press play

summary: dan and phil are too lazy to do anything but cuddle during the thunderstorm.
length: i gUESS i’m calling this a two-part drabble but ??
genre: fwuff this is just fluff

a/n: thanks a million to mai beta reader biokrys (WHO KNEW KINICKERS WERE FOR GIRLS AND PANTS FOR BOYS? i sure didnt)

As Phil sat on the couch watching anime he suddenly heard a rather loud crackle from outside. Glancing over to the window then back at the television he called out to Dan, who was in his room.

“Dan, look - thunderstorm!” He heard an annoyed sigh as Dan padded down the hallway, still wearing his pajamas from yesterday evening.

“Really, London? A thunderstorm? Guess we’re ordering in tonight,” Dan commented as he peered out the window to see the sky getting grayer by the minute.

“Don’t we order in every night?” Phil replied, still focused on the anime. That earned him a light slap on the cheek from Dan as he sat down next to him. Phil yelped but hit him back.

“Remember, we’re adults now, who have to do adult things, like purchase laundry detergent…” Dan said facetiously, putting his knees to his chest with his arms around them, resting his head on Phil’s shoulder.

“Can’t that wait till tomooooooorrrroooooow?”

Dan rolled his eyes and said  “Well then I hope you like dirty pants!” Another crackle of thunder cried loudly from the window. Dan sighed as he watched the anime figures onscreen battle monsters, before everything becoming chibi and whilst they ran away.

“Phiiiiiil,” Dan whined.

“What!” Phil replied, still focused on the anime.

“Can we watch a movie instead? I’ll bring out the big blanket and make hot chocolate-“ Dan started.

“Aghh, alright…But isn’t that cheating? It’s not wintery or anything,” Phil interrupted as Dan got up to begin preparing their drinks.

Dan shushed him loudly and replied, “Nobody has to know.” Phil sighed loudly as he turned the anime off and navigated to Netflix on their tv.

“What’re we watching anyways?” he asked Dan, who was now getting their one nice blanket from their hall closet.

“I dunno…what about like…Kill Bill? We haven’t watched that in forever!” Dan replied.

“Alright, that’s good with me. Speaking of movies, by the way, do you want to maybe see Jurassic World tomorrow?” Phil suggested.

“Hm…I’m having lunch with Louise tomorrow but how about round six or seven?” Dan murmured, picking up their hot chocolates with the blanket slung over his shoulder. “For you,” Dan said to Phil in a posh voice as he handed him the hot chocolate. He put his own on the side table and started down the hall.

“Where’re you’re going nooow?” Phil inquired with an exaggerated sigh.

“Getting my phoooone Big Brother,” he replied.

“What?” said Phil, tilting his head slightly.

“You know, 1984, Big Brother…’Always Watching’…” Dan shouted from his bedroom, finally unearthing his phone under his bedsheets.

“Never read it!” Phil said in a sing-song voice. Dan walked back down the hall, absentmindedly composing a tweet as he slid in next to Phil.

“watching kill bill with @AmazingPhil for the quadrillionth time”  he tapped out. Phil made a groaning noise and put his hand over Dan’s phone just as he hit send.

“Alright, alright! Just press play!”

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