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“Fine. I’ll invite her” Tom finally said. Although he would say almost anything at that point just to shut them up.

Sam and Harrison shared another smirk before turning on the TV in order to look for a good movie to watch. Meanwhile, Tom kept on eating as he tried to figure out how in hell he was supposed to invite (Y/N) to the screening. He groaned to himself. He was fucked.

It literally took (Y/N) no time to get to her apartment. It was even closer to Tom’s place than she imagined. The first thing she did was taking the shower she had been longing for hours now. The warm water relaxed her muscles and made her even a bit sleepy. Probably she wouldn’t last long that night.

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw the little light on her phone that let her know she had a message lighted up. (Y/N) smiled widely when she saw that there were the photos Tom had taken that day. She saw them all, loving all of them, before thanking him for everything once again and dropping the phone on the couch.

She opened the fridge and looked into it for a while before decided to make a sandwich. It was quick and good, just what she needed. When it was done, she grabbed a can of Coke and walked to the couch, turned on the smart TV and turned Netflix on, choosing House to be her company for the rest of the evening. Once she finished  dinner, she laid down on the couch, covering herself with a small blanket she had bought a couple of days ago, and relaxed with a long sigh. What a day.

Suddenly her phone started buzzing underneath her. With a groan, she pulled it out and looked at the screen. She didn’t know the number. It was an English one for sure, which just confused her since she didn’t have many numbers on the phone. Anyway, she decided to pick it up.

“Hello?” (Y/N) asked on the phone, turning the volume of the TV down.

“Hey (Y/N), it’s me… Tom” his timid voice said on the other side. She frowned a little, a bit sleepy, before it hit her. Tom!

“Oh, hi!” She said sitting up. “Sorry, I didn’t save your phone” she apologised.

“It’s okay” he said. The line went quiet for a few seconds before he talked again. “Did you get home safely?”

“Yeah, it was really close actually” (Y/N) smiled. It was confusing. Did he really call to check on her?

“Nice” he said. She heard him taking a deep breath before talking again. “Hey listen, do you have any plans for Friday?” He asked.

“Um…no, not really, why?” She replied.

“You know…I’m hosting, me and my brothers actually,” she smiled a little at how nervous he sounded, “we’re hosting a screening of Spiderman in the city to raise funds for our charity” he explained.

“You have a charity?” The girl asked surprised.

“Oh yeah! The Brothers Trust is the name” he said. She smiled a bit more. “So I was wondering if you would like to come? It’s at the Olympic Studios” he said.

The invitation took her completely off guard. She didn’t see this coming, not at all, and she didn’t know if he was asking as a friend or on a date but she was too afraid to ask. She had just met the guy so trying to figure him out was almost impossible.

“Eh…that sounds…” she gulped, “nice. I…I would love to go, yeah” she finally said. “But I don’t know where the place is” She added with a chuckle.

“Don’t worry, you can drive there with my me” he suggested.

“Cool then” (Y/N) nodded biting her lip nervously.

“Cool” he repeated making her chuckle. “It’s at 2 p.m., but I have to be there at 12, is that okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, of course” she nodded.

“It’s settled then” he said, letting her sense his smile. (Y/N) nodded to herself once again. “Goodnight (Y/N)” he added.

“Night, Holland” she said back before hanging up.

After finishing the phone call, (Y/N) put her device down, trying to figure out what had happened there. Did she really have a date with… Tom Holland? Was it even a date? Thinking about it, it wasn’t really a date, she was going to be with his brothers and probably fans. They weren’t even going to be alone. Still, she didn’t know if it could be considered a date.

Not so far from there, Tom looked down at his phone, not knowing if what he had just done had been the right thing to do. Sure, he thought (Y/N) had been funny, nice and interesting, but he didn’t like her. Did he? Huffing, he dropped the phone on the bed and laid down, looking at the ceiling. It was done though, she had said yes and he was going to see her again. For some reason, the thought made him smile widely.

Next day (Y/N) spent the whole day in the city with her brother Alex. He had the day off and had cancelled all of his plans to be with his sister for the day, which was something they hadn’t done in a very long time. (Y/N) was so excited to spend time with him. The relationship between the two of them had been getting better with the years, despite all the fighting they had when they were little. She knew she could trust him with anything.

