kingsophiesworld asked:

Hey,I don’t want what I said to be misconstrued in anyway. Being in pain and unhealthy has put into perspective my own issues with weight and so on. I’m just saying I wish I had been grateful that my body was functioning properly instead of being critical of the way I looked.

i appreciate u clarifying

there’s still stuff about the post that i think could b done better? i do wanna specify that i am not physically disabled so my initial comment on yr post was just an expression of what i’ve seen physically disabled ppl say time and time again

but like….i guess the issue is that like. society already ties self-worth and validity to health

u get concern troll ppl being like “well uh it’s not like i hate fat ppl or anything, body positivity is one thing, but like once it gets UNHEALTHY, u have to understand at some point that being fat is UNHEALTHY……………….blah blah blah” and stuff like that

and so i guess what i was trying to say is that in a society that already spends a lot of time telling ppl that healthy = worthy and good, unhealthy = lmao fuck u there’s nothing good about yr life, making posts that reinforce that message - even unintentionally, as i understand yr post was!!!! - doesn’t seem like the best thing we can be doing 2 reinforce positive attitudes about ppl’s bodies, u kno?

and again, i would rlly appreciate if physically disabled/chronically ill followers would let me know if i’ve said anything fucked up or incorrect while discussing this! thank u

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