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Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part two.  listen here

01. Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin)
02. Davichi - Forgetting You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
03. Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Basick & INKII - In the Illusion (W - Two Worlds)
05. Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun)
06. Taeyeon - All With You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
07. Crush - Beautiful (Goblin)
08. Noel - Again (Please Come Back Mister)
09. Sam Kim - Who Are You (Goblin)
10. Im Sun Hee - Will Be Back (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
11. Rocoberry - Console Myself (Bring it On, Ghost!)
12. SunBee - Hello (Shopping King Louis)
13. Han Hee Jung - Dreaming (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
14. Woo Yerin - Struggling to You (Beautiful Gong Shim)
15. SALTNPAPER - Bye, Autumn (Jealousy Incarnate)
16. Bernard Park - DIRT (Beautiful Mind)
17. Echae En Route - Uneasy Romance (Another Miss Oh)
18. Elsa Kopf - IF (One More Happy Ending)
19. Tearliner (ft. Kim Go Eun) - Attraction (Cheese in the Trap)

Why I'm going to die alone
  • Friend: What do you look for in a guy?
  • Me: Well... someone kind, brave, strong willed, tall, muscular, black hair, golden eyes, often torn between what is right in his gut and what he must do for his kingdom, can control and manipulate fire, goes by the name Cal.
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: I'm going to die alone.

the people I used to love are turning into monsters // a mix about losing the people you love to the war you created [listen]

“You say you want to be king, so when I burn your kingdom down, I’ll be sure you’re still chained to the throne" 

i. warriors (imagine dragons) // ii. fall away (twenty on pilots) // iii. prayer of the refugee (rise against) // iv. your body is a machine (the good natured) // v. the sharpest lives (my chemical romance) // vi. soldiers (otherwise) // vii. paradise lost (hollywood undead) // viii. iscariot (walk the moon)

I’d be tripping over myself to grab that hand… 

I took the tumblr challenge from this post and ran with it. One Piece is my oldest and forever fandom and I am currently neckdeep in Hat Films shenanigans.


 1 - TAKE YOUR OLDEST FANDOM you know the one, that first thing you made art or wrote fic for, where you made all those really weird over the top OCs because you didn’t know any better
2 - TAKE YOUR NEWEST FANDOM yeah, that thing that you love and can’t stop thinking about right now
3- SMASH THEM TOGETHER like freakin’ conceptual play-doh
4 - MAKE SOMETHIN’ OUT OF IT make fic! art! a song! whatever!