Red Kingyou [WMatsui OS]

Quite a short one. I’m not sure if this is called a drabble or not. :v Little announcement at the end of the fic. ( ゚∀゚ )


The sound of brakes from a girl’s bike echoed at the empty parking grounds of Sakae High School. She adjusted the sling of her bag between her chest and got of the bike after securing it. 

She was wearing a white shirt under her blue parka that covered half of her young face. She hummed to herself with every step, as she walked her way to the empty gym. It’s 10 in the evening and Matsui Jurina is enjoying the privileged silence inside the campus.

She twirled the gold key in her index finger and halted when she saw what she was looking for.

‘Swimming Pool’ 

The girl loved swimming. It’s one of those things that helps her keep a calm mind from the stress of school. Jurina inserted the key to the key whole but to her surprise the door was unlocked. She decided that someone from the swimming team probably just forgot to lock it…Which is weird but, whatever.

She quietly opened the sliding door. Slowly without making as much noise as possible, just trying to be cautious just in case someone was there. She entered the gym and the smell of chlorine welcomed her. Jurina put down her bag at the corner of the pool and was ready to take care clothes of but stopped when she noticed mesmerizing creature that was floating beautifully on the clear water.

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“Goldfish Salvation” Riusuke Fukahori 深堀隆介

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori paints three-dimensional goldfish using a complex process of poured resin. The fish are painted meticulously, layer by layer, the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature, similar to the function of a 3D printer. I really enjoy the rich depth of the pieces and the optical illusion aspect, it’s such an odd process that results in something that’s both a painting and sculptural. Wonderful.



So here’s a little something I’ve been working on in Art class… Needless to say who inspired this.

I think the one with the red background is the worst; the blue one’s a close second, and next goes the green one. I like the yellow one though.

So, what do you think? Be honest; even if you hate this, please don’t hate the one who inspired it.

PS: I need to get her photobook ASAP.

Hiya everyone! Sorry for such a off-topic post, but I have received a lot of questions about my favorite manga-series, so I decided to make a proper list of them. (many of them are criminally underrated, so this is a great opportunity to gain more readers ≖‿≖)

Hopefully you’ll find some new good manga to read while waiting for Hirunaka’s new chapter - only 7 days to go, btw!

Series with bold font are my all-time favorites and series with * remind me of HnR. 



(From shounen, Fullmetal Alchemist is definitely my favorite) 



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[NEW MUSIC, FREE D/L] @JAYBUMAOM: 높아 2 (We up there 2) - 로꼬 (Loco) (Feat. C Jamm & Jay Park) [ GRAY]

Translation of Jay Park’s verse

I’m a little crazy, I’m the turn up king
You guys can have it all. I live for the music. Just music (swings)
Wearing a Cuban on my neck, rollie on my wrist, even my teeth are bling
If you said you are doing better than AOMG then I’ll give you one word, “What?”
I’m an occupied toilet, I’m smart (ddok ddok hae; also the expression for the sound of knocking on a door)
After seeing my show, your girlfriend’s panties get wet (chok chok hae)
Disinfect (so dok hae) your ear inflammation by listening to my music
If you come to an AOMG show I’ll guarantee you will definitely be fucked up
So I don’t care, I don’t care if you muhfuckas is hatin’ on me
I only know how to make money. I only know how to be successful.
Because we are AOMG

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