Little Black Dress (Seth Rollins) One Shot

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Characters: Seth Rollins X Reader

Prompt Request: Request by @thenameskaelyn

172: “The food looks great but..there’s something much more delicious I’d like to eat right now”
185: “Open up”
187: “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

Warnings: This one shot has a bit of everything. Fluff, humor, relationship banter, and of course smut. Enjoy! :)

Word Count: 6.5k

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  • me: There it is. That's the look. I've seen it for 17 years on face after face. You all despise me. Kingslayer. Oath breaker. Man without honor. You've heard of wildfire?
  • my family, waiting at the door: you've been sitting in the bathtub for 3 hours, please get out
Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister Might Get Along Pretty Well

This is a side-by-side comparison with absolutely minimal number of frames removed so the side-by-side gifs don’t look stupid. We’re talking removing hundredths of seconds worth with cutaways to other characters mostly removed.

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Jaime Lannister killed the Mad King right before he gave an order to burn half a million of King’s Landing’s population.

Jaime attacked Daenerys in madness right after she burnt most of the Lannister army, only because in his eyes, it was obvious to him that this new queen is unjust and crazy with power.

Jaime never wanted anything in the world, but to be with the one he loves most.

Jaime desperately still has hope that a peaceful time might come in Cersei’s reign after finishing the current war.

On the other hand,

Tyrion Lannister had this look on his face even before he notices Jaime.

Tyrion felt sorry for the Lannister army being burnt to ashes right infront of his eyes.

Tyrion wanted to surround Cersei till she gives up the throne peacefully.

To show the houses and lords of the South that Daenerys came in peace, and not with savages to repeat her dad’s massacre.

Tyrion watched as his house soldiers die in vain in a war that has nothing to do with them.

Daenerys literally won nothing in that battle, but she lost a lot.

She lost the respect that Tyrion had for her. She lost the respect of the South lords that Tyrion wanted to acquire. She lost the food and burnt it all, even though she needed it. She got her favorite dragon wounded. She got some of her Dothraki army killed. And all for nothing.

The realm can’t handle another Mad Ruler.

Jaime tried to save thousands, maybe millions of people, just like he did before, by attacking Dany.

Jaime still is a hero in the shadows, even if he’s too naive and even if he’s still making some wrong decisions.

He still thinks that he can make the world a better place, in a way.

Even if we all don’t approve of such ways.

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can you do 92 & 164 with seth?

“Are you drunk?”, “Stop teasing me so much…”

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A bottle of wine. A half full bottle of Jameson. A third of a bottle of Svedka. Seth was drunk.

You accounted for the bottle of wine and a couple of drinks crafted from Jameson. You were drunk, but Seth was DRUNK.

“Are you drunk?” You laughed, cleaning the glasses the two of you used. Propping them on the drying rack next to the sink you walked into the living room to see Seth sprawled out over the couch in nothing but his briefs.

“Drunk..wasted..fucking GONE” He was grinning, laughing like a banshee. You had only seen the man this indisposed a few times before, but this was a step above the others. His hand cupped around his manhood but didn’t move.

“That means..” You moved a standing fan from the window next to the couch, blowing the air down on him. Stray black hairs wagging in front of his face as the breeze produced a groan of acceptance from his throat.

“Also..” Trash bucket. You moved it right under where his head lay on a pillow. He wasn’t one to puke often, but with all that was circulating in his gut, you had a feeling this would be one of the messy mid-night eruptions.

“You’re so good to me babycakes” He hiccuped rubbing his chest. You watched his hand caress his skin, over his nipples, down his happy trail and back up.

“I just don’t want you to puke on my carpet” Chuckling, rolling your eyes you pulled off the sundress you had been wearing since you were fresh from the shower this morning,

“C'mere” He reached a hand out grabbing at your knee to coo you forward. “I want to see you but I can’t lift my head”

Dropping the discarded designer fabric you straddled his lap, drawing figure eights in the dips of the V’s right above his pelvis. “I’m here”

“Don’t stop” He arched his hips flushing them up into your center. The thin pieces of clothing left next to nothing to the imagination. The thickness of his shaft pressing between your folds through the garment.

“Does that feel good baby?” Your fingers were stuck in a loop. Your eyes watching his face contort into an array of expressions. His once goofy behavior morphing into lust filled breaths and grunts. He always got worked up so easily when he was wasted.

“Feels fucking amazing” Your own hips discovered a new need for friction. The lace dampening from your wettened cavern.

