Hurricane Harvey

I live Kingwood, Texas and our neighbourhood is completely underwater at the moment. Due to the flooding on the highways I won’t be able to make it to my vanilla job or sw job for at least 2 weeks until the water goes down and this time is completely unpaid. Gas prices are expected to rise as well us needing essentials like food, water, toiletries and paying our bills. If you guys can help me out or just reblog my post it’ll be greatly appreciated.

Send any donations to$shundori97

Walker Evans began to photograph in the late 1920s, making snapshots during a European trip. Upon his return to New York, he published his first images in 1930. During the Great Depression, Evans began to photograph for the Resettlement Administration, later known as the Farm Security Administration (FSA), documenting workers and architecture in the Southeastern states.

He claimed that he sought out his subjects “by instinct, like a bird, entirely by instinct. Like a squirrel too, burying and hiding, and divining where the nuts are.”

People and their way of life fascinated Evans. In this photograph he captured two individuals looking away from each other, not noticing the presence of another person.

Main Street at Kingwood, West Virginia, June 1935, Walker Evans. 


For my non-Houston friends–to help you understand the devastation that’s happening in our city:

Houston is HUGE. The greater metropolitan area is circled by the Grand Parkway - which is 170 miles long. That makes the area of the circle inside the Grand Parkway over 2200 sq. miles.

2200 square miles of densely habited, urban and suburban, areas with over 7 million residents is flooded. This doesn’t even include the surrounding areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, Conroe, Kingwood; to name a few.

Imagine if the entire state of Delaware, with twice the population of Manhattan, was under water.

And it’s still raining.


We’re pleased to introduce to you this very animated version of the mechanical writing table that’s on view—in very still form—in the Large Library of the Huntington Art Gallery.

The GIFs come from a video that is part of a five-part suite of short, silent videos focusing on objects or architectural elements on view in the first-floor period rooms of the Huntington Art Gallery. Each video is installed on iPads in the room where the object is on view.

Read more about the iPads and other interpretive features of the period rooms on VERSO.

object info: Jean-François Oeben, Mechanical Writing Table, c. 1755–65. Oak and walnut with kingwood, tulipwood, purplewood, bois satiné, green-stained maple, ebony, holly, maple, Japanese takamaki-e lacquer panel, gilt bronze, iron. Arabella D. Huntington Memorial Art Collection. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Being a Mixed Race Girl #4

So, I’m driving to the north side to get my bridal shoots done. I was pissed as hell because I had quite an unfortunate incident with the flatiron that morning. I actually burned off a section of my hair trying to curl it. Imagine the worst Bridezilla you ever saw and then multiple that times 14. I literally blacked out in anger. It was pretty ugly. I actually lost my friggin mind, people.

But that’s not what this post is about…lol. I put my curls up in a messy bun and left the house. When driving, I like to leave my windows down in the summer instead of turning on the air. I heard some lady next to me at the stoplight shouting “Ma'am?! Maaaaaaaam?!!!” I realized she was yelling to me and turned to look at her, prepared to give attitude, thinking “ugh omg this ghetto chick…ugh Houston…” When I turned to see this woman in her car, she pointed to her backseat to the cutest little girl, probably 4 or 5, clearly of mixed race with a little bun on her head. Her mom said “My daughter just wanted to say hi to you because she saw you and said ‘Look mommy, she has fluffy hair like us!’” Not gonna lie, that made me smile really big and I was able to wave to her before the light turned green.

Opposites Attract, Chapter 1

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Summary: Phil is a pureblood at the age of 11 who gets his letter to Hogwarts and meets an unlikely friend in Diagon Alley.

Word Count: 1,427 

Genre: fluff, future angst

Additional Tags: Harry Potter AU, kid!Phan

A/N: This is chapter 1 of a fanfiction I started writing during Thanksgiving break, so I have another chapter written that I’ll post soon.

Phil Lester was eleven years old when he got the letter he had been waiting for his whole life. He was nervous, of course. What house would he get in? Would people like him? Could he even do magic? There had been little clues to say he could, but he still had doubts. When his letter finally arrived and his mother handed it to him with a broad smile on her face, he squealed and ran about the house in elation.

“I’m going to Hogwarts, I’m going to Hogwarts!” he chanted, excited.

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Holden Sandman concept 2000. The panel van had been a regular fixture of Australia’s “big three” (Ford, Holden and Chrysler) during the 70s and one of the most legendary models was Holden’s Kingwood-based Sandman surfer van. Holden revived the nameplate for this Commodore-based concept though a panel van variant was no longer available


I’ve been going through my old hard drives, and I found a bunch of photographs from my trips to West Virginia and elsewhere.

There’s this wonderful wooded creek area just outside of Kingwood, WV. It’s right behind this wonderful little novelty shop/ice cream parlor just off the main road. There are roaming donkeys and bunnies and in the deeper water it’s clear enough to see all of the trout that live in the system.

It’s one of my favourite places in the country; I wish I could visit more often.