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I am pretty sure some of you guys have already read the article that was written about B.A.P on a French Magazine when they went to Paris for their PARTY BABY Tour. All I have to say that I was quite frustrated on what was written about them even though they were interviewed personally, they still have the very guts to write such demeaning article.

Yes, the lawsuit may have done them wrong but in my opinion, I’m quite happy they did that lawsuit because they need to stand up for what they believe is right especially when you are working for an entertainment agency, you need such agreement that will allow you to work at a schedule that would not cause so much of a harm to you physically and pay you correctly. Yes, the lawsuit made them lose their so called “popularity” but in my opinion, popularity is nothing to them. This is where I’ll go on ahead to talk about the passion of music that B.A.P have that many other groups may seem to lack.

B.A.P has this passion that other groups may not have. Yes, idols have passion towards what they release out in the industry but it seems to me that the music that are released are music that is trying to out-beat other idols music making it becoming a trend of music instead of music that speaks about the idols themselves, meaning a music that speaks to their own heart or life. 
B.A.P has released many passionate songs that speaks truly about their own personal life from their albums to solo songs (SoundCloud, LIVE Performance).

Yongguk has written so many songs about things that are going around the world (society), that at first listen, it is hard to grasp what it is trying to convey but the more you listen and pay attention to the lyrics, it is an emotional song. The members too have helped and composed their own songs by writing whatever is within their heart and aren’t afraid to let us listen to it. I noticed that Zelo’s composition are mostly about himself of being in the industry at a very young age and what he went through in the world (song: “no title” & “blessing”). 

Ever since they debuted, B.A.P has always experimented with different genres which I totally love because it is not your every day usual K-pop trendy songs that are very catchy. The ultimate different genres that you are able to listen is in the album < NOIR >. Different genres are blended in together that you cannot really know unless you pay attention to it. 

In my opinion, no. What’s really important is ones music. Like I said at the top, passion towards music is very important because without passion, how can you continue to create such amazing songs?

Why I say it’s an “honor of stanning B.A.P”? It is an honor because B.A.P is still B.A.P even after the whole lawsuit. They never gave up even though it was evident that there was no returned but they kept trying. They not only supported each other but BABYz also during their hardest day. They tried to communicate to us (especially Daehyun) to tell us that “EVERYTHING IS OKAY” when really they were hurting in and out. 

Their accomplishment may not be recognized by the whole nation or world, but we recognized them. Their angel hearts of donating and how they inspired many of us to do the same to the least fortunate. 

They inspire many people to continue “living” when they were about to give up. They are very humble about the winnings they get saying that their winnings is not about them but for the fans who worked hard. They are loving and caring not to only each other but to their fans. 

They are basically an inspiration to everyone and especially to me.

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Minimalist Stephen King book covers illustrated by Jim Tierney 😍 there’s more, but these nine were some of the first books I read when I started getting into horror years ago, and I just had to blog about their new look 💝

My King || Taehyung

Request - hey! can I ask for a King!Taehyung au wherein he’s married but he’s like “I will never stop loving you.“ ?? smut. thank you! :–)            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jeon Jungkook)

Genre - King! AU, smut, kind of fluff

Summary - Being the Queen’s sister, also the King’s sister-in-law, you have an exceptional place in the King’s heart and he proves it to you.

It had been a year since your older sister and the king of the Silla Dynasty had gotten married and a year and a half since you had been his mistress. You often found your position in his Court laughable.

Obviously, your sister didn’t know about it, and sometimes, it did hurt you that you had to hide away such a hideous truth as this from her. But then Taehyung, the king - and your lover - would sweetly convince you that for love, there are things that need to be let go; things that deserve to be hidden. After all, everything happened for a reason.

For one, you hated - no - despised the fact that you had to live in his castle as his mistress. You had, for so long, wanted to either live as his wife, or just break all ties with him and go back to your father’s kingdom. Although the latter seemed rather torturous to your young heart.

