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Friendly Miracle

[Request]-mine: Arthur X Reader Where She Is His Wife And Is Terribly Ill And He Fears He Might Lose Her But Merlin Does Something To Help Her

Title: Friendly Miracle

Fandom(S): Merlin Bbc

Pairing(S)/Relationship(S): Arthur Pendragon X Reader,

Merlin X Arthur (Friendship/Favor)

Warning(S): Very Little Mild Violence, Language, Magic!Reveal

Pov(S): Reader, Arthur

Word Count: 1691

Summary: You Are Arthur’s Queen, His One And Only True Love. Because Of This You Were Cursed By Morgana. It Was An Illness Than No Mortal Eliqusor Could Cure. You Were Fading Fast, Nearly Gone When Suddenly… Merlin Comes To Arthur And Tells Him Of A Magic Spell That Can Save You. This Is When Arthur Declares The Outlaw Of Magic, Discarded!

Note(S): So I Used Italian For The Spells, I’m Going To Start Doing That If Their Are Spells, But If I End Up Using A Different Languages I’ll Tell You!

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Reader’s POV:
I stood next to my beloved husband and king, Arthur, as he had called our entire kingdom of Camelot to attention. The wind blew generously at only a simple breeze. His sunlight hair danced lovingly over his forehead, and just under the rim of his crown. His blue eyes glowed with pride and happiness as he looked upon the great people of our kingdom.

I looked to my left, standing there was Merlin, Arthur’s servant… No, he was far more than a servant, he was a dear friend, the two were different sides of the same coin. Not only was Merlin my friend as well, but also my saviour. I remembered it like it started yesterday…..


I was strolling through the woods on the outside of Camelot, taking in the breath depriving view. I stopped as I saw beautiful jade colored flowers and bent to observe them. “Come here, Leon, you have to have to see these flowers, I’ve never seen them before.” I called to my escort, a dear friend of me and my king. But I got not response. “Leon?” I called again, but no answer.

Instead I could feel a cold presence upon my back which sent shivers of fright down my spine. “Not even close,” a female voice whispered into my ear. I was frozen, unable to move as a maniacal laughter erupted softly into my hearing.

The women grabbed my wrists with twice the force of a man and spun me around. I was taken to my back on the dirt and I looked up at the woman standing over me.

Her hair was black as a ravens wings dipped in tar. Her eyes were emerald green, dark, hating, filled with greed and jealousy and malice. Her face looked pale, ill, and deprived of light. She wore a forest green gown with a black tattered cloak covering it. She looked down at me with an evil smile. Her eyes glew orange and I felt a vine snake around me, tying me still, unable to move. I knew then who it was. I had never seen her myself, but Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, and the knights had told me of her many times.

“Morgana.” I shakily let out as terror and anger filled my being.

She smiled again, an evily devious smile that burnt to the back of my skull. “So, the royal bitch knows my name.” She teased as she began to circle me. “The one who sits on my rightful throne as queen of Camelot, that pathetic excuse of a kingdom.”

“Please, Morgana, I wish for no illness between us.” I tried to convince. “Please, let me go. I swear to keep from Arthur that you were here!” I pleaded.

“Well well well, looks like Arthur has chosen a coward as his wife. Begging for freedom. Why don’t you fight?” She asked holding her arms out.

“I do not wish to fight. With you or anyone, I only wish peace and bringing together the world. Please, I do not wish to quarrel with you my lady.” She huffed at my honesty.

“Wow, your half as pathetic as Arthur and his oaf of a servant Merlin.” She looked at me and waved her hand. The vine released me and I stood to my feet. “Come on then.” She threw a sword to the ground in front of me and beckoned me to pick it up. “Go ahead, you can be free… If you can make it through me.” A glint of cleverness flew over her eyes.

“Lady Morgana, please, I do not wish to hurt you.” I wailed but was obviously unheard. She continued to stand waiting for me to give in.

“Have it your way then.” I announced and picked up the blade, charging at the woman. I stopped. I looked at her, her eyes were orange. My throat began to clench, along me unable to breath, my blood boiled and my skin crawled. My ear rang with the sound of a thousand banshees. I gripped my throat as I fell to my knees.

Morgana looked at me, hatred filling her completely. “Let’s see how Arthur breaks, when his precious wallflower shatters piece by piece with an illness of which there is no cure.” Her voice became angered, strained, and with a hint of….. hurt. Her eyes glew a brighter orange as she lifted her head. “ La malattia senza cura , messo giù su questo mortale in modo che lei possa conoscere la morte prima del tempo.” She repeated a few times.

My lungs began to feel like sand paper, my veins cloting, throat closing. I felt like death itself would bestow upon me. Then everything began to fade to black, as I saw her smile menacingly…

Arthur’s POV:
Weeks, it had been weeks since the sighting of Morgana, and the I’ll falling of my beloved queen and wife, Y/N. She laid there motionless other than thrashing around every few hours from what seemed to be a nightmares. Her Y/SK/C was deathly pale and incredibly hot to the touch round her face and chest, and ice cold everywhere else. Her brow glistened with sweat and blood came from her nose, ears, and mouth.

I simply could not halt crying even for a moment. I knew my wife was very, very sick. I knew I would soon lose her, yet I was not ready for it in any sense. I had sent Merlin and Gaius to find a cure, but Gaius found none. She was doomed. I was doomed.

