole series, and possessive!dean at parts. It was a really sweet read, and the words are written like poetry. Very beautiful and definitely worth the read :)

Fireworks - Wincest

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!! <3 

When Sam was eight, Dean snuck them out of the motel they were staying at while their dad was at the local bar doing ‘research’. It was cold that night, Sam remembers grumbling over how Dean better have a good reason to drag him out of bed in the middle of the night, and Dean’s only response was to shove a sweater at him and tell him to shut up. 

As they trudged their way through the forest on the outside of town, sneakers dipping into the soft earth still wet from yesterday’s downpour, Sam was very near being fed up with his older brother’s idea of a ‘good time’. That was until they came to the clearing and there was a pile of oddly shaped boxes waiting for them.

Sam remembers looking up at Dean with confusion, then excitement as Dean flicked out a lighter he’d snagged from a local 7-Eleven and realized what the pile was that was waiting for them. As he stood close to Dean, soaking in his brother’s body heat and staring up into the night sky, he stopped feeling sad that they’d never been able to go see fireworks in any of the town’s they’d been to for the fourth. None of them could beat this. 

When Sam was fourteen, Dean had made their firework night a yearly ritual. Sometimes they had to put it off a day or two, weather or location permitting, but Dean always pulled through. Sam knew Dean probably saved up as much as he could spare all year, it wasn’t like fireworks were something easy to smuggle out of a store, and Sam appreciated every damn cent Dean spent. 

Tonight they were in Washington State, the sky actually clear for once though Dean dragged them out of the hotel and into the Impala to haul ass to a field he’d found days ago hours earlier than they normally would’ve gone because Dean wasn’t sure the rain would hold out. 

As Dean carefully eased the Impala over the ruts in the dirt road, the first smattering of raindrops started to hit the windshield. Sam tried to bite back the smirk but lost it when Dean swore under his breath, torn between driving faster ad saving the suspension on the car – it really was a no brainer. 

When they pulled up to the clearing, both of them jumped out of the car, running forward to where Dean had spread out the fireworks for them (because God forbid now that the Impala was basically his, he leave them in the backseat). The paper and cardboard was soaked through, the smaller, cheaper explosives starting to fall apart as they tried to scoop up armfuls and bring them to the safety the Impala offered. On the second pass, the sky opened up and Sam couldn’t see an inch in front of his face. 

Sam skidded to a stop in the mud, throwing his arms wide and turning his face to the sky as he started to laugh. He knew Dean was frustrated, probably had some twisted way of blaming himself for the rain and for them missing out on the fireworks, but for Sam – it wasn’t about the fireworks. It was about this, the freedom and chance to do something free of hunting and killing, sweating and fighting and being afraid. It was about being Sam and spending time with Dean, nothing else between them.

When he looked back, Dean had stopped beside him, eyes narrowed against the heavy rain pelting down on them. His lips were parted, his chest rising and falling as he breathed in hard. Sam opened his mouth, not sure what he was going to say exactly, but then Dean closed the distance between them.

His mouth was wet with rain but warm, sending a shiver of heat through Sam’s entire body. He clung to the back of his brother’s soaked shirt, drawing him in closer.

Sam didn’t mind the rain.

“Fuck, Sammy,” Dean gasped, hips thrusting up hard, eliciting a groan from Sam’s own throat. He arched his back, shifted his thighs, changing the angle he was moving in Dean’s lap.

Dean was spread out on the blanket, the Impala blocking them from the view of anyone who might happen to be out on this back road, Sam’s legs on either side of Dean’s body and bent to allow himself to fuck up and down on Dean’s cock. 

The fireworks from the next town over could be seen exploding in the night sky, the brightest blossoms casting red and green and white glows across Dean’s skin. He looked beautiful like this, mouth open and eyes wide, soaking up everything Sam was giving him and matching him as if their lives depended on it. 

Sometimes Sam thought that it did. 

Here, like this, Dean’s body joining with his and completing him in a way that no one else other than Dean had ever been able to do – this was life. Dean’s hands were firm but gentle, a promise of protection. His words of praise were softly whispered into Sam’s skin, his mouth, a promise of love. The scent of Dean’s skin, gun powder and aftershave, almost stronger than the summer grass they were laying in, a promise of home. 

“So good, Sammy, so perfect for me,” Dean whispered, hands running over Sam’s thighs, down to his ass, pulling him further apart and allowing himself to sink deeper into Sam’s body. Sam groaned, muscles trembling with pleasure and exhaustion as he continued to move up and down. “So fucking hot like this.”

Sam gasped as Dean’s hand moved from his ass to wrap around his cock, striping him in time with their bodies coming together. Sam’s own hips started to falter and Dean picked up his pace, pounding upwards into Sam’s body, tightening his fist. 

“Come on, Sammy,” Dean groaned, the hand still on Sam’s ass digging in just this side of painful. “Come for me baby.”

Sam moaned, Dean’s name a fallen prayer from his lips as his hands found purchase on Dean’s chest and he slammed down as hard as he could, crying out as he spilled his release over Dean’s stomach and hand. 

He felt Dean’s body tighten beneath him, fingers digging in, the warm wet press of his release inside of Sam’s body, and then they collapsed together on the blanket, sweaty and spent. 

Just as the summer air started to chill Sam’s heated skin, Dean pulled the second blanket out from underneath his head, covering them and pulling Sam in closer.

Behind them, the fireworks continued to explode in the sky. 

The Adventures of Dean Constantly Seeing Sam Getting Fucked


Summary:  Dean has walked in on Sam being fucked a couple of times before, but he never expected this.

Length: 4k

Warnings: Bottom Sam, some weecest, completely 100% porny filth


The auto shop let Dean off early and he was eager to get home to Sammy. Dad was off on some hunt again, so it was just the two of them in a tiny house in Buttfuck, Texas, sweating away the summer by diving in the lake down the street and watching old cartoons.

It was fucking perfect. Usually, he hated when Dad left them cooped up like this, useless to him while he threw himself down the throat of danger, but this had been a damn good summer. Sam was growing up, no longer some chubby little kid. His frame grew taller faster than his muscles could keep up and he was one long, awkward beanpole, tripping around, his voice dropping. A lot. It freaked Dean out a little, honestly. If Sam was taller than him in a month, he wouldn’t be surprised.

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I have a big thing for Sam being a completely needy bottom, particularly in early seasons. Not every single time, but every now and then Dean gets him so worked up that Sam is just a constant string of "please" and "now" and shamelessly offering his ass and panting and the sound that comes out of him when Dean finally pushes inside is full of such relief that it frankly makes Dean want to give it to him steady and deep to keep that noise coming and Sam is so overwhelmed he can't even move

y e s i agree sam being needy is hot af