“I can’t believe you convinced me to come into ANOTHER dungeon with you.” Said Ju as he walked with his twin. He was shivering from the cold as They walked through what looked like a palace made of ice. “At least we’re not gonna die of heat stroke in this one.” He muttered, rubbing his arms.

He looked up, seeing an ice chandelier. “…it’s really pretty though. Everything made of ice…”


Some Sif/Loki sketches from months and months ago. (Having a working scanner is so rad!) None of them are exactly a ~specific scene~ or anything, but-

The first one is almost certainly inspired by You Could Be My Unintended by coffeesuperhero

That second one has got to be pulling from the Kingsverse Series by Nayanroo

And the last two probably came out of reading Fleet-Footed and Caught by Barkour enough times that I think I have it memorized.

Six Sentence Snippet Sunday!  Remember when I wanted to give you guys some sif/loki when you all asked for something from the next kingsverse last time and I couldn’t?  making up for it now.

Loki could not say anything, could only press his face against her hair and reassure himself that she was all right and be grateful she allowed him to do this, to be weak without fear of it being used against him.  Sif put her arms around him and pressed in as close as she could, her fingers stroking his hair.

“In any case,” she said when they’d pulled apart and continued on their way, her arm linked through his, “I worry more for you surviving this pregnancy than myself.  After all, women have been having their babes in fields for thousands of years before you or I were glimmers in the eyes of our parents, but I am not entirely sure anyone has been as utterly neurotic about colors of food as you are.”

He was certain she had said other words, but the only thing Loki heard out of all that made him pause.  “You want to have the baby in a field?

Sif threw up her hands.

WIP Wednesday

At least one of you (you know who you are) has asked about this.  So…

“When Sif brings—ah, here they are.”

In a flash of green light, Loki and Sif appeared in the middle of the corridor.  Seeing the knife still in Loki’s hand, Thor raised his eyebrows.

“An Einherji,” Loki replied, icy.  “There are traitors in our ranks.”

“Led by someone who knows our plans,” Sif added.  Ullr whimpered, waving a fist from his blanket, and she turned away to soothe him, but Thor could see the worry on her face and hear that Ullr wasn’t believing any of it.  His fussing grew louder.  

“Do we know…?”

Loki shook his head.  “And I cannot think who it might be.”

The palace rocked, and there were faint screams from somewhere far away, toward the city. Frigga stepped forward, holding out her arms for Ullr.  For a moment Sif stared at her rebelliously, as though she was going to refuse, but then her face softened and she stepped in close enough to shift Ullr into his grandmother’s arms.

“Keep him safe, please,” she whispered.  Thor’s heart twisted.

“With my own life, if I have to.”  Frigga pressed her forehead to Sif’s, gave her sons a significant look, and went down the stairs.  Sif’s feet shuffled against the floor, as though she’d been about to take a step but kept herself from doing so.

“Close it,” Loki instructed, his voice flat.  A slab of flooring slid out and lifted into place, and with the pattern in the floor here, the edges of it were invisible.  “We all know the plan, if we cannot repel them?”  At their nods, he took a breath.  “Thor, you go to the city and help there.  Sif?”

“I am with you,” she told him, and slid her shield onto her arm.

Snippet Sunday

Some words from the next chapter of Relativity.  Enjoy!

The display shifted and Sif smiled to see the tiny outline of a handappear to wave at her.  “Hello, little one,” she whispered.  “I see you.”

“The child’s heart—“  Eir pressed a control and a small circle appeared to one side, showing a bright light beating in its center.  “—is quite healthy and strong.  The spark of life is bright in your child.”

“As I would expect of a child of myself and my husband.”  Loki had fretted that there would be some weakness, some deformity caused by the mating of Jotunn and Asgardian; even after they had agreed upon having a child and especially after she had become pregnant, it had been the cause of many arguments between them.  “Its body?  Can you tell… anything?”

“From what I can see…” the view of what must be her womb shifted slightly, and now Sif could see the curve of a head, a foot.  “…the body is forming normally.  No complications, Lady Sif, I know you and the king were concerned.  And… would you like to know if you are having a son or daughter?”

Sif bit her lip.  Loki should be here.  “…yes, I would like to know.”

“Very well.  Let us…”  The view shifted again, seeming to come in and out of focus, until it stabilized.  Eir touched Sif’s arm.  “Look here, my lady.  You are going to have a son.”

now, to make up for it… a bit out of the upcoming Kingsverse fic.  some action for you all, let me know what you think!

“We no longer recognize Asgard’s authority,” the leader of the guardsmen said.  “Dismount and surrender your weapons, and by the council’s word you will be treated fairly and well until you can be ransomed.”