“ARTHUR!” Merlin’s voice rang loudly, echoing through the halls capturing me from my tearful daze. I looked to see him run in with a rather odd looking book in his hands. “Arthur. I found a way to save her!” Merlin smiled at me. Did he think this was humorous to mock me so?

“Merlin, Gaius already said there was no cure.” I cooed and turned back to my young wife, my wife, too young to be dead.

“Right, no mortal cure!” His words made me snap my head quickly. “We searched for days for a potion, a blessing, a spell to save her, and finally we found one! It’s going to save her life Arthur!” Merlin’s smile was wide, and it was no task to realize his truth.

“Where will we find a sorcerer who would take such a task?” I stood walking over to him. He remained silent as his eyes left mine and his smile disappeared.

He walked over to Y/N and set the book down next to her. He hovered his hands about two feet over her body, one at her head, the other near her heart. I saw him close his eyes d take a deep breath. “Vita.” He commanded. The flames on the candles erupted for a split second, and then… Y/N’s body lifted a few inches off of the bed.

“Merlin?” I called, but he didn’t flinch his concentration. I walked over across the bed and saw a sight I had never anticipated… His eyes shone a bright orange. This couldn’t be…. Merlin couldn’t be a…… Could he?

He began to look at the book and speak an incantation. “ Spiriti della vecchia religione , posizionare una benedizione su questa donna in modo che lei possa vita respirare ancora una volta. Benedici lei in modo che lei può vedere un altro luce del giorno . Portare la schiena a noi.” He spoke softly. “ Spiriti della vecchia religione , posizionare una benedizione su questa donna in che lei possa vita respirare ancora una volta. Benedici lei in modo che lei può vedere un altro luce del giorno . Portare la schiena a noi . ” He became a tad louder and the floor shook. His eyes grew brighter and brighter with every word. “ PORTARE LA SCHIENA A NOI . VITA” He yelled as what seemed to b modo e as loud as he could, and everything stopped, yet only for a second. Then… WHOOSH! Everything blew clear across the room, even Merlin and myself.

But, the following noise distracted me from everything. I hears her sweet voice once again. “Arthur?”………


Reader’s POV:
Arthur snapped me from my daze and I smiled at him. “Ready?” I asked and he took a huff of breath in, nodding his head a single nod. I looked out upon the audience and signaled them to quiet. “My wonderful people of Camelot, as you well know, I was not long ago, very very sick from the curse of which Morgana cast upon me. But as you see before you now, I am very healthy and safe. How is this, you ask. Was it a cure? No. Was it dark magic? Absolutely not! It was light! It was a light in the universe that has brightened this world many times before, but never one sought award or remembrance for it. Ladies and gentlemen, there isn’t only evil magic in this world, there are many of whom strive to do good with the gift they were given. Now, my husband, your king, has a proclamation to announce.”

I turned and smiled at Arthur, walking back to take Merlin’s arm in mine. He wore one of Arthur’s even outfits. I looked upon him and silently thanked him.

“People of Camelot! My father, Uther Pendragon, former king of Camelot. Was stricken by grief and guilt, as my mother died in my birth due to the demand of balance in magic. This blindness which hazed him, drove him to outlaw and ban magic with punishment of no less than death. I am happy to announce that in my last few days I have learned magic can be good!” He beckoned to Merlin displaying him to the kingdom. “This young man, Merlin, has saved my wife and your queens life, using magic! So on proclamation of Camelot and by the power invested in me, I knight thee, Sir Merlin! Court sorcerer of Camelot! And from this day forward… Magic is welcomed!” And the crowds erupted into roars…..

Songs Harry has tweeted/mentioned :
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  • Long Hair by The Drowners. 
  • Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison. 
  • Torso Of The Week by Everything Everything. 
  • Resolution by Matt Corby.
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  • Back Down South by Kings Of Leon.
  • Call Your Girlfriend by Lennon And Maisy.
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  • Trouble by Ray Lamontagne.
  • Flowers In The Window by Travis.
  • My Winding Wheel by Ryan Adams. 
  • Stop Crying Your Heart Out By Oasis.
  • Count On Me by Bruno Mars.
  • Islands by Young The Giant.
  • Burn by Ray Lamontagne. 
  • Boston by Agustana,
  • Paradise by Coldplay. 
  • Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.
  • Free Falling by John Mayer.
  • The City by The 1975.
  • Mine by Beyonce Feat. Drake. 
  • Girls Your Age by Transviolet.

As you can see, Harry has amazing taste in music. It makes me so happy that he shares his music with us! If you know any other song that he has shared, please message me and I will add it to this post. :)

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1. Mystery Skulls- Losing my Mind

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5. Will Knocks- The Matador and the Acrobat

6. SmadaLeinad’s mashup of- Kings of Leon and Christina Perri called: Arms on Fire

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Hi~ Are you going to do a 3rd part of the fanfic where the gods cheat on MC? I love that fic, the feels ㅠㅡㅠ!

abso-toota-lutely! Here are the links to the 1st and 2nd parts if anyone needs them!!


Leon: You swore to yourself that you had never been more angry or frustrated in your entire life. Curse the King and his dumb throne. Curse his existence and everything he’s done. Curse him. 

And why were you so mad? 

