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She’s Weird Like That Playlist:

1. There’s No Use In Trying Anymore- Acid Ghost//2. All My Only Dreams- The Wonders//3. Angela- The Lumineers//4. Atlas- Coin//5. Calling All My Lovelies- Bruno Mars//6. A Change Of Heart- The 1975//7. I Don’t Wanna Dance- Coin//8. Finesse- Bruno Mars//9. Graveyard Whistling- Nothing But Thieves//10. I Want You- Kings Of Leon//11. Liability- Lorde//12. No More Sad Songs- Little Mix//13. Now- Paramore//14. Empty- Olivia O'Brien//15. Hard Times- Paramore//16. Perfect- Selena Gomez//17. Playing God- Paramore//18. Rich Girl- Gwen Stefani//19. Consideration- Rihanna ft. SZA//20. Same Ole Mistakes- Rihanna//21. Sober- Selena Gomez//22. Sometimes- Ariana Grande//23. Soundcheck- Catfish and the Bottlemen//24. Touch- Little Mix//25. Way Down We Go- Kaleo//🌵

Sex on Fire

author’s note: This story idea came from a video of Shawn dancing to Kings of Leon (gosh love that band!!!). And I thought why not make an imagine based on one of their songs. Also, thank you for @shawnrmendes​ for firing that up too ❤ feedback is very welcomed x



It hasn’t been a long way down to our relationship with Shawn, maybe only four months. We had become so far that we were almost hitting these points where we wanted to transpire our sensual parts. Yes, the kisses that we had already or the touches we have put on our skins were already very sensual to us but there was this one thing we wanted to experience—the sexual part of our life.

Shawn and I were laying on the bed, watching House of Cards. It wasn’t that intense anymore but Shawn was so concentrated into that. I was getting tired of it so I stood up and slided to the living room, taking my phone with mine. Shawn didn’t even make a movement when I slipped away from the room.

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i am blessing you all with this tbt of van kissing the presenter’s hand and bob hugging everyone and van being awkward with the shortest speech ever made so your welcome

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Fav bands??

the strokes, kings of leon, daughter, bon iver, the verve, nirvana, oasis, the 1975, the story so far, the smiths, two door cinema club, the doors, the kooks, arctic monkeys, joy division, la dispute, muse, the rolling stones, morrissey, the beatles, the clash, green day, neck deep, brand new, citizen, basement, seahaven, led zeppelin, don broco, magnolia electric co, knuckle puck, from indian lakes, pink floyd,  cold war kids, sterophonics, royal blood, the black keys,  hole, biffy clyro, cage the elephant, the cure, catfish and the bottlemen, the kinks, nothing but thieves, bright eyes, simon & garfunkel, radiohead, the velvet underground, lonely the brave, the smashing pumpkins, t. rex, editors, flatsound, the white stripes, band of horses, pixies, have mercy, the xcerts, hot bodies in motion, the strokes, sigur rós, fatherson, turnover, the enemy, broder daniel, colour revolt, moose blood, phoenix, tame lmpala, blur, the stone roses, new order, placebo, peace, mystery jets, the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die.