Snippet Sunday!  This chapter of Relativity is coming along nicely.  Hopefully it’ll be done soon and you can all hate me again.

For now, though, something cute.

Turning her head Sif slid her lips along his jaw until Loki twisted and kissed her, one hand burying itself in her hair.  The heat in their kiss reassured her.

“Should we not be discussing how we are going to slowly take Director Fury apart?” she asked when they pulled apart.  Loki shook his head, pushing his face into her hair.

“There will be time for that,” he said. “Later.”

Snippet Sunday, from Chapter 3 of Relativity (because you all deserve more than six sentences).

A reminder that I am in class and working full-time, so the amount of free time I have to write has been dramatically cut.  I’ll try to make it less than a month between chapters, though.  I know a lot of you really want to know what happens next.

“We know there is a traitor working against us in Asgard who is arming and aiding criminals here, using knowledge of the Tesseract and other things only a few people have access to,” Sif replied quietly.  “And Fury has not proven himself trustworthy.  He is not the one we seek, but I cannot bring myself to give him every detail of our plans, either.”

“You think this is connected somehow?”

“I do not know.”  Sif locked the door of the guest suite behind them and leaned against it for a moment, taking a breath.  The door was solid at her back, and with the world shifting like sand under her, it was comforting to feel something so sturdy.  “But it cannot be ruled out.”

“I do not like this,” Thor rumbled, his voice like low thunder in the distance.  “I do not like not knowing who to trust.”

“Neither do I, Thor.”  Sif sighed, feeling the absence of Loki keenly now.  He was reviled by some for his furtive ways, but he would have known what to do in a heartbeat, while she could only use what she’d learned from him as best she could.  “But we do what we must.”