The angel was completely ignorant to the fact that it was the middle of the night - early morning hours, to be exact, when she presented the Uchiha with a heart shaped chocolate cake, a delighted smile uplifting her lips. Written beneath, in red icing, wrote ‘forever’, a heart carefully drawn beside it.

“Ne, I baked this for you.. It’s my first try at chocolate cake from scratch, so I hope it’s okay..” A chiming, carefree laughter follows her sheepish words, a light blush staining the curve of her cheeks.



He was in complete shock, gaze immediately locking onto the radiating being he knew as none other then his lover–her beauty only shimmering more as she downed such mundane clothing. Partaking in baking was another thing he found a bit mundane–at least for the two of them, not that he minded in fact she had stirred the faintest churning in his gut. He payed no mind to the hour of the night, his attention focused on her and her alone, 

“–For me..?” It was a rather silly question and an even more idiotic observation. She’d only stated moments before that such a treat was intended for him. How lucky was he to see such a rarity, he’d have such an image burned into his memory if he could. “…..Ah….you spoil me.” His tone is almost as light as her own. So carefree the two could become when lost in their own little world–nothing else mattered. Not only had the angel surprised him she had brought meaning back to a usually bland day he spent alone–no more. No more would such a day simply pass, he had her now.

It didn’t take long for distance to be closed, nor for an invasive digit to scoop up icing from the cake, she’d probably spent some time preparing and into his mouth–once the sweet taste hit taste-buds it was nearly impossible to hide his more then pleased hum. Without a word lips easily seek out a softer pair, meshing with ease for a brief, and sweet, osculation. 

Thank you.