kingston row asylum

Julia Rose Moreau | Inpatient

  • FULL NAME: Julia Rose Moreau.
  • NICKNAME(S): Blonde bitch, among other things. 
  • AGE: Nineteen
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 08/03/93
  • DIAGNOSIS: Antisocial Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, IED
  • REASON FOR ADMITTANCE: Took a plea bargain and testified against her friends so she would be sent to a psychiatric facility instead of prison. 
  • FACE CLAIM: Claire Holt

BIO: Spoiled. Manipulative. Conceited. If you looked up any of those words in the dictionary, most likely you’d find a picture of Julia Rose Moreau staring back up at you. This bottle bleach blonde is a stereotypical spoiled brat to say the least. Rich parents, a hot boyfriend, a clique of bitchy friends by her side…Julia Rose seemed to have everything. That is, until it all came crashing down. It wasn’t a good day for Julia Rose when she found out that her best friend, Camille, and her boyfriend, Ethan, were sleeping together. And it wasn’t a good day for Camille when Julia Rose invited her to a bonfire in the woods, only to end up beating her to death with a rock instead. 

Yes, Julia Rose took her revenge, as extreme and unnecessary as it was.  Out there in the woods with her were her two friends, Sienna and Paige. She told them to keep their mouths shut about the murder and they did until the police started sniffing around. It was then that they turned on Julia Rose, selling her out to the cops. Sienna and Paige were out there in the woods with her. They laughed and egged her on, not even trying to help Camille. They certainly weren’t as innocent as they acted. So why were they getting off scot free while Julia Rose was going to prison? Well, they weren’t. Making a deal with the prosecutor, Julia Rose agreed to testify at Sienna and Paige’s trials in exchange for being sent to an asylum due to her diagnosed mental disorders. 


  • Will only respond to Julia Rose, not just Julia or just Rose. 
  • Both Sienna and Paige’s trials are set to begin soon and Julia Rose is excited to bring them down.

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Words of Wisdom // Luca and Dr Davies

Luca felt nervous about how to talk to the doctor. He didn’t like any of the adults he’d spoken to since his parents’ death and he he couldn’t remember ever talking to them. But now he was in the asylum, he knew that there were nice people in the world. Although, despite this new look on life, he still feared what this doctor would be like. He didn’t know how to behave, how to talk.

The door was slightly ajar. Luca pushed on it with his hand and slowly entered the doctor’s office without knocking.