Snippet Sunday

Some words from the next chapter of Relativity.  Enjoy!

The display shifted and Sif smiled to see the tiny outline of a handappear to wave at her.  “Hello, little one,” she whispered.  “I see you.”

“The child’s heart—“  Eir pressed a control and a small circle appeared to one side, showing a bright light beating in its center.  “—is quite healthy and strong.  The spark of life is bright in your child.”

“As I would expect of a child of myself and my husband.”  Loki had fretted that there would be some weakness, some deformity caused by the mating of Jotunn and Asgardian; even after they had agreed upon having a child and especially after she had become pregnant, it had been the cause of many arguments between them.  “Its body?  Can you tell… anything?”

“From what I can see…” the view of what must be her womb shifted slightly, and now Sif could see the curve of a head, a foot.  “…the body is forming normally.  No complications, Lady Sif, I know you and the king were concerned.  And… would you like to know if you are having a son or daughter?”

Sif bit her lip.  Loki should be here.  “…yes, I would like to know.”

“Very well.  Let us…”  The view shifted again, seeming to come in and out of focus, until it stabilized.  Eir touched Sif’s arm.  “Look here, my lady.  You are going to have a son.”

Six Sentence Snippet Sunday!  Remember when I wanted to give you guys some sif/loki when you all asked for something from the next kingsverse last time and I couldn’t?  making up for it now.

Loki could not say anything, could only press his face against her hair and reassure himself that she was all right and be grateful she allowed him to do this, to be weak without fear of it being used against him.  Sif put her arms around him and pressed in as close as she could, her fingers stroking his hair.

“In any case,” she said when they’d pulled apart and continued on their way, her arm linked through his, “I worry more for you surviving this pregnancy than myself.  After all, women have been having their babes in fields for thousands of years before you or I were glimmers in the eyes of our parents, but I am not entirely sure anyone has been as utterly neurotic about colors of food as you are.”

He was certain she had said other words, but the only thing Loki heard out of all that made him pause.  “You want to have the baby in a field?

Sif threw up her hands.

now, to make up for it… a bit out of the upcoming Kingsverse fic.  some action for you all, let me know what you think!

“We no longer recognize Asgard’s authority,” the leader of the guardsmen said.  “Dismount and surrender your weapons, and by the council’s word you will be treated fairly and well until you can be ransomed.”

The hooded leader of the riders nudged their mount forward; sensing the mood; the horse laid his ears back as he was drawn up, pawing the stones so that his shoes threw sparks.  “You are one city of a realm,” the rider said, lowering her hood.  Sunlight gleamed on the wings of the Dragon Crown and seemed caught in black hair that rippled down her back, and Queen Sif stared down at the guards who barred her way.  “You do not have the power to deny the right of Asgard to mediate on realms beholden to the throne.  Now, lay down your weapons, and I will conveniently forget we had this conversation.”

She said this all in such a confident voice that for a moment, the guardsmen looked between each other, unsure.  Queen Sif had done their realm a great service and respected them in a way that certain other rulers of Asgard and the Nine Realms had not; one of her greatest friends was of the Vanir himself, and rumor had it that she had taken as page a Vanir girl.  But their orders were clear, and the leader straightened his back.

“You are Queen of Asgard,” he said, “And so you will be well-treated.  Now, please, my lady.  We do not want to spill your blood.”

Sif could not help it; her lips twitched.  Her sword was strapped to her saddle, but she raised her hands, holding them slightly away from her body.  Behind her, her guard shifted, the horses snorting.

“You would die before your first stroke fell,” she said quietly, and dropped her hands again, and the horsemen at her back sprang into action.

Snippet Sunday!  This chapter of Relativity is coming along nicely.  Hopefully it’ll be done soon and you can all hate me again.

For now, though, something cute.

Turning her head Sif slid her lips along his jaw until Loki twisted and kissed her, one hand burying itself in her hair.  The heat in their kiss reassured her.

“Should we not be discussing how we are going to slowly take Director Fury apart?” she asked when they pulled apart.  Loki shook his head, pushing his face into her hair.

“There will be time for that,” he said. “Later.”

Snippet Sunday!

From Relativity.  I apologize for its length, but It’s a complete thought, and I don’t think you all want to go without seeing all of it.

Before they had left for Midgard, Sif had nearly tripped over one of the books Loki had left on the floor. This had elicited a mild panic in her – what if she had fallen on her stomach and hurt their child? - and there had been a very heated discussion immediately after about how his absentmindedness might mean broken bones and if he could not learn to clean up after himself (if she did not know by now that he was often far too preoccupied with more important matters and why did they have servants if not to clean up after them) because he went into moods anytime someone put one of his precious books away in the wrong place he obviously needed to change his habits before he could be any sort of responsible parent. Loki had conceded, or knuckled under, or humored her, and had reorganized his reading material into safer, more out-of-the-way piles, or relocated it to his study and receiving room. Sif dared not go into either of those places unaccompanied, and when she had been in moods herself had taken to standing in the doorway and yelling for Loki to come escort her through the mountains of chaos that he routinely built and destroyed over the course of a day. But he had kept some of special interest to him in their bedchamber, and the gold-embossed title of one had glittered just so in the light.

