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Beautiful People - Chris Brown.

I filmed and edited this music video for my Music Video project at Kingston College. The story of this music video is; a journey around London filming beautiful things and beautiful people. Overall received a Merit for the Music Video itself.

Last night was soooo good!

For one of our final major projects at college, we had to plan and put on a small, themed gig at this pub across the road from our college. It was packed out! Never have we ever had to stop people from coming into the venue at a college gig before!!! 

It was a Hollywood battle of the bands we put on and the bands were so good! Our band played at the end to close the show before we announced the winner when… We had a joint first place! We had to do playoff between a band called Crabbclaw and a band called Beat Surrender, we got our head of music to judge the audience screams when he said their names and Beat Surrender won!! The prize was a professional photoshoot.