Well, upon barging breathlessly into Leon’s room in the heavens, you saw the very God you had once loved sitting at his table filling out papers and eating a plate of meatballs, looking as healthy as ever. You froze in your tracks as his head whipped around toward the sound, his golden eyes full of shock at the sight of you.

Seconds, hours, eternities passed as neither of you moved, dared even speak. You both silently gazed at each other, countless thoughts crashing together. 

Leon took the first action, gracefully standing up from his seat to walk towards you, his eyes never breaking from yours. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you noticed the subtle changes in his appearance in the past year and a half of separation. His hair had grown several inches longer, his body was a bit thinner, and his eyes… His eyes were completely guarded. No trace of lust or derision lingered in the depths, rather, his eyes were solid stones, unfeeling and cold beneath the shock. But with every step he took towards you, you could see pain and longing flit around in their golden depths, stirring an old flame of pain and longing in yourself.

“What a surprise to see you here,” he finally said, his tone even and cool. “I didn’t think that your services were required in the heavens anymore.”

Your voice worked on its own accord, because your emotions had destroyed all rational thought. “The King called me.” Leon raised an eyebrow in question. “He said that there was something he needed help with.”

“Oh ho?” Crossing his arms, he took a step closer to you. You took a step backwards. “And what did he exactly need help with?” He took another step closer. You, one step back.

“Ah, n-nothing,” you stuttered, moving another step back away from the man that moved ever-so-close toward you. Your back connected softly with the wall, and fear swept into your veins. But this fear… It was one that you hadn’t felt in a long, long time. Your body almost seemed to welcome it. Swallowing thickly, you tensed as Leon stepped closer, close enough that you could wrap your arms around his neck.

“Nothing?” he repeated, a light dancing in his eyes. A small smile flitted on his face. “You wouldn’t happen to be lying now, would you?”

Your breath hitched. Damn him, you thought to yourself. Damn this stupid lion. Damn him and his dumb smile. Damn his ability to make me want him. Damn me for wanting him.

His hands slammed on to the wall on either side of your head. You jumped in surprise, but immediately froze when his face moved within centimeters of your own. You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t move.

“Listen up and listen well, Y/N, for I’m only saying this once,” he growled, that old possessive light shining in his eyes. “I loved you. I loved you more than the stars. I loved you then, and I love you now. I made a mistake, and I know that I hurt you, and I could never be more sorry. I’m a damn fool, but I’m a damn fool that loves you. I swear, I will never, ever hurt you again. Please, Y/N, come back to me. This is the last time I’ll ask. If you say no, then I’ll leave. I’ll never talk to you again.” 

Your breathing all but stopped as his breath ghosted over your ear, his lips brushing agains your sensitive lobe. 

“If, however, you do accept my apology, I pledge myself to you. I pledge myself to serve you and honor you for the rest of my days. I swear, I will cherish you and bring you pleasure for the rest of your days. I will love you until after the last star in the sky burns out.” A tremor entered his voice as he looked back in your eyes, and he leaned his forehead against yours and you knew that you were done for. 

And right before you were swept away into his arms for all eternity, you breathed out one word. 


Teorus: “Please, Ichthys!” you begged, clutching on desperately to the god’s arm. “Tell me where Teorus is! I need to find him!”

Ichthys glared down at you, his eyes flashing with rage as he clenched his jaw. “Do you really want to go back to him? After all the pain he put you through?” he scoffed derisively, shaking you off. “I thought you were smarter than that, Y/N.”

“I know what I’m doing,” you replied, seething with anger and frustration. What was Ichthys’s problem? You had never seen the free spirited god like this before. “Why won’t you tell me?”

“Why do you still love him?” he replied, crossing his arms. “Give me one good reason why you still love him and then I may tell you.”

“You may?” you echoed, absolutely mind-blown and frustrated beyond belief. “Why do you care so much about what I do about Teorus or not? This is my life, and I will do with it what I want. You can’t stop me, Ichthys. Don’t even try.”

Before you could even turn away, Ichthys grabbed your arm and slammed his lips down on yours. Within seconds, you wrenched yourself away from him in disgust. Wiping your arm against your mouth, you were just about to tell him off when you heard a cracking sound.

Gasping, you saw as Ichthys landed on the floor, holding his nose as blood poured from it. In front of him stood a seething Teorus.

“If you ever so much as lay a hand on her again, I swear, I will destroy with all of the power i have, no matter who you are,” he spat, hands clenched into fists at his side. Ichthys breathed heavily on the floor, fear flashing in his eyes as he scrambled up and left the room. 

Turning toward you, Teorus cupped your face in his hands, worry apparent in his eyes as he searched you over. “Are you okay? Did he do anything to hurt you?”

“I-I’m fine,” you managed to croak out, dazed at the fact that the man you loved was here in front of you, touching you. 

The worry left his beautiful gaze, and he gently laid his forehead against yours. His breath danced across your lips. “Good… That’s good…”

In that fraction of a second, you made your choice. You loved him, even after all this time.

As you pressed your lips softly against his, you whispered back to him, “I love you too.”

Scorpio: You had never seen Scorpio cry. It wasn’t that he was heartless (which sometimes, you and the other gods joked that he didn’t have one), rather, he never found anything to cry over. Sure, he had teared up before, like on the day you left after he slept with that girl, but you had never seen the tears fall.

