SQUAD GOALS ((((muffled Love Hime music playing in the distance))))

I saw rainbowthinker’s beach meme the other day, and I thought, L-LET’S DO THIS;;; and this is the result. Hkgk would have been amazing to make, too…


Though late, officially after the anime, CONGRAULATIONS SOHOOOKU!!!!!!

this is one scene i hope did happen after the prize ceremony XD

T/////T this is dedicated to the people who made the anime, the wonderful seiyuus, and not forgetting the mangaka, watanabe sensei, who have given us such a beautiful, well written sports manga to the world. Thank you for making yowamushi Pedal. Now on to IH2!!!!!!

Yowapeda Bike Race Stickers up for pre-order!

I’ve been busy making stickers and thought i’ll put it up on storenvy for pre-order! All 3 pieces for $6. I’ll begin printing somewhere by the end of June/early July.

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Hey guys! We’ve finally completed the Sohoku third year set! Which is now avaiable on our storenvy if anyone wanted to get it!

And as a way of celebrating the completion of all the sets we’re having a 10% discount on all items until APRIL 9 midnight. Use the code HECK10

Thank you all for your support!