Maybe not anything. She didn’t tell him about Tom. She knew it didn’t mean anything, but she knew how he was going to react and start all the protective old brother stuff. She just wasn’t in the mood for it, not yet at least. So they just spent the day shopping, talking and eating. She was so happy to see that England hadn’t changed him a bit. Sure, his English was perfect, but he was the same outgoing, funny and down-to-earth guy she had always known.

By the time (Y/N) got on the train to get back to Kingston it was already night. Alex had told her to crush on his place but she had the screening with Tom the next day and she didn’t want to be late. Of course, she didn’t give so much information. She just said she had stuff to do the next day in Kingston, which was true.

While she was on the train, she took out the phone. There were notifications all over the screen due to not checking it much throughout the day. She replied her family first, especially her mother who tended to freak out if she took too long to reply. Finally, she saw a text from an unknown number: hey (Y/N), we’ll leave at 11.30 from my place if thats okay xx. At first she was confused, but then she supposed it had to be Tom. Definitely, she had to save his number. She replied saying it was okay Then, she saved his number in case she needed it.

Next day, when (Y/N) woke up and looked at the time, she almost fell down the bed. It was almost 11.15 and she were supposed to get ready in fifteen minutes. What a way to start the day. As fast as she could, she took an almost cold shower since she didn’t even have time to wait for it to get warmer, then she got dressed still shivering from that shitty shower, not even paying attention to what she was choosing. It was just a screening so she didn’t need anything fancy, still she wanted to look good. When she checked the time she only had five minutes left.

Breakfast was completely off the table, so she hurried back to the bathroom, plugged the drier in and dried her hair. Turning it off and unplugging in, she applied some basic make up before checking herself in the full body mirror. She looked like shit but it was the best she could do in so little time. Desperate, she grabbed a beanie from her drawer and put it over her head, trying to disguise how bad her hair looked, and ran out of the door, barely making sure she had everything with her. At least she had the keys.

(Y/N) ran all the way towards Tom’s place, hoping someone other than her was late too. Sadly, when she turned the corner of his street, she saw a black Audi waiting in front of Tom’s house and saw him waiting outside of the vehicle, phone against his ear. Probably he was calling her but the phone was into the bag so she ran faster as she called his name.

“Oh there you are!” He exclaimed when he spotted her, putting his phone back in his pocket. “I was calling” he added.

“I’m so sorry”, she mumbled as she stopped, bending down with her hands on her knees. “I woke up…fifteen minutes ago” she explained, trying to catch her breath.

“It’s okay” he laughed. “You didn’t have to die to come”, he added teasingly.

“You think I would die for you, Holland?” She smirked, finally straightening up.

“Look at you” he shrugged, still smirking. They both two looked at each other before laughing. “Hop in, we’re a bit late” he said.

(Y/N) hurried to the door while Tom rounded the car to get to the driver seat. Once the two of them were buckled up, he started the engine. Sweet sound. She smiled a little and looked at him just when he started driving. She had always thought that there was something so hot about a guy driving; maybe it was the way they focused, frowned, even bite their lip, maybe it was their arms stretched out, allowing her to see their muscles. She never figured it out, but it was such a turn on for her.

“Take a picture” he suddenly said.

With his comment, (Y/N) realised she had been staring for too long. A blush immediately made its way to herr cheeks, making her look away quickly. His laughter filled the car, making her smile but said nothing.

“Have you watched the movie before?” He asked when he stopped at a red light.

“I watched it when it came out in Spain” she replied, looking back at him again. “It will be the first time I watch it in English though” she added.

“You will get to hear my amazing Queens accent then” he said smiling widely. She laughed shaking her head a little.

“I’m awful recognising accents but I’m pretty sure yours is great” she told him.

“Well, thank you then” he said, making her smile.

When the light turned green, Tom started driving again in silence. A bit hesitantly, she stretched the hand and turned on the radio. She still wasn’t familiarised with the British radio stations but the moment she turned it on, Umbrella by Rihanna came on. She smirked and looked at Tom at the same time a small smile appeared on his face.

“You watched it” he stated making her laugh out loud.

“What can I say? It was pretty awesome” she laughed.

“Awesome? It was breath-taking, historic, unbelievable-“ before he could continue flattering himself, she stopped him.

“Okay, I think you need a bigger car for you and your ego” she teased making him laugh. “No, seriously, it’s getting crowded here” she added still smiling.