Sif picked it up (imagining with a pang that Loki was about to look up from a different tome entirely and irritably tell her to put that down otherwise he’d forget where it was, Sif) and ran her thumb over the runes on the cover. The Realms Beyond the Realms. He had been reading it in London, before they had left for Norway. He’d vanished it when she’d approached where he sat, and another pang of heartache hit her when she thought about how he’d looked up at her then. But it was quickly forgotten as she thought more about that night.

You’ve read this before, she’d said. What was so important about it that he would keep it so close?

Curious, Sif took the book over to one of the couches bathed in noonday sun and sat down to read.

I want to write a Kingsverse extra story where Loki, Jane, and Tony are scheduled to give a TED talk about some scientific thing they’ve been working on and everyone shows up expecting Loki and Tony to dominate the time, but as soon as the lights go down and they all are finished with introductions, they both say “and we now defer to our colleague Dr Foster” and Jane takes over

Here’s a bit from Relativity.  I haven’t forgotten about this!  Just got a lot going on.

Some of you may need help after this…

Steve watched, horrified, as Natasha flew back along the catwalk and crumpled against a wall.  She coughed, groggy, but the man attacking her was already turning to look down at Steve.  Against the dim light from the street lamps outside, the halogens inside the warehouse, and the flare of Tony’s suit, Steve saw only the glint of goggles.  The rest was lost in shadow, except—

The man turned and leaped out through a rusted hole in the roof.  “Hey!” Steve called out, following.  “Get back here!  Someone, backup!”

“Busy—“ Clint began, but an explosion from near his position told Steve all he needed to know.  With Tony hunting down an informant and Clint otherwise occupied, he was on his own chasing this one down.  He put on a burst of speed, following the telltale glimmer he’d caught sight of, trying to think if he knew anyone with a metal arm.

Snippet Sunday!  I have been working on Relativity in dribs and drabs, and wrote a bit featuring the Avengers arguing in the aftermath of what happened last time we saw them.  

Context: Natasha and Tony were arguing because Tony doesn’t trust her, and Bruce was in the room and put a stop to that shizz.  Here’s his tidy little speech:


Both of them turned to look at Bruce, hunched over his keyboard.  Tony felt a stab of guilt; when he’d invited Banner to live here, he hadn’t really been joking when he’d promised a workspace that was as free of conflict as possible.  He knew Bruce could take the bantering and Tony’s constant need for attention, but actual argument tended to start off stress responses, and that was what they wanted to avoid.

“You two don’t get along, that’s fine,” he said in a tight voice.  “But Natasha doesn’t have an obligation to tell you what she wants to keep close, and focusing on that right now is only going to make all this worse.”

“She’s SHIELD, Banner—“

“She’s one of us.”  Bruce took a deep breath, flexed his fingers.  “She’s an Avenger, just like us.  I didn’t join up because I wanted to work for SHIELD, I joined up because I got friends, family, people who don’t care about the fact I’ve got the other guy inside me, who aren’t afraid of me.  We all carry our own monsters inside us, Tony.  I can’t blame Natasha for not wanting to let hers out just yet.  If she wants to be one of us without talking about it, that’s fine by me.

Snippet Sunday

Haven’t done one of these in a while, between Mischief and Mistletoe and having a case of the sads.  But here’s some from the next chapter of Relativity, which is coming along quite nicely I might add.  If I’m on my game it’ll be up soon!

Ahead of them was a cluster of buildings; they were getting close to where the Stone’s sanctuary was, and the buildings grew taller and more intricately linked with sky-bridges and archways.  Loki set his jaw and sent them on a crazy, spiraling course, weaving through the bridges and between buildings.  One of the dots blinked off, then another as another pursuer got into a losing argument with a skyscraper, until there was only one left following them.  “On your own time, Jane,” he said through clenched teeth.

“The buildings,” Jane said hesitantly.  “There are people—“


“<i>We</i> will <i>die!</i>”

“I don’t want any of <i>them</i> to die!”

“Stars above, Jane—ah, there they are!”  Loki banked hard again, nearly turning the <i>Milano</i> on her wingtip to fit between two buildings, and swooped down to hover above where the Guardians had reunited and retreated away from the courtyard.  “The ramp, the ramp—here—“  He jammed a fist down on the ramp control and it extended down and out.  A feed from a camera showed Groot lifting each one up onto the ramp, and then the ship dipped as Groot climbed up too.

“We’re in!” Gamora shouted from below.  “Take us out of here!”

Jane reached over and hit the ramp controls and Loki slammed the controls forward hard, sending them rocketing upward into space, and he only felt a little bit of glee when he heard muffled shouting and bangs from below.  Peter stuck his head into the cockpit.


“Don’t hurt my flarking ship, Loki!” he yelled.  “What are you <i>doing?</i>”


They shot out of the planet’s atmosphere, ignoring the klaxons from the comm unit and the shouted instructions to come about and land and return what they had taken, and it only took a moment before Loki hit the correct sequence of buttons to send them into hyperjump away from Renax.

“This is why I hate heroics,” he told Jane.  She glared at him.  “Nobody is ever <i>properly grateful</i>“