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A recap of what happened in episode 11

- no king and Ah Ro interactions for any of y'all who ship them. Sorry. -Sun Woo and Ah Ro are acting cute and adorable and their ship is sailing and even the people who ship Ah Ro and the king (including me) can’t be mad because it’s cute af -the asshole (not worth remembering his name) stole the king’s bracelet and went to go snitch - the queen is being a snake. What else is new tbh? -the princess is annoying and just wants to basically wreak havoc in Hwarang, but also secretly likes Sun Woo for some reason - no updates on how ban Ryu and Soo ho’s sister’s relationship is going (which makes me so mad) - The annoying ass princess shoots Sun Woo making Ah Ro cry for the 363672828282 time -the king is being protective over Ah Ro like usual and just tells the princess to leave his girl alone -the word gets out about the king living in Hwarang and all the guys including the people watching the show are just like 😱😲 -so yeah basically what they’re hinting at is that a lot of shit is gonna go down in episode 12. So stay tuned. -oh and also Soo ho was thirsting over the queen and Ji Dwi is just like:

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Donald Trump won’t visit African-American Museum after feud with civil rights hero, John Lewis.

  • Following a nasty, racially-tinged feud with civil rights hero Congressman John Lewis over the state of his “horrible” district and “burning and crime-infested inner-cities,” Trump has canceled a Martin Luther King Jr. Day visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  • According to ABC News, the visit was originally planned on Saturday amid the fighting with Lewis, who called Trump an “illegitimate president” following a briefing on Russian government interference in the Nov. 8 presidential elections.  Read more.

“If you can’t fly, than run.
If you can’t run, then walk.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.
But whatever you do, 
you have to keep moving forward.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.


1960s Civil Rights Era, Bob Adelman

For those unfamiliar, Bob Adelman was the iconic photographer behind many of the thought-provoking, historical photographs of the Civil Rights Movement. 

A photographer and protest marcher, he spent a considerable amount of time fighting for justice and equal rights. His images capture groundbreaking moments, such as student sit-ins, Freedom Riders, the March on Washington and other significant events in Black history.