“It was so funny, really” he finally said. “Stressful but I had a great time”

“I bet” (Y/N) told him, turning her body so she was facing him. “Can I ask you something?” He looked at her for a moment, with his eyes narrowed.

“Sure” he shrugged. She bite her lip, not really sure about the question, but she decided to drop it anyway.

“Are you and Zendaya dating?” She asked. He frowned a little before looking at her again for a moment. “I mean…I’ve seen some interviews and you really got along with her during the LSB” she shrugged. He chuckled and shook his head.

“We’re absolutely not” he denied it. “She’s just a great friend who has been really helpful through…everything” he shrugged. (Y/N) nodded biting her lip. “What about you? Any guy in the picture?” He asked, trying to hide how anxious he was to know the answer.

“Nope” she replied looking away. “No boyfriend. Not anything” she added.

Tom nodded, feeling a sense of victory in his chest. A small smile appeared on his face but he looked out of the window slightly so he could hide it from her. Some minutes later, he turned a corner. Judging by the queue of people she imagined they were at the Olympic. Soon, Tom found a parking spot and parked the car and looked at her for a moment.

“What?” She asked.

“Are you okay with…the fans and paparazzi?” He asked. She frowned looking out of the car as well. Paparazzi?

“I haven’t really thought about it”, she half lied, “but we’re just friends so…” she shrugged.

“Cool, let’s go then” he smiled at her and opened the door.

After taking off her beanie and putting it in her bag she tried to fix her hair a bit. Then, she exited the car, checking her phone as he locked it and waited for her. There was nothing so she just put it back in the bag and walked with him towards the theatre. The eyes were on the both of them as some fans started to get nervous by his presence. Luckily, there were no screaming.

What if... PLL Predictions

These are my “what ifs” about what could happen in the following episodes of PLL. These predictions could be far from the truth, as some are pretty outrageous, but oh well! I had fun writing it and i hope you have fun reading it. Tell me your thoughts!

What if … Bethany Young is alive and she is A.D. 

What if … She is also Mary’s child. My theory is that Mary had twins. She had two baby girls, yet, one of those babies went to the Hastings and the other went to an Adoption Agency, in which in the following days or years, she was adopted by the Young family. 

What if . . . the body found a year later was the Avery girl that lived in the town next door. Her friends think they cant hang out with her anymore because she has been living in a mental institution since Sarah Harvey “died,” but really, she was killed (I don’t know if this would happen lol – but it would a cool twist) 

What if … Mary assumes that the Hastings adopted both of the twins. Mary assumes that Melissa and Spencer are the twins. This is why she was hinting at the fact that they looked like twins and that when she entered the Hasting’s house, she asked, “where are THEY?” instead of “Where is she?” However, the Hastings never knew about that Mary delivered twins, or else, I feel like Veronica and Peter would have adopted the second baby as well.

What if … all along Melissa has known about Spencer’s twin and that she has been protecting Spencer from the very beginning. She found out possibly by overhearing talks between Mary and Peter.  

Yes, Melissa buried Bethany Young on purpose.

What if … Melissa buried Bethany Young, but for different reasons. I don’t think the reason why Melissa buried Bethany Young alive was protecting Spencer for hitting her with a shovel; rather, I think she found Bethany Young on the ground – nearly dead – and she buried her alive to protect Spencer from knowing the truth about her twin sister. 

What if … Melissa stopped hating Spencer and started to protect her. For many years Melissa saw Spencer in a horrible way. Melissa (from the earlier seasons) saw Spencer as her adopted sister who came from a crazy family: the Drake family. Melissa was mean and competitive with Spencer until Cece Drake came into town. Melissa got protective over Spencer because Melissa found Cece Drake very threatening. Melissa got paranoid that Cece Drake would threaten the truth. If Melissa knew Spencer was adopted and Spencer has a twin, I’m sure Melissa knew that Cece Drake was related to her as well. Melissa tried her best to protect Spencer and to protect her family as well.

What if … Melissa dies at the end. I have a feeling that Melissa might die. Bethany Young – A.D, Spencer’s twin, or whoever – will kill her and it will be really tragic because after all this time she has been protecting her sister, Spencer, from day one.

