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King Pudding photobook?

[Just a curious question for you guys but, if I actually made a King Pudding photobook, would any of you actually purchase it? I might treat it more as a zine almost since there are some elements from the actual photobooks that might be hard to incorporate (interview, fashion check, SNS, etc) but if you guys have a good idea of how to creatively include those, I’m open to suggestions!]

[I posted the cover of the King Pudding photobook on twitter and it currently has over 500 retweets and 1200 likes and I’ve even gotten comments from Japanese fans saying that they would totally buy it if it was a thing.]

[I’ve made books before since I’m in art school but I’ve never produced one with the intention of selling it so I’m still researching on things like pricing, the dimensions, shipping, etc but I kind of want to gauge interest if there is any because I think it’d be cute and fun to make!]

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