LeBron appreciation post. 

FIFTH Eastern Conference Title in 5 years. For half a decade, LeBron plays until the very end of the season. That’s bonkers!

You have to go back to the 60′s Celtics to find a player who made 5 Finals in a row, and this was not a fluky case of a role player switching to the right teams. No, this dude was the leader of all five of those teams. Even Magic’s Lakers and Bird’s Celtics never reached the Finals 5 times in a row in the 80′s. 

You could bring up the sorry state of the Eastern Conference for almost 20 years now, and that would be a valid argument, but at some point you just gotta respect greatness while it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

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I enjoyed the captains as kings hcs so ill expand on one of the bokuto ones Akaashi going "no bokutosan we arent building disneyland no bokutosan dont revive disco pants to a important meeting bokuTO DONT DESTROY THAT COUNTRY BC THEY DONT LIKE OWLS"





“Bokuto-san, those are statues…”


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Could you do, GOM+Kagami+Mibuchi react if their s/o was at their place and the boy's parents "accidentally" blurt out that they want the boys to break up with her?

‘Excuse me?’ Akashi looked at his father as he had misunderstood him. He was cool as always, but you could notice a bit of angst in his eyes. ‘Why would I break up with ___?’
’Seijuro, she’s not your type of girl.’ his father had responded quickly and quite calmy.
‘You can’t really decide, who I should like, can you?’
‘I am your father.’  his voice was slightly stormy, he would have burst in any moment if you would not have interrupted.
‘Please forgive me to speak, but I love your son and I would do anything to be with him.’ you smiled lightly at Akashi and then gazed coldly at his father ‘I can show you that your son chose the best!’

‘I don’t want you to be with her, Shintaro.’ Midorima’s mother’s voice sounded like a thunderstorm on a warm, sunny day, however it was sheepish and doubtful as Midorima himself.
‘Mom, you had said this thing many times and I still say that I like her. She brings out the best of me what no one could ever.’ he admitted unbiasedly ‘I won’t break up with that special someone who loves me.’
Meanwhile you were standing in the other room and overheard the situation and  were extremely smiling and blushing.

‘This wouldn’t be a good idea, to be honest.’ Murasakibara shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and ate a candy.
His mother looked up at him confusedly. ‘Why not?’
‘I love ___-chin and if you don’t want to be crushed then you shouldn’t talk about this with me.’ he simply explained ‘You know exactly that this won’t happen.’ he placed a small kiss on your cheek.

‘Ryouta, you should break up.’ his mother’s sentence came suddenly, at first he didn’t know how to respond to it.
‘She’s not the girl you can fully be happy, is she?’ his mother gazed at Kise  sturdily waiting for his answer.
‘I-I love ___cchi’ Kise couldn’t say anything else ‘She makes me feel someone and she doesn’t look at me like I’m a model and I’m supermegahiperpopular. She looks at me like a normal person and she doesn’t fangirl me over. I won’t give up on her.’ Kise glanced thankfully at you.

‘I am honestly sorry, Mother, but breaking up with ___-san will not happen.’ Kuroko shook his head calmly. He didn’t like arguing with his parents, but if he knew that he’s right, he broached it always.
‘She is the first one who notices me and doesn’t look at me like I was a ghost or a transparent someone.’ he put his arm around your waist showing that you truly belong to him.

Aomine listened patiently and when his father finished, he gazed lazily at him.
’So, you tell me that you want me to break up with this perfection?’ he pointed at you. His father nodded sturdily.
‘Then, good luck to make me listen to you.’ Aomine grabbed your hand to show that you’re the most important person in his life.
‘You can force me however you want, but you can never separate her from me.’

‘You must be joking.’ Kagami laughed vaguely at his father.
‘I’m not kidding, I support your break up.’ he said emotionlessly.
‘You know what?’ Kagami held his head up and straightened his back ‘No. You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not even living with me. If there’s someone I love, then that’s ____ and I won’t break up with her because you said she’s not likable for you. You live miles away from us.’
He stepped beside you. He didn’t have to wrap an arm around your waist or anything, you knew from his temper that he’s ready to protect you.

‘Father, I really appreciate your endeavor to break us up, but she’s my little princess.’ Mibuchi turned at your direction and smiled proudly at you and added ‘You can’t find a smile like hers and a soul like hers anywhere. I’m utmost happy with her and I didn’t plan to break up with her ever.’