What if … Bethany Young became fascinated with Alison and her friends. She dyed her hair blonde out of desperately wanting to be Alison ( I doubt this will happen but ya never know haha), Bethany Young never knew about her birth mother, Mary, or her real father, Peter. Like Spencer, she thought her real family was the Young Family. According to the show, Jessica Dilaurentis was sleeping with Mr. Young and Jessica Dilaurentis was taking Bethany Young to the stables to ride horses and forcing her to call her “Aunt Jessie.” Bethany hated Jessica for trying to make this relationship between them. Yet, for Jessica, she knew that this was her niece and for this, she was making an effort to get to know the Young family (possibly a little too much haha), as well as trying to take care of her like she was her own daughter (giving her clothes etc). 

What if . . . Charlotte lied, yet only about one thing. She was the one who pushed Marion off of the building but blamed Bethany for doing it. Jessica Dilaurentis made certain Charles/Charlotte got away with it because technically Charlotte was legally HER child. Bethany Young felt betrayed by “Aunt Jessie” for taking sides with crazy Charlotte, thus she drew those pictures of Mrs. D with devils horns and the word “liar” all over her face. She escaped that night. Charlotte might have saw the pictures and thus, thought she escaped to go kill her mom, Mrs. D, so Charlotte escaped too, hoping to stop/kill Bethany beforehand. But Bethany was never going to kill Mrs. D. – rather, she was going to meet Alison, like she said she wanted to do in the letters. Charlotte “found” Bethany and “killed” her with a rock – but like we know already, but it wasn’t Bethany… in fact, it was Alison. 

What if . . . Bethany saw Spencer and Alison fighting that night and at that moment that she REALIZED that she has an identical twin (haha). And then sometime after that, Mona hits her, thinking she was Alison, she is on the ground unconscious. And then Melissa comes by sees Spencer’s crazy twin presumably “dead” on the ground and then Melissa buries her alive, hoping that Spencer never finds the truth about Mary or her twin sister, Bethany. (Yikes. I know.) Again, she is protecting Spencer as well as her family’s reputation. 

What if . . . Bethany is pulled out of the dirt by some character (there have been two scenes of someone pulling someone out of the dirt. We know that Ali and Mrs. Grundleward was definitely one of them, and possibly it was showed twice, but I believe that Bethany was pulled out of the dirt as well. (I’m thinking Wilden pulled her out. But it could be Wren, Archer, Mary, or Jenna? or Garret? I don’t have all of the evidence to form a theory for that one just yet.)

What if … Bethany has been “hiding in plain sight” since that night, by using masks. She stalks the Hastings Family and the Dilaurentis family, as well as the girls. Her motive since season 1 has been to understand where she has come from, as well as understand Alison and her friends.

What if … A.D. has only been A since Charlotte’s Death. Though, Bethany has been possibly doing A-like things for many seasons, as she has been trying to figure out her family. Yet, she just recently became the new A.

What if … A.D. stands for Alison Dilaurentis. It is her initials that Alison would sign off to the letters that she wrote to Bethany. Bethany has always been fascinated with A.D. possibly because Alison had the family and all the friends. Alison was also BFF with her twin sister, Spencer; a relationship to which Bethany could never have.

What if … Bethany became A.D. because it was time for “endgame.”

What if … Bethany is Black Widow. And famously tweeted by Marlene King,

What if … “endgame” is Bethany’s identity and story becoming known. At this point in time, it makes perfect sense. All the pieces are in place (literally puzzle pieces) – Spencer knows she is adopted, Spencer knows her birthmother is Mary Drake, Mary Drake is in town, Mrs. D is dead, Alison Dilaurentis is alive, and Charlotte, who has been tormenting the girls for years as A, is dead. It’s perfect timing for Bethany to come back from the dead and to tell her story. 


What if … “endgame” is Bethany putting an end to Charlotte and Mona’s game, but in a really twisted horrible way: the board game. The sole purpose of the board game is having this clear-cut finish that all board games have, if played. It’s time to finish the game. 

What if … Bethany is still fascinated with the liars, but I guess in a really dark way. For starters, she is fascinated by the girls by doing them “favors.” Starting with Alison and Emily. She thinks she is doing Alison a favor by getting her pregnant with Emily’s eggs. So they can finally be together and happy.

What if … Bethany is doing Spencer a favor by dressing up as “Spencer” and sleeping with Toby so they can get back together. In my opinion, Bethany has only pretended to be Spencer this one time. It was only by accident that Ezra saw her and Wren at the airport and for that, she had to pretend to be Spencer in that moment as well.