But then, not too long ago, Taehyung’s father, called you to his chamber and informed you that you were to marry the youngest prince, Jungkook. Now, he was great and all. You wouldn’t deny that Jungkook was a sweetheart and if you ever did marry him, he would take care of you. In fact, you saw this as a perfect opportunity for you to actually ‘redeem’ your life that you lived as a mistress and get to live with someone who would give their undivided attention to you.

But, you knew this was somewhere close to impossible. You were deeply in love with the king himself, and knowing Taehyung, the last thing he would allow is you getting married to his younger brother. So, you decided to meet Jungkook first.

You were on your way to Jungkook’s chamber, when a hand pulled you into a secluded basement room, another hand clamping your mouth shut. You began thrashing around but then heard a familiar voice, “Y/N, it’s me!”

You stopped thrashing instantly, your eyes still wide from the momentary shock.

He left your arm and you turned around, staring at him with an appalled look, “You scared me, Jungkook! What are you- why are we in the basement?” You looked around, only a flame not far away, illuminating the room.

“I have something to tell you.” He looked at you with scared and unsure eyes, and you nodded your head, your eyebrows furrowed.

“Father told me about the engagement. He wants us to marry and all that. But, Y/N, I’m sorry…I can’t marry you.” He said. You simply stared at him, and he averted his gaze from yours as though he thought you would get really upset about his confession. But, you felt the absolute opposite. You tried to stifle it at first, but the more guilty Jungkook got, it was a handful more hilarious.

You laughed out loud, making him look at you with raised brows, “You’re laughing?”

“Of course, Jungkook. I was coming to ask if you really wanted this marriage or not myself.” You told him, another laugh escaping your lips as he let out a heavy sigh of relief before chuckling. It really did seem he was worried about you. Your heart warmed at that.

“But-” You calmed yourself down, your stomach hurting from laughing too much, “-what’s the reason, if I may ask?”

His smile faltered a little before he stretched his lips again, “I have given myself to another person already. It is her who I want to marry. Besides, I know Taehyung and you have something going on.” He smirked, now it being your turn to raise your eyebrows. It was inevitable: the coloring of your cheeks and the quickening of your pulse before panic set it. It always happened at the mention of you and Taehyung.

“What, Jungkook, how did you-” You panicked, but he laughed. He held your shoulders, “Don’t worry, Y/N. Hyung told me all about it. We’re much closer than you think. Also, not to offend you, but, he’s right, Noona can be a snob sometimes.” He looked at you apologetically. You smiled, a fist of guilt clenching your heart, “I know. She- she gets…violent sometimes.” You agreed, referring to your sister’s short temper.

You both walked out of the basement and into the corridor, where you both conversed about new things and all kinds of gossip that were trending in the palace. Among that wide range of topics, you’d even decided with him that the two of you would let his father know you weren’t going to marry each other.

“But what will I tell him?” He looked at you with worried eyes. You thought for a while before you said, “Why don’t you tell him the truth?”

Jungkook looked at you as though you had asked him for his head, “No, no, no. I couldn’t. Father would never let me-”

“Look, Jungkook…although I’m not his daughter, I can still say that he would still take your decision to consideration. He’s your father.” You smiled at him as your hand went to rest on his cheek, caressing it lovingly. He sighed, “Okay…I’ll try.”

With that he was gone to talk to his father, and you went your way, deciding to take a stroll in the palace grounds.

As you trudged about in the garden, your hand feeling all of nature’s work, occasionally smelling the flowers that bloomed, your thoughts wandered to Taehyung.

Maybe it was time that you cut it off with him. It was already time for them to bear a child who would be Taehyung’s successor. And you didn’t trust yourself to be able to take it well when that would occur.

It would all be for your, Taehyung’s and your sister’s good. No child would want to find out their father didn’t love their mother. That would be a nightmare, for everybody involved.

As you walked along the flower bed, you heard a male voice, whom you unmistakably recognized as Taehyung’s. Inhaling deeply, you decided you might as well end it right then and there.

You followed in the direction of his voice and you almost ran to him when you noticed he was talking to someone.

“Darling, you know we decided for later. Why do you want a child all of a sudden?” His voice stayed nonchalant as he stared at your sister who had her back facing him.

