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How can you make a judgement on a story that you've all but thoroughly read? Not everything that doesn't ring with your desires isn't meant to be morally wrong. I think it's pretty sick of you to put that person on full blast, expose all of their social media and then expect people not to say anything. It makes you look like a butthurt kink shamer who wants to knock down ageplay fics one bullet at a time.

I TRIED to thoroughly read it but I COULDN’T because I’m a CHILD ABUSE VICTIM. I had TO STOP READING because it was child abuse.

This is NOT kink shaming. Because this is NOT age play nor is it infantilism.

I’ve thoroughly explained why in several posts already. But here you have it, again (I’m going to abridge the quotes to not make this super long, but include links in case you want to check):

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fucking fat people shouldn’t be a ‘fetish’

fucking disabled people shouldn’t be a 'fetish’

fucking interracial people shouldn’t be a 'fetish’

watching lesbians have sex shouldn’t be a 'fetish’

what sort of superiority complex do u fuckers have to make these (and more) underprivileged groups feel like they’re only accepted when they are an inferior sex object to some perverted kinkster; who fetishizes them based on what they’re discriminated and shamed for EVERY OTHER DAY. this is why kink shaming ISN’T A THING. because kink culture SHOULDN’T BE A THING. people disagreeing with your lifestyle isn’t shaming you, don’t compare yourself to groups that actually are fucking shamed and discriminated against. forget about ur orgasms for 1 second and start thinking about what the group u identify with promotes. 

Revenge drabbles open! :D

Has any kink shamer ever made you feel bad because you like a secret little kink? Let me write a revenge drabble for you ^=^ No kink is too dirty or shameful, I’m only limited by time as I’m extremely busy these days. But I’ll try my best to reply to some of you, my lovelies <3<3<3

Me: My daddy just got home and–

Kinkster: Oh my gawd, you’re so luckyyy I have to cuddle my stuffies until my daddy gets home and if I’m good he’ll give me cummies~

Me: Bitch, I’m talking about my father getting home from his sinuses surgery.

Kinkster: OMG I’m sorry! You don’t have to be mean! How was I supposed to know?!

Me: I shouldn’t have to fucking specify my term of endearment towards my father–Which is common knowledge on a international scale.–To get your disgusting head out of the gutter you gross bitch!

Kinkster: Fuck you and your kink shaming!

Me: I ain’t shaming you, I’m slapping your dumb ass with obvious facts that a toddler could comprehend lol.

Kinkster: FUCK YOU *cries to Daddy/sucks thumb/grovels like a 4 year old/colors ponys* I’m my daddy’s baby girl! We keep it in the bedroom! WHYAREYOUSOMEAN?

Me: You literally just gave me diarrhea.

I’m a HUGE kink shamer like I’m an advocate for it and heres why: Yall dont know when your shit is twisted. Like yall be mixing pedophilia, rape, and even racism in to your kinks and then have the nerve to want people to “accept it”. Getting your rocks off to children’s cartoons, fantasizing about fucking children, rape porn, etc etc the list goes on. Many of you don’t know where to draw the line and those who do, can’t tell yall you’re wrong cause then “You’re judging me!” “Remember don’t judge folks uwu” “You guys are boring” and all that jazz. Bunch of nastys…

Remember when if you were an open “kink shamer” on this site you’d get called out again and again and then suddenly it changed and everyone was making jokes about “Daddy Doms” and shit? When is that going to happen w/ gender abolitionism?