What if … Bethany is doing Hannah a favor by making her realize she is in love with Caleb instead of … lol that other guy, who I am totally blanking on his name, and doing her a favor to realize that she is the one who needs to be with him instead of Spencer. 

What if … Bethany is doing Aria a favor by getting her to get on the A team so she can be distracted from her wedding and put her relationship with Ezra in jeopardy.  


What if … Ezra either killed Charlotte. OR he was in shady business with Cece when he was writing his book.  

But if Ezra didn’t kill Charlotte…

What if … Mona killed Charlotte to try to protect the liars and to make them feel safe once and for all (sidenote: it is annoying that this case has lost importance in Rosewood.. now it’s all about who killed Archer)

What if … Archer Dunhill and Wren Kingston are brothers. They are both doctors from England (yes I believe that they are legit doctors) Archer was never in love with Alison. He only pretended to get her money (“something Charlotte would’ve wanted”) and to make go crazy, possibly because he thought SHE was the one to kill her so he was getting revenge OR possibly because he wanted her suffer from feeling crazy, like Charlotte suffered from all those years being stuck in Radley.

What if …Wren and Bethany are in love. Wren plays a role into the unfolding story as he has always been in love with Bethany. He has done everything to get close with the Hasting family in order to understand Bethany’s birth father, her twin sister, Spencer, and Melissa, the person who basically “killed her.” Archer and Wren are therefore, two brothers dating two sisters. Wren knew Cece/Charlotte because of his brother. But he also found out she was A.

What if… Alison names one of her baby girls Courtney in solidarity to the book and the other as Holly in solidarity to her second identity, Holly Varjack.

What if … Bethany shot Spencer on accident, possibly because Bethany was aiming at Jenna who tried shooting Spencer first. So instead, Bethany kidnaped Jenna and told her about “endgame.”

What if … AD gets mad at Aria for leaving the A team and Wren tries to shoot her but Ezra takes the bullet and Wren is arrested. (the quick scene in one of the promos of someone holding hands under the table with someone who is handcuffed is Wren and Bethany.)

What if … Mona is starting to look shady because she is becoming a new A. She desperately wants the girls to recognize her as part of the group and it’s fair to say that she is doing this to the point where she is trying to weed Aria out, possibly so she could take her place. Mona is addicted to the game. But the game has changed for her, it’s not being A anymore, rather the game is about beating the game that was stolen from her. She is going back to “Loser Mona” because “Loser Mona” was the addict.

What if … the liars think Mona is A.D. and she dies before the liars figure out she is not A.D. and for this, they are unable to save her.

What if … Bethany Young dies. A.D. dies by committing suicide, which is something Charlotte didn’t do in 6x10.

What if … the pretty little liars move out of Rosewood for good and we never know if they ever come back and BAM the credits roll and that is it. RIP PLL.

I also wanted to let you guys know that some of the ideas I credit to other theories and posts I have seen on Tumblr. The pll fandom is truly remarkable and I am so happy to be involved with this community. I am going to miss it so dearly. much love and enjoy. Also! Happy PLL day xox 


Taylor! You may already know this because you’re so “Swift” but 6 months ago, this beautiful baby boy, Greyson, joined our little family ❤️ he’s well on his way to being a Swiftie like his big brother Kingston ❤️

Archer Dunhill is indeed Uber A.

They’re pulling the Charles storyline on us again. Elliot Rollins is obviously not AD - we know better than to believe they have revealed Uber A’s identity in only 4 episodes. I’m very confident Uber A has forged all the evidence of the existence of Archer Dunhill; now that Uber A’s “helper” is dead, AD is making it look like it was Elliot and that’s it. Technically, AD is framing Elliot to look like AD because he’s not alive to defend himself. Similarly to how CeCe wanted to end the A game when Aria killed Shana; putting the blame on the dead person. I don’t think Elliot Rollins is his real name though, he most likely is a Kingston, perhaps Wren’s brother (which I would love) because they do need to explain the British accent. But Elliot is NOT Archer. Uber A is Archer Dunhill. Uber A is putting everything of themself onto Elliot. Hence they’re pulling a Charles storyline on us. We know who Uber A is but at the same time we don’t! Who is Archer Dunhill!?