The hooded leader of the riders nudged their mount forward; sensing the mood; the horse laid his ears back as he was drawn up, pawing the stones so that his shoes threw sparks.  “You are one city of a realm,” the rider said, lowering her hood.  Sunlight gleamed on the wings of the Dragon Crown and seemed caught in black hair that rippled down her back, and Queen Sif stared down at the guards who barred her way.  “You do not have the power to deny the right of Asgard to mediate on realms beholden to the throne.  Now, lay down your weapons, and I will conveniently forget we had this conversation.”

She said this all in such a confident voice that for a moment, the guardsmen looked between each other, unsure.  Queen Sif had done their realm a great service and respected them in a way that certain other rulers of Asgard and the Nine Realms had not; one of her greatest friends was of the Vanir himself, and rumor had it that she had taken as page a Vanir girl.  But their orders were clear, and the leader straightened his back.

“You are Queen of Asgard,” he said, “And so you will be well-treated.  Now, please, my lady.  We do not want to spill your blood.”

Sif could not help it; her lips twitched.  Her sword was strapped to her saddle, but she raised her hands, holding them slightly away from her body.  Behind her, her guard shifted, the horses snorting.

“You would die before your first stroke fell,” she said quietly, and dropped her hands again, and the horsemen at her back sprang into action.


Today I bring you hot-off-the-press first-draft Kingsverse.  This may or may not make it into Relativity in its current form (though it’s likely that it will because that’s how I roll) but I’ve gone long enough without giving you guys anything and I feel bad.  So!

Her movement had woken him and Loki blinked sleepily up at her, face relaxed and free of tension.  Sif slid her fingers into his hair and he sighed, burrowing back down into the furs next to her.

“Cancel everything today,” he mumbled into the pillows.  “I’ll have no part of it.  Pressing business elsewhere.”

“Business?”  Sif curled a lock of black hair around her finger and let it slide off.  “I thought this was pleasure.”

“If it’s pleasure my lady wants, she has but to ask.”  But the kisses he pressed to her shoulder were only affectionate, not meant to arouse, and she basked in the attention.

“This is what I missed,” she whispered, and bent as much as her belly would allow so she could kiss him.  It was familiar and comforting, the feel of home, burning sweetly all through her body.  When she pulled away it was just far enough for their breath to mingle together.  

“How long can you delay going to Eir?”

“I did say ‘in the morning,’” Loki mused, a thumb sliding over her cheekbone.  “I did not say which morning.”

Snippet Sunday!  This chapter of Relativity is coming along nicely.  Hopefully it’ll be done soon and you can all hate me again.

For now, though, something cute.

Turning her head Sif slid her lips along his jaw until Loki twisted and kissed her, one hand burying itself in her hair.  The heat in their kiss reassured her.

“Should we not be discussing how we are going to slowly take Director Fury apart?” she asked when they pulled apart.  Loki shook his head, pushing his face into her hair.

“There will be time for that,” he said. “Later.”
Relativity - Chapter 11
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 11 is here, and it’s a long one with a happy at the end!  

Be aware there is a warning for references to blood and other medical things related to childbirth in this chapter.  I’m not sure how to tag it, so I just wanted to let you all know about it before you go in and get surprised.


@norationalthoughtrequired did a fun thing and posted what came out of the create race we had, so I am going to do the same.  I’ve been working hard on Relativity, and while this chapter is going to be big and full of action, I’m trying to get it done this month.  Here’s a little bit of what I’ve written in the last hour.  Enjoy!

“You’ve come from the Vault,” she said, peeking down at Ullr as she shrugged one shoulder of her tunic off and held Ullr up until he latched.  “Is it secure?”

“As it will ever be.”  Loki sat next to them and pulled the cloth aside with a fingertip, watching his son nurse.  “He’s quite greedy.”

“He knows what he needs to be strong.”  Frigga sat straight-backed on her bench. “Sif… I know your intentions for what happens if Asgard is attacked.  Will you not reconsider?”

“Ullr is safest here,” Sif said with a pat, “And I am most dangerous with a sword in my hand and standing in defense, not hiding in a cave with no outlet.”  Frigga and Loki shared a look, and Sif narrowed her eyes. “Unless it does have one.”

“Not one that is easily accessible,” Loki muttered.  “Or easy at all.  But Sif, I—well, I know I cannot stop you.  Just promise that you’ll make use of the amulet?”

“Yes, yes, Loki, I’ll use your thrice-damned amulet.  But I hate trying to do anything with that thing activated.”