kings to be


Devil loves to fuck with people. Manipulate them, laugh at them, scare them, send them mixed signals. Even King Dice can’t run away from that. 

So…are those kisses just a joke or maybe there is something more to all of that? This is a question King Dice would never dare to ask. Even though he is hella confused.

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anonymous asked:

is the deck pack always in suits? do they wear pajamas to bed? tank tops and sweatpants? oversized hoodies? workout clothes? or are they always in fancy stuff poor guys (does KD dress them up or do they dress themselves?)

Since they are technically employees of the Casino, and appear with King Dice, it is important they look representable, hence suit is most common attire. 

- They don’t really need pajamas? Most commonly they sleep in full card form in a deck, tucked in a pocket somewhere, but if they do fall asleep other time it’s usually in their overalls.

Otherwise they’re totally able to wear whatever clothing, with just couple art direction rules for myself: Only fashion from 30′s to 50′s (so no hoodies or sweatpants), always cover whole body to avoid showing skin etc etc …

Most clothes are custom made, though in a pinch, normal doll size clothes seem to fit.

a stenbrough au where stan and bill meet in a party that’s kinda loud 

-stan accidentally thinks bill says his name is ben and and bill’s too flustered to correct him and then it’s too late 


-it somehow doesn’t even come up with the losers (who are bill’s cool friends) until he’s like “you guys… i think i’m in love with ben”

-and real ben chokes on his drink, everyone gapes, richie is physically holding eddie back bc hes trying to fight him

-“how could you do this to bill?!” everyone knows poor bill’s totally gone on stan

-“who now?”

-they slowly figure out what the fuck is happening and then laugh until they cry

-bill never lives it down