I can’t stop thinking about the new Jungle Book

That movie was so dang good

Idris Elba as Shere Khan carried this chilling menace, Lupita Nyong’o didn’t have that many lines but the emotion she brought to each one - wow, and Neel Sethi did such a fantastic job, especially in the light of him A) being a kid actor, B) having his very first acting role ever, and C) working almost 100% with green and blue screen and no other actors on the set. Like this kid did amazing.

And I’m still not over Sir Ben Kingsley’s performance as Bagheera. I think this guy single-handedly made me a Jungle Book fan because… okay it wasn’t just Sir Kingsely because the animation team did an ace job on his facial expressions and Justin Marks’ script gave him a wonderful character arc. Like this character legitimately gets to develop over the course of the movie instead of being just the longsuffering guardian of a man-cub. 

And personality just drips from every line read of Sir Kingsley’s for Bagheera. Even when he’s at his most enraged with Mowgli, you can still catch that underlying affection he feels for the boy. (I am so weak for surrogate-parent-child pairings). He’s also such a kind character (and Lord knows I am so very very weak for those too).

And I know I just talked about Neel Sethi, but this kid, guys. Like he’s an obnoxious kid when he needs to be, without getting to the point where he grates on the nerves, but he likewise can pull off sad, heroic, noble, scared, clever, cheerful and… He is legitimately the first Mowgli I have liked.

Go watch The Jungle Book



Homework on the weekends,
Friday Afternoon: No worries, I have two more days to do it.

Saturday Morning: Hm, maybe I should at least start on it. NAH! I have time.

Sunday Morning: I should seriously start on my homework.

Sunday Afternoon: /procrastinates more


And then there’s the sad conclusion if you didn’t finish:

Monday Morning: ”Class, please pass up your homework.”

your expression:

The King Has Spoken

Kingsely has been walking around, holding his little ceptor in hand. He froze and gasped as he seen a man on the ground, seeming to have very severe wounds. He dragged him as fast as he could down the road, secretly thinking how heavy he seemed to be. He couldn’t even pick him up. He’d only collapse under his weight. Soon he took him to his abandoned mansion. He set him down on his huge king sized bed and wrapped gauze all around his wounds. After that he tended to his tiny cuts. Then he sat on a chair next to the bed and waited intently for him to wake up, hoping he wouldn’t creep the person out by doing so.