But here in front of you, the great Scorpio was crying. His words were so full of unbridled, relentless passion, and his emotions were laid out on the carpet in front of you. It was as if he had taken up the centuries of pain and hatred and love and fear and joy that he had ever felt and let it all out in front of you in one massive wave.

Unknowingly, you began to cry too.

Here was the strongest man you had ever met, and he was completely broken in front of you. You swore that no other person could ever be as broken and lost as he was in that moment, and your heart ached for him.

In the year away from Scorpio, you had learned a lot.

You learned that life was fleeting; that pain hurt a hell of a lot more when you tried to suppress it; that true, passionate, unadulterated love only came around once in a lifetime; that all people were capable of forgiveness; that the longer you held on to the demons of the past, the harder it was to find your way to the light.

Most importantly, you learned that you still loved Scorpio.

And he still loved you.

Kneeling on the carpet in front of him, you gently cupped his face in your hands. You smiled at him through the tears as he looked up to you, his own tears falling down his face to drench the carpet.

“Do you really mean that?” you said, already knowing the answer. But you just had to hear him say it one more time.

“More than anyone could ever fathom,” he whispered. “Y/N… I love you.”

You smiled as you pressed your lips to his, relief and passion crashing into you.

Ichthys: You woke up feeling better than you had in months. No headache greeted you when you opened your eyes, you felt well-rested, and your muscles seemed more relaxed. But you still felt the emptiness inside.

“Y/N, are you awake?” called out a voice, one that you only seemed to hear in your dreams.

All thoughts and actions disappeared when you saw the face that you loved oh-so-much appear from the doorway of your apartment. 

Ichthys didn’t seem to notice your frozen state as he walked quietly towards you, a bowl of food carried gently in his hands. His face held lines of worry as he set the bowl of food down and sat next to you, but you still couldn’t move, much less think.

“How are you feeling, sweetheart?” he asked, holding your hands in his own. You looked down, heart racing a mile a minute and focused on his hands. They were cold to the touch, but soft like always. His thumb gently rubbed circles on the back of your left hand. “Y/N?”

You didn’t even notice the tears slipping down your face until his hands moved to your face to wipe them away.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” he whispered. “I’m sorry for all this pain that you’ve gone through, and I’m sorry that you had to do it alone.” It was getting harder and harder for you to breathe.

“I know it hurts, and I know I have no right to be here, but you can’t throw away your life like this, Y/N.” His voice cracked slightly and you started to shiver from the intense pain and loneliness inside of you, but you felt so much better in Ichthys’s hands. “Please, love, you are too important and beautiful and significant to just die like this. You don’t deserve any of this pain.”

You were sobbing now, and Ichthys drew you deeper into his arms as he moved his body to lean against the wall. He curled you up onto his lap and wrapped his arms around you, tucking your head into his chest as he placed his head on top of yours.

“I’ll be here with you for the rest of you life, sweetheart. I’ll never leave you agains, so don’t you leave me.” Pressing a kiss to the top of your head, you felt some of your loneliness break away, and you were more at peace than you had been since you left him. “Go to sleep, love. I’ll be here when you wake up, and every minute after that for the rest of your life.”

Dui: After navigating your way through the library, mansions, and the gardens behind the mansion, you found your god of Gemini under the veranda, gently sliding his fingertips along the soft, spring flowers.

You quietly gasped at the sight of him, your breath taken away by how much you had truly missed him. It took everything in you not to throw yourself into his arms and kiss him until the stars turned cold. But you had more self-control than that, so you decided to hold back and see what exactly Dui wanted.

Just as you were about to call out to him, Dui turned around with the most beautiful smile on his face. He looked over you once, and his eyes flashed with love, longing, and a hint of some other emotion as he called your name. “Y/N, I’m so glad you came.”

You found yourself smiling already, feeling like a small school girl with her first crush. Of course, the pain still lingered inside of you, but your love for Dui was always stronger than anything else, and you decided to focus on the love.

“I’ve gotta hand it to you,” you began as you walked into the veranda towards where he stood by the flowers, “your riddle game was too intriguing for me not to come.”

“Ahh, well, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” His smile brightened and his eyes twinkled with so much happiness and joy that you wondered if he had smiled at all in the time that you had been separated. Then, his smile fell a bit, and his eyes darkened slightly. “Surely you must know, Y/N… Surely you must know how truly and deeply sorry I am for the pain I put you through. You never deserved that, and I am so sorry that I let you down.”

He turned toward you as he got down on his knees in front of you, taking one of your hands in his own. “Please, can you find it in your heart to forgive this sinner for all the wrongs he committed against you?”


“Please,” he whispered again, placing gentle kisses along the back of your hand. “I love you so much, Y/N. I never stopped loving you or thinking about you. I know that this isn’t easy for you, but…” Taking a deep breath, Dui looked up at you with tear-filled eyes. “But I can’t live another day, another minute, another second, without you. Please, let me love you for the rest of your life.”

But you knew your answer before you had even started his little game. You knew your answer even if you couldn’t see him again for fifty years.

Kneeling down in front of him, you took his hands and placed them on your face. “I forgive you,” you said, and you leaned forward to kiss the one that you loved and you still love.


