kingsley meme

kingsley: if i were a teacher sentence meme
  • “teachers are some of the most disrespected, underrated beings on this earth. and they do not make enough money to put up with the shit that they put up with.”
  • “y’all think teachers wanna go home at night and grade your illiterate ass essays?”
  •  “i know you’re young, i know you’re a student, i know you’re at an age where you’re kinda self consumed.”
  • “y’all need to understand that y’all don’t just annoy each other. y’all annoy everybody in the damn building!”
  • “are you that against learning about the damn nucleus and the mitochondria?”
  • “if i was your teacher, this shit wouldn’t be flying.”
  • “you didn’t do your homework last night? can i ask why the fuck not?”
  • “why are you late? were you lost? is this your first day in the building?”
  • “bitch, you don’t have a dog.”
  • “your internet was down? really? is that why you were able to reblog 20 photosets of harry styles on tumblr?”
  • “i don’t give a fuck if you didn’t have your hand raised! i want you to answer the question!”
  • “they are there for you!”
  • “go to school, listen, pay attention, do your damn homework and be happy!”
  • “you ain’t cute.”
  • “i’m gonna start asking you to instagram me your completed homework.”
  • get your shit together!”