kings of sleeze

I came across a reference to Kiss Me, Kate in a fic I was reading, and I got me thinking about a Strange Magic AU, as you do.

Marianne gets roped into playing Kate opposite her ex, Roland.  She is not. happy.  Roland thinks that this is a perfect opportunity to clear up any ‘misunderstandings,’ while at the same time flirting with every female cast member.  There will be bloodshed by opening night.

Dawn plays Bianca, and thinks is wonderful being able to be in the same play as her sister.  And it’s even better that her best friend, Sunny, is in the play too!

Sunny is over the moon to be playing opposite Dawn, but he’s also concerned about that poker game Roland talked him into.  Sunny did okay, but Roland lost badly, and now there’s this scary tree of a man hanging around the theatre demanding they pay up.  Why did he agree to not mention Roland’s name?

Bog just wants his money back.  He doesn’t care about Shakespeare and he’d be perfectly happy punching Roland in the face, except the girl playing Kate seems to have that under control.  She’s got a mean left hook.  And a snarky sense of humour that rivals his own.  And really pretty eyes…