GOOD HEAVENS THIS TOOK ME FOREVER. but I’m so glad I finished this up! *wipes sweat* I never really expected to write three parts to this whole cheating scenario, but I’m kinda glad that I did! And maybe, in the near future, I might even write one for Huedhaut since I know some of you were disappointed that I didn’t (what was I even thinking??)

Anyways, I hope you liked it!


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Hello! Can I request a headcanon where the SCM mc gets pregnant (since smut headcanons don't involve a condom lol and I kinda doubt the gods know what one is?!?) but the since the baby is half God and half human it ends up slowly killing her and that the gods don't realize it until it's too late? :)))))

Note: OMG THIS HEADCON THIS HEADCON SPOKE TO ME! ) This is totally twilight which I was religious about back in the day oh my goodness~

Leon: He was over the moon about your pregnancy. The idea about a child created by the two of you made him fill with pride and admiration as he found himself grinning ear to ear about the news. Over time, however, he noticed you changing. Becoming more sluggish, sleeping more, eating less. He thought it was the normal signs of pregnancy for a human until it was time to actually conceive the child. Your vital signs were dropping at alarming rates as he saw the stars slowly leave your eyes, “No, no, no, no!” He yelled, trying everything in his might to keep you alive. He didn’t care about the child, he didn’t care about himself, he only needed you and you were leaving him. “Leon,” You whispered, reaching a shaky hand out to which he grabbed, “Please….don’t be sad.” You said, tears falling down your eyes. In this moment he knew, he knew that you knew this was going to happen to you. He hated you for that. Hated that you left him, and when you took your last breaths as your baby girl was born, you couldn’t help resent her before you looked into her eyes, holding your stars. 

Scorpio: When he sat you down and convinced you to see a expert in the heavens, you weren’t sure what to expect. He had been so excited about having a child with you and the next thing you knew his mood change completely. Going to the heavens with him and cautiously letting the expert take a look at you, he casted you a wary look, “I’m afraid the baby will kill her over time.” He confessed, leaving the room to give you and Scorpio some time to talk. “We are not having it.” He demanded, and the words broke your heart as you only could shake your head, “I-if that’s how you feel…” You didn’t know what to do, but you found yourself standing up, “Then I’ll do it without you.” And with that you ran. You ran from the horrible truth that Scorpio didn’t want your child, but when he caught up with you he promised to never let you go. Even in your final moments when you said your goodbyes he never let go of your body that kept growing colder and colder in his arms, “I promise,” He said, showing you his rare kind smile, “I’ll make her that happiest little girl in the world. And make sure she isn’t such an idiot.”

Teorus: You both were already picking out names when you announced the news. The fact that a little you or him would be running around the gods house in the matter of months made you both equally as happy. Time flew and the time to conceive was just around the corner when your health took a turn for the worse, and you were bedridden until you were ready to conceive. Teorus never left your side, whispering to your child and holding your hand, he was sure you would make it through this. You had too… And when the fateful day came around and you gave birth to your daughter did you feel the world around you shift, your head falling limp to the side as the life felt like it was literally sucked out of you along with your child. Never seeing their face, never hearing if was a boy or a girl- it was a horrible way to go. “Maria! Maria…!” Teorus yelled, ignoring his newborn baby boy as he shook your shoulders again and again, but it was already to late.

Dui: He didn’t like the fact that the…the thing inside you was killing you. He couldn’t even consider it his child but more so a monster that was stealing your life out of you. You didn’t seem to mind, as you slowly moved about your life, sickness taking over you. Dui couldn’t stand it. Catching it early enough that you would surly die at the end of your pregnancy he thought that the problem was solved, a simple fix. But you refusing to give up your child just drove him crazy. Why, why were you so stubborn about the most important things!? He promised himself that no matter what, however, he would stay by your side in your final moments, offer you comforting words, say everything he ever needed to say to you- and when you left him after holding on for much longer than he thought was then he felt only darkness as he looked down at the little boy in his arms.

Huedhaut: “Maria! Maria dammit open your eyes!” He yelled, shaking you in hopes you would wake up but you stayed silent, lifeless, on the hospital bed. He looked over to the little girl in the nurses arms, crying loudly as if she was mourning her mothers death. It was pitiful, really, and all he wanted was for it to shut up. ‘I could give her my stars again…’ He thought, ready to sacrifice his stars for a second time in order to save you, but he couldn’t. As much as he wanted to he knew you didn’t want that, that you wanted him to live with his new daughter and make memories together. ‘Memories…’ He thought. Something you held so dear to you, tried to make so many of, was all he had left of you now…

Ichthys: No, no, no, no.” He muttered, holding your hand as you laid lifeless before him. Just moments ago you were crying, then laughing as you held your twins in your arms. Just moments ago you told him that you loved him, that everything was just perfect. Why now? Why did fate play such cruel jokes? He looked down to the twins in his arms that now had your stars. He didn’t know what to think of it really. The fact that you died so they could live killed him inside, and he never wished for death to come and take him away so much as he did now.

“See? They’re not stars. They’re doors.”
“Doors to…?”
“To everywhere.”

a mix for the version of Booker and Elizabeth that finally escaped.

far away (feat. liz wiliams) // troy baker | escape // kongos | from my own true love (lost at sea) // the decemberists | devil’s backbone // the civil wars | february seven // the avett brothers | running if you call my name // haim | closer // kings of leon | night terror // laura marling | hardest of hearts // florence + the machine | i gave you all // mumford and sons | end of the world // ingrid michaelson | in a week // hozier | singin’ my soul // gin wigmore

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Love your writing😍 I'd like to request a Star Crossed Myth where MC wakes up with the mark of a god in her eyes so they go to the heavens where the king says that she will once again become a goddess?

