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Well then who sent us those TARDIS Blue Envelopes? 


i-ship-it-okay  asked:

Elias? Apollo Crews? Sheamus? Noam Dar? Jason Jordan? Chad Gable? Brock Lesnar? Aj Styles? Triple H? Tye Dillinger? Aleister Black? Kofi Kingston? Bobby Fish? Xx

Elias- HOT 
Apollo Crews: he’s not hot, just cute I guess
Sheamus: not
Noam Dar: not hot but cute
Jason Jordan: not
Chad Gable: not hot but cute 
Brock Lesnar: NOT
AJ Styles: hottttt
Triple H: not
Tye Dillinger: HOT
Aleister Black: hotttt
Kofi Kingston: not
Bobby Fish: not 

Kingston on her favorite River/Doctor story & River ep., Missy, & her companion of choice
Alex Kingston
Kingston on her favorite River/Doctor story & River ep., Missy, & her companion of choice

Questions: “What part of River & the Doctor’s storyline did you like the most? (Or a relationship as you’d call it.),” “Which episode was your favorite that you starred in?,” “What do you think about Missy smooching all over your Doctor?,” “If you were a Doctor, what companion would you choose?”

Note: To clarify because of the lack of a visual here (grr), the moderator was shaming the audience, not Alex, over Missy spoilers while Alex was sitting there with a very confused, rather deer-in-the-headlights expression.

So I don’t get excited about meeting a lot of famous people but I got a picture with Steven Moffat on my birthday who is the writer of my favorite TV show of all time, Doctor Who (and Sherlock!) and he wished me a happy birthday. I asked him to describe Jim the Fish and he said that he’s a fish, his name is Jim, and everybody knows him and loves him. He said he doesn’t know if we will ever get to meet Jim the Fish but that maybe he would go home and think about it! I have never been so excited ever…! Thank you sooo much to @nycshutterspeed for taking me to see the Doctor Who Special in theaters and for snapping this photo! You really know the way to a Whovian’s heart… 😍