It’s worth noting that this is probably Uber A’s biggest mistake. This is how the girls will find out who the real Uber A is… eventually. The fact that Uber A released their true name; Archer Dunhill, will greatly assist the girls when uncovering the truth later!

Also, Marlene did say “the girls will make a deadly mistake and Uber A will use this to fuel their final final game”. Yep! Archer Dunhill is sending the girls on a wild goose chase into Elliot when really, they’re looking into the wrong person.

Edit: so this of course means a current character on the show has lied about their true identity. Just like we found out CeCe is actually Charles… who is Archer? They’re literally repeating the Charles storyline. They must’ve found the fans liked this formula for revealing A so they’re doing it again. I have no problem with that, I actually really like it! We know who A is but at the same time… we don’t!

anonymous asked:

Look here, you little shit bird... Hijacking Raw is the best idea the fans can come up with because they'll have no choice but to listen to us. If you can't grasp that, then have fun enjoying your PG BS. Might as well call it "Cena and the Big Burying House" now. This is a revolution and you are going to accept it whether you like it or not, it's going to happen. Get over it.

LOL! Lemme break down why’re your little “movement” is stupid.

The entire basis of this “revolution” is that you’re spending money to buy a ticket to a company you’re fed up with. AKA you’re supporting the company. WWE doesn’t really care about anything once that cash is in the register. As long as you’re not acting violent or severely unbecoming, they’ll endure whatever “revolution” that’s being held for those three hours and move onto another city.

You’re saying “they’ll have no choice but to listen to us” - here’s what’s gonna happen: You’re gonna make all this noise, you’re gonna chant nonsensical things and guess what? Nothing’s gonna stick. You’re gonna chant for Punk, gonna chant for the announcers, chant for Savage, chant “OLE”, ironically do the Fandango chant (because you know damn well you don’t want him pushed; you just like doing that because it’s cute and fun and you can mock the company with it) do the wave and whatever other things but what you’re not gonna do is chant for the guys and girls who you supposedly feel are getting the raw end of the stick.

Oh, you’ll boo the Authority, Randy Orton, Cena and Batista but you’re not gonna chant the names of Daniel Bryan, The Shield, the Wyatts, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, the Rhodes Brothers, the Usos - you’ll ignore them.

Not to mention this is all under the gross facade of you believing that Punk was forced to walk. By all accounts, he wasn’t forced to walk out - he chose to do so under his own volition and is choosing not to acknowledge the company or the fans. And chanting “WE WANT PUNK” til you’re blue in the face isn’t gonna do anything because the company wants Punk back. If you’re sitting there, believing that there isn’t a concerted effort from Vince to try and get him back in time for Mania, then you’re sadly mistaken.

And also if it’s not about Punk, then why is the supposed point of battle - this fans versus the company battle for between good and evil using the Allstate Arena as wrestling’s version of Megiddo - done in his hometown with people doing things in his name? This is effectively about one man - no matter how hard people try to do this whole Anonymous/V for Vendetta horseshit turning it into it being about the larger populous of the WWE roster. No, it’s about one guy who left on his own and is seemingly happy sitting on his couch in Chicago, daydreaming about making someone tap out at UFC 237.

Your revolution will be televised but it won’t be accepted. It’ll be turned into a video package to make note of how rowdy and raucous the WWE Universe can be in Chicago. Don’t think that’s gonna happen? Because that's exactly what happened to the April 8th episode of Raw. And you know what else will happen? It’ll be ignored and this battle you’re doing won’t make a dent because you’re stupid enough to buy a ticket, wear your WWE brand t-shirts, and support the company while doing your little revolution. And you’ll wonder why nothing will get done.

…And that’s when we’ll laugh at you.

Pll 6x20 recap

Ok… so we are all pissed about the reveal. It was super predictable and kinda dumb considering a 50 year old grown ass woman is using childish emojis to torture young girls.

But think about it. There has been no hint to a twin for years. This was a last minute attempt to gain back viewers and salvage this sorry ass Charlotte story.

Let’s get started.

Aria: still in love with Ezra. We had ezria sex (girl was begging for it in those short shorts) So one ship down.