Sure thing and awe thanks I love you for loving my writing! I’m doing this off the first six guys, not any after the second prologue. Is it bad that I have had not time to read Dui or Hue yet? And I have no need to play Teo, so he is going to be OCC just saying hehe. Ugh, I work to much. Once my ask is cleared i’m definitely going MIA. Anyways, enjoy!



Leon watched as your eyes fluttered open from last nights sleep. As he lovingly brushed your hair back out of your face his hand stopped cold as he stared into your eyes, grabbing both sides of your face.

“W-what?” You asked, confused and still in a daze from sleep.

“There are stars in your eyes,” He almost asked instead of said as he brushed the pad of his thumb over your cheeks, “How?”

Before Maria could answer there was a knock at the door, Karno running in, “The King is calling for the both of you what did you do?” He asked. In a huff, Leon stood up and snapped his fingers, causing you both to change and make your way to the heavens.

“What is the meaning of this?” Leon asked, throwing open the golden doors to the heavens, dragging you in tow. 

“Ah Leon, you should be grateful for what I’ve done.” The King said with a smirk. Confused, he looked back into your eyes. There were still stars reflecting back at him as he looked back at the king, “I’ve gave her her stars back. She is once again the goddess of fate.” 

Leon was utterly shocked as you remained silent. You had no words that could simply express what you felt. 

“But be warned,” The king said, braking off your thoughts, “I control her stars. You cross me, I take them away.” He said with a smile. 


Maria was walking out of work to see Scorpio waiting in the lobby for her. Waving and walking over, she felt light headed as she started to sway. In all of seconds she was in Scorpio’s arms, “What’s wrong?” He asked.

You opened your eyes and placed a hand to your head, “I’m not sure I just felt dizzy..” You mumbled. But Scorpio was to busy looking into your eyes, which were now open and containing thousands of stars, “W-what?” You asked under his piercing gaze. 

“We need to go to the heavens.” He said, snapping his fingers and transporting you to the Kings chambers. He placed you down on the ground and grabbed your hand, walking briskly towards the golden doors, “What is the meaning of this?” He demanded, now pulling you along to match his pace.

The King slowly turned around from another god, “Ah my beloved Scorpio I’m glad you came.” He said.

“Enough of that. Explain to me why there are stars in her eyes?” He asked.

“Stars?” You asked as well. ‘What does he mean about stars in my eyes, I’m human,’ You thought.

The King only smiled as he explained, “I gave the human her stars back. This way she is indebted to me and me alone.” 

“What kind of sick joke is that?” Scorpio pressed, but the King merely held up a hand.

“Now listen. This just ensures that you won’t be swayed from grace. It’s a favor. Remember this.”


Huedhaut watched as you slowly opened your eyes. He felt his own stars return as the left your body and was awaiting to see yours. As your eyes slowly fluttered open he saw it. The beautiful arrangement of stars that lined your eyes that he knew so well. Your stars have returned. 

And with them came the memories of all you had lost. The came at you at a rapid pace, flooding your thoughts as you missed what Huedhaut asked you. 


You snapped your head back at his calling of your name to only become more dizzy again. He lifted you up in his arms as he whispered into your ear, “Were going to the heavens.”

In seconds you both were before the king, questioning him, “Why does she have her stars back?”

The King only smiled, “Why aren’t you happy?”

“That is besides the point why-”

“Oh I simply did you a favor. Don’t make me regret it.” The King said as he looked at you in Huedhaut’s arms.

Teorus (disclaimer OCC):

You were walking towards the gods mansion, just stepping foot inside when everything went white for a second. Shocked, you reached out and held onto the door when Teo walked into the lobby, “Maria?”

You slowly looked up and laughed, “Haha hello Teo. Sorry I’m just dizzy.” Although you told him you were fine, he rushed to your side and lifted up you chin, looking into your eyes. “W-what?”

“Why do you have stars in your eyes?” He asked, his cheerful demeanor replaced with a serious tone taking over his voice.

“W-what?” You asked confused, slipping out of his grasp and walking to a mirror to see them for yourself. 

As you were admiring the speckles of stars scattered in your eyes Leon came into the room, “The King is calling  for you two. What did you both do now?” He asked. although when you turned to look at him he was silenced by the sight before him- you had stars.

Making your way to the heavens to the King, you noticed how many gods just shied away from you both as you appeared before the King. “So I assume you both have noticed the gift I left you?” The king asked, tilting his head to the side with a smile on his face. You both were confused at the gesture when the King reminded you, “I don’t give out gifts freely.”


You and Dui were at your apartment when you were trying to get up from the couch when you fell back down, clutching your face, “Urghh.” You moaned as Dui tried to look at your face, but you wouldn’t let him as you said the pressure helped to relieve some pain. Sensing that this wasn’t a normal human occurrence, Dui took you to the heavens.

Arriving, the King was already waiting for the two of you as he told Dui to remove Maria’s hands. When he did he saw a sea of stars in her eyes as she blinked a couple of times from the lingering pain.

“Why does she have stars in her eyes now?” Dui asked.