“You are getting so hard” The sound of your voice dropped into a seductive hum of sex. Your hand coming between the two of you to dip into his briefs, popping him out through the slit.

“Mmm..look at you” Your hand wrapped at the base gliding along the flesh effortlessly. “So hard and ready for me, aren’t you Seth?”

“You are going to be the death of me baby” He groaned, bucking into your hand as it stilled.

“What are you planning?” His voice was contrived of anything but lust and greed for action.

“I could do anything I want” You grinned down at him, scooting back just a little. “I know something you want” A tooth captured the corner of your bottom lip, biting down. Two of your fingers hooked into the section of underwear that covered your damp pussy lips. Pulling the fabric over you flashed the pretty pink lips to him.

“Fuck” He breathed out heavy and ready for what was next.

“Your so big daddy, I don’t know if you’ll fit” The new kink of a name was something you had been thinking of using. In this moment it sounded perfect. You rose up onto your knees to adjust, dropping down to let your folds separate and envelope his shaft. His tip just barely poking into your clit. The bundle of nerves making you shudder and grind into him.

“Fuck baby, call me that again” His moan was loud and wanton for you. You tapped into something new that alcohol ripped out of you.

“Do you want to me to ride you” Your voice paused, gasping slightly as your hips continued their crusade. His tip pushing your button, over and over. “Daddy”

“Stop teasing me so much…” He growled low and fiery. His hands possessively grabbing you to lift you up “Be a good girl for daddy” His tip kissing the entrance of your sex. “Ride this dick baby”

“Se–” You were cut off by his hips pivoting perfectly upward driving the first half of his member inside. “Baby..” You sighed, relaxing and descending down onto his length. He pushed past your walls with ease. It wasn’t long until your lips tickled against the hair of his base.

“Baby girl should start bouncing” His hands reached behind to the clasp of your bra, freeing your perky mounds. “She wants to make daddy happy, doesn’t she?” Two fingers on each of his hands pinched and fondled the tender peaks.

“You’re making me crazy” You whimpered finding a rhythm on his lap. Always making sure his cock was buried deep when you crashed back down.

“I’m going to fill you up baby” He managed to rise up, sitting up meeting you eye to eye. “I’m going to claim that sweet pussy as it shapes around me” His lips teased your throat, sucking and biting at random spots. “Tell me what you want from me baby” His voice was pleasing you as much as his cock. Your whole body was electric.

“I want all of it Seth” Your moans were so close to screams. Your sex life with this man was reaching a new height. A height you never wanted to come down from.

“Uh Uh,” His hand clutched around your throat, pushing it back to force your back into an arch creating an angle that somehow dug his cock deeper into your dripping cunt. “What’s my name?”

“Daddy!” You exclaimed feeling as if your body was on fire. Your orgasm was steamrolling it’s way to the finish line. “Fuck me, daddy!”

A switch flipped on for your boyfriend, the name driving him to places he never knew he’d wanted. The pressure around your neck increasing making you dizzy with lust. Every nerve ending on your body signaling.

“Are you going to cum for me baby?” He leaned into your ear, ghosting hot breath into the canal. “Cum for daddy baby” That was all it took. Your eyes squeezed shut, jaw slack, hips grinding in a need unlike any other. A scream ruptured from your chords as a flash wave of indescribable pleasure took over. You could feel your walls create a vice like grip around his shaft making it almost impossible to move.

“That’s my baby girl” He grunted finding his own climax, spilling everything he had into your cunt. It was messy and beautiful at the same time. The connection in this moment was something you never wanted to sever. It was a new birth to your sexual awakening.

“Seth…” You panted, dropping your head onto his shoulder as his grip seized. You wrapped your arms around his neck, clinging to his body as the aftershocks were still rocking your body.

“What was that?” His breathy voice was still as sexy as ever. “I never thought I’d get off being called daddy” He kissed your forehead, rubbing your back all the way down to your ass and repeating.

“The wine gave me courage” You giggled, kissing his cheeks and then his lips. “Love you Daddy” You winked flashing the same lust as before.

“Round two, fight!” He winked flipping the two of you over and sinking down to your swollen and beaten core. His tongue flicking at the sensitive clit. “We taste good together baby”

“Shut up and eat me daddy” You smiled, moaning out as his mouth shaped around your clit, sucking softly. You had found a monster in the man you loved. A beast that you hoped wouldn’t need so much alcohol to come out again.