Hanna: I balled my eyes out when she ran through the rain to be with caleb. Don’t be hateful Spaleb fans. If this happened without caleb and spencer hooking up yall would be screaming and crying at that scene. Hanna chose caleb… but he went to Europe and flirted sexually with her best friend spencer.. THAT was wrong. He never knew hanna chose him. That changes everything. Spencer said she loves caleb. He is still and always was in love with hanna. They kiss

Spencer: how hard did you smile when they reminist on her French tutoring?? Come on that was gold. They clearly still have chemistry and spencers safety will always be more important to toby. She said she loves caleb… time will tell.

Emily: sweet emily is so protective of alison and I love it! This episode was perfect interpretation on how pure her love for alison is.


-Hanna admits to killing Charlotte

- the PLLs fail and Hanna is kidnapped

- the radley file just happened to be lying there out in the open

- Mary Drake is the biological mother of Cece / Charlotte Drake. Who was born Charles Drake. Jessica and Kenneth dilaurentis adopted Charles to raise him outside of the institution.

- the 60s twin story was Jessica and Mary. Mary stabbed Jessica and was sent to Radley sanitarium. (Presumably)

- Mary was dressing as dead Mrs. D and Dr. Rollins as dead Wilden to mess with alison (evil bastards)

- the PLLs now know about the twin.
- mona seems creepy af. Following them around

- Charlotte lied about Bethany killing marion. Her mother must’ve done it that’s why the time line makes no damn sense.

- elliot is British which means he could be related to wren.

- when Mrs. D received a phone call the night Bethany died it was because her sister had escaped not Charlotte. Charlotte had being going in and out constantly, she was even enrolled in high school and dating Jason so why would Jessica freak out??.

- cece drake was a real person and was enrolled in school / prom queen, etc. She lied about a lot. Seeing melissa that night, wearing the yellow top, who knows.

- Bethany has to be a part of this story for her to be visited by Mrs.D in radley when she already had 2 people to visit. Maybe Bethany witnessed Mary kill marion and Jessica was spioiling her to keep her quiet . This explains the Jessica / Mary devil drawings and the drawing of marion falling.

- in the first secret we see that someone escaped radley and was at the creepy house. That was Mary and jessicas home. She went back to her childhood home.

- she loved playing with dolls even stabbed her sister over it

- she now wants revenge for her daughters death.

- Mr.d didn’t give a flying fuck about Charlotte because she was Mary’s.. the slightest reason to ship Charles back to Radley and he jumped at the chance.

- how much u wanna bet when Jessica was sleeping with Peter hastings Kenneth was sleeping with Mary. Charles/Charlotte is probably his.

- Dr. Rollins is in love with Charlotte and wants revenge for her death which means they are not Uber A / big bad. Someone else is.. a.d. perhaps?

- Alison has no idea. So she will remain married to him until the scene we saw “he’s coming for u”


- grown ass woman acting like a child

- super predictable

- new character with too much relevance (elliot)

- no connection to Bethany or Sara Harvey yet still a lot of plot holes

- still don’t know who killed Charlotte.

- A had copius amounts of money to create that bunker, spy ware, travel costs etc. So why the hell would Mary be after the carassimi money. There is no way she is Uber A / Emoji A / A-moji

Now this storyline can be played well. They can easily relate her back to other seasoned characters and fill some plot holes. Wren, Marion, Bethany, Sara Harvey to be exact.


I really REALLY hope alison was the one to kill Charlotte after everything and she is playing the grieving sister. Give her character depth.. she wanted her out to kill her for torturing her and her friends all these years.

The letters to Bethany were real. ali lured her to Rosewood told her what to wear and was working with mona. Mona hit Bethany to use as alisons body substitute. Melissa unknowingly buried her alive. Mona helped ali escape.

Wren Kingston was Bethanys brother. Bethany hated Mrs. D and wren needed to find out why so he got close to Charlotte. He knew Alison used his sister and he wanted revenge on melissa for killing bethany and helped Charlotte torture the girls. Wrens classmate in london elliot got a job at radley as well and fell in love with Charlotte.

Wren is Uber A the one calling the shots. He was the one at the dollhouse watching the items burn because he had no significant attatchment. Charlotte was watching Alison on the monitor.
Alison killed Charlotte
Elliot is in for a shock
Mary Drake was not important to the A story at all until now. She is merely a mother wanting revenge for her child.
Jessica funded Charlotte through the carassimi group with all her dilaurentis fundraisers. This is the money Mary feels she is owed.

What do u guys think?