The King only laughed as he continued, “Do you think I’m cruel enough to kill a powerful goddess. Shame on you Dui.” He scolded, “However, this doesn’t mean I wont be asking for favors now and again.

Ichthys (he’s not even out yet how am I even-):

Itchy’s was just about to leave his room when Maria came bursting in, “Itchthys please tell me this is another prank!” You called, running so your faces were right in front of each other. He was about to retort when he was caught by your eyes, the stars in them dances across so beautiful.

“That-that wasn’t me.” He said, gripping onto your shoulders to get a closer look, “Are they real?” Although you had no answer for the question, Ichthys whirled you away to the heavens to ask the King.

“Of course they are real.” The King said with a smug look on his face, “I did you a favor.”

“Haha, thanks!” Ichthys said rather quickly, taking your arm and walking away briskly in fear that the King would continue talking.

“Leaving so soon?” He asked, causing a cold sweat to go down Ichthys back as he turned with a grin, 

“Why would I be?” He asked, scratching the back of his head and making sure you were kept close to him.

“Remember, those stars are mine Ichthys. Not yours to play around with.”

I wanted to leave it a a cliff hanger. Maybe make a part two about the King trying to take the stars back? Consider them prologues maybe, I don’t know? Sorry that they’re short and if you don’t like it!

(06/11/2016) Irving Plaza Set List

The Killers - Runaways
Hozier - From Eden
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe / Demi Lovato - Confident - Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
Usher - Nice & Slow
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Bruno Mars - Young Wild Girls
Radiohead - Creep
Bonnie Raitt - I Can’t Make You Love Me
Adele - All I Ask
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself
Heart - What About Love (w/ Carrie Manolakos)
Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (w/ Carrie Manolakos)
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes / RENT - Your Eyes
Coldplay - Fix You
Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Photoshoot + Interview: James Bay for MATCHESFASHION.COM

The Shoot: James Bay SS15 | MATCHESFASHION.COM

For a man who is very much in the eye of a storm, James Bay exudes a remarkable sense of calm. The 24-year-old has, in the space of a year, gone from unknown to a place on the BBC’s Sound Of 2015 list – Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Haim, Jessie J and Adele all won in previous years – and then walked away with the Brits Critics’ Choice award in December. He was hand-picked by Christopher Bailey to perform live at the SS15 Burberry Prorsum show: cue a lot of excited tweeting. Anticipation for his debut album, due in early 2015, is understandably mounting.          

There’s something compelling about the disparity between the way James Bay looks - young, fine-cheekboned, long-haired - and the way he sings: a gravelly, bluesy rasp that seems to belong to someone much older, substantially more grizzled-looking, and probably not from Hitchin, a market town in southern England, not much noted for its rock ’n’ roll heritage. He claims to have no idea where his voice came from, other than to suggest he’s ‘a failed attempt at copying my favourites’. He seems equally unfazed by the attention surrounding him: it’s the measured confidence of someone who knows he’s good at what he does.

‘My mum was all about Motown and soul, my dad was rock ’n’ roll, the Stones and Bruce Springsteen. They used to fight over the record player when they had friends round: whether they were going to listen to Born To Run or Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder. When I first started playing guitar, my dad played me Layla by Eric Clapton and Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I became obsessed.

‘My friends and I had a good time creating our music scene in Hitchin. There were all these pubs that never put on music. And all of a sudden, we were playing in them. We weren’t even old enough to be there, but they just let it go. We were having some of the greatest nights of our 14-year-old lives. By the time I left when I was 19, I’d done Hitchin to death – musically and in every other way.              

‘If I wasn’t doing music, I’d be drawing and painting. That was my big passion. I was looking into going to art college in London, illustration was my big thing. But then I found out about the British & Irish Modern Music Institute in Brighton, a brilliant excuse for me to not get a job and keep playing guitar. While I was there, my management popped up. They work with James Morrison and John Newman, and they got in touch with the college to see if there was anything worth checking out. They told me it would be a long road, but they wanted to work with me. They put me on at little venues in London and encouraged me to keep writing.

‘I write about human interactions, relationships. I’ve done a bit of sitting out in restaurants and places like that, observing people. The other thing that inspired me was moving out of home, moving on and everything that comes with it. I recorded my debut album in Nashville, with a producer called Jacquire King, who’s worked with Kings Of Leon, Tom Waits and Norah Jones. I just pulled out some of my favourite records and checked out who the producer was and asked him. I didn’t expect him to say he’d love to work with me.

‘I love that pin-drop atmosphere of a venue when it’s the right moment and it’s the right song. So I write towards that, a delicate little guitar, really warm and soft, with a vocal that cuts. I’m a big fan of Ray Lamontagne; he’s one of those one-in-a-million diamond-in-the-dust artists. But when I was 16, 17, I was playing along to Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, and that amplified sound is the other end of me. The Born To Run moment, playing a song like it’s the last time I’ll play it, singing a song like it’s the last time I’ll sing it.   

 ‘I started wearing a hat when I was 20. I was really into the blues player Eric Bibb, and he wore a flat-brimmed hat all the time. A hat just feels very comfortable for me. I like worn-in things, denim, old leather. And the hat is like a little cherry on top, a tiny bit dapper. I like that kind of earthy, bohemian look, like The Band had in the late 1960s. And I liked the way The Kings Of Leon looked in the early days, because they were just going against The Man: they were saying, “You want us to look like a boy band, so we’re going to look like this”.

‘Christopher Bailey at Burberry has been really kind to me, helping me to put my music out there. At the Burberry show, this guy came up to me: big silver hair, a couple of girls with him. He said, “Hey man, you’ve got a great set. I’d love to shoot you some time. What’s your name? James Bay? Nice to meet you.” And then he walked off. Everyone around me was gasping and I said, “What? Who’s that guy? Why’s there such a buzz?” And they said, “It’s Mario Testino”. I thought, “Yeah, I know the name, but…” Then I went home, looked him up and thought: “Now, I get it.”’

Quick-fire questions

What’s the last good book you read?
 ‘Another Country by James Baldwin. Every line in it felt like it could be a song.’

What record makes you dance?
‘Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, no question.’

Cash or card?
‘Cash. A card’s a piece of plastic and something to do with computers, which I don’t understand.’

Where’s the best place to spend the weekend?
‘I’d like to be surprised with somewhere completely different. My girlfriend Lucy is pretty great at that kind of stuff.’

anonymous asked:

Karno smut please

A continue from the jealousy smut

Karno POV
I wake up with heavy head. Wait, why am I naked? Oh yes, I got jealous and end up drinking too much. Then _____ brought me back to my room and we …. Did I really fallen asleep? Come to think about it, she not in my room. Is she really angry with me? Jeez, what an idiot I am.

I quickly put on my clothes and rush out but to see Leon in the living room. He is smirking when he saw me walk in. “That goldfish leave the mansion last night with sulky face. What have you done? Don’t tell me you fall asleep half way through?” Leon smirked. “Oh! By the way, you have to wait if you thinking of looking for her. The king calls for us.” Leon smirked. He totally got me but I am not going to respond to him. I guess I have no choice but to go to heaven. I can’t disobey the king’s order.

In the evening
You saw Karno waiting for you when you finished your work. You pretend not to see him and tried to divert your direction. However, he found you and grabs you on your arms.

“I am sorry for last night. I got drunk because of my jealousy. Will you forgive me?” Karno pleaded but you continue to ignore him.

He then snaps his fingers and the next thing you know, you are in a meadow surrounded by tall grass. It is the place he brought you when he is giving you the special training to understand the Gods’ duties. You then heard Karno snaps his fingers and a mat is on the ground. He then has you sat on the ground with him and he snaps his fingers again. A lot of Queen of the Night flowers start blooming and surrounded the both of you. It was so beautiful that you can’t take away your eyes.

“Like it?” Karno whispered into your ear and you nodded your head happily. “Can you forgive me?” Karno caresses your cheeks gently and look at you passionately. There is no way that you can still be angry with him after he did all these for you.

“That night when we were first here, I really wanted to kiss you but I control myself. Tonight, I am not going to hold back.” Karno whispered gently and his lips almost touching yours.

“Aren’t we supposed to enjoy the view of Queen of the Night? It’s going to gone pretty soon.” You whispered gently back to him and place peck kiss on his lips.

“I have used my power to extend their life span for tonight.” Karno whispered in between kiss.

“For how long?” You asked in between kisses.

“For as long as I make love with you.” Karno whispered and pushed you down on the mat. “I am going to make up to you for last night.” He continued.

Karno deepen his kiss and you can feel his hands caress your body over your clothes. His hand makes it way down and caresses your inner thighs. He then slowly makes it way upward and rubs your clitoris over your panties. “You are already wet.” Karno teased. He then slips his hands underneath your panties and pulls it down skilfully. You heard him unzip his trousers and pull down together with his boxer.

He hovers on top of you and moves his hand to the zipper at your dress and slowly pulls it down, with his lick still lock with yours. “Karno, we are in open area.” You whispered in between kiss.

“It is alright. No one is here.” Karno replied with ragged voice and put out your dress from you. He then moves to unhook your bra and remove instantly. You already lost yourself in his kisses and move your hands to remove his shirt as well. Now both of you are naked and you can’t believe you are having sex with him in open area.

Karno moves his kisses to your breasts, sucking licking aggressive while his feet rubbing against your calf. You wraps your arms around him tightly, caresses his naked back to his butt. He slips his legs in between your legs and spread it wide apart. You moved your legs and wrap it around his waist while he penetrates deep into you.

“Arghh..” Both of you moaned at the same time. He moves his kisses back to your lips and embraces you tightly in his arms. He then starts oscillating his hips against you, thrusting his member back and forth with fast pace, hitting all your sensitive spots.

“Arghh…Arghh…Karno…Mmm..” You moaned and dug your nails against his back, while moving your kiss to his earlobe.

“Arghh…Arghh…Arghh…” Karno moans and move his kiss to the nape of your neck. You can feel his ragged breathing as he increase his speed below rubbing your inner wet wall with his thick hard member.

You are already in ecstasy with your mind fill with Karno and you soon feel his body shiver above you. You feel his hot semen keeps pouring deep into your womb nonstop.

“Aggh..Can I have more of you? Mmm…” Karno gasp while keep thrusting inside you to ensure every drop of his sperm is empty inside you.

You wanted more too and you simply answering by placing your lips over his. Karno snaps his fingers and bring both of you back to your apartment while more sweet night begin from there.