“I’m sure your father is expecting a grandchild, because I know my father is. We don’t have to do what we decided before marriage.” She spat, turning around to face him. You crept behind the bushes so you were looking at both of them from the side, neither having noticed they had a pretty nosy spectator.

“But I prefer we do as we planned. It would-”

“Do you not love me anymore? Is that why you are delaying?” She walked to him, her chin tilted so she was looking him in the eyes, but he didn’t look down at her, he simply stared straight ahead.

“Of course I love you, my dear. I just-” He began but your sister grabbed his robes, making him look down at her.

“Then prove it to me.” You heard her whisper before pulling him down to kiss his lips, an audible gasp leaving your lips which thankfully went unnoticed by the couple. Your heart ached, as you watched them and their lips mold with each other’s. You knew he loved you, and not her, yet, you could never ignore the emptiness that begins to form inside you as you witnessed such things.

You got up from your crouched position, and began walking away, a tear slipping your eye. You would talk to him later.

“Y/N, when did you get here?” You heard your sister call you. Your heart, legs, and mind, stopped working all together. You stayed frozen, only your hand moving up to your face to wipe the tear from your cheek. You turned around, a stiff smile plastered on your lips as you looked at the both of them. She was still holding on to his robes and he had an arm around her waist. God, the things you were always put through.

Ignoring all of it, you said, “Oh, I didn’t mean to bother you two. I’ll go.” You were about to turn around when Taehyung called you this time, “Nonsense. Come here, Y/N.” Those words held such deeper meanings that he knew only you could decipher. You limbs ached as you walked to them, a heated feeling surrounding you.

“Yes, my king?” You addressed him, like he usually asked you to when you both were alone and, well…having fun.

He let his lips twitch at the reference, while your sister gave you a judging look. As you and Taehyung talked, your sister missed out on all the secret messages you both conveyed to each other through your eyes or even by just mere words. But your delay in deciphering messages and your half-hearted replies had him feeling concerned.

“Y/N, is there something wrong?” Taehyung noticed your slight hesitation as you replied, “No, your Majesty. Everything is fine.” You smiled, but he didn’t fall for your façade.

“My dear,” Taehyung turned to his wife, “When did you say you will be leaving to meet your Father?” He gave you a side glance and you sighed.

“In an hour.” She said as she took a flower in her hand.

“Are you not joining your sister, Y/N?” He looked at you, clouds of lust already beginning to form in the brown orbs of his.

“No, I’m not.” You said, before telling him you had somewhere to be. You knew you were to go to his chamber in an hour, and until then, you’d practice what to tell him. You bowed, before bidding goodbye to your sister and left.

Sweat began to form on the surface of your palms as you got closer to Taehyung’s chamber, your heart falling to your stomach, an ungodly nervousness building inside you. You repeated the words you had to tell him, and you reminded yourself time and again, that no matter how much he tried to woo you, you would turn around and leave. Just walk out the door.

The door opened before you could even knock and everything that followed right after happened so fast, the words in your mind clouded into an incoherent mess.

And, oh, how hard it was just to get an opportunity to speak as he already had his large hands all over you within seconds of opening and closing the door.

“Taehyung, no. Wait,” You moaned as his hand found your sensitive nub already under your robes. His other hand began untying the knot of silk on your waist, before pulling your robes apart, his lips kissing yours as his hand massaged your breasts. Just walk out the door. Out the door. The door!

You knew it would be too late if you let him take over your feelings, your mind already getting hazy, as his tongue ran it’s tip under your ear, getting a mewl out of your mouth. An image of a door haunted your vision behind your closed eyes and they snapped open again, like you were coming back into a state of consciousness.

“My beautiful Y/N, it has been so long since I last got to feel you like this.” He mumbled as his mouth went down to your breasts, before coming back and picking you up by your legs.

“Taehyung, please-” You were begging but he cut you off again as he kissed you passionately, before settling you on his mattress, him already having gotten rid of his clothes.

He pulled down your robes, exposing your naked body to him, his hand gently caressing the skin wherever it landed on, his tongue licking his lips before leaning down to kiss you. You placed your palms against his chest, stopping him. All of this was driving you mad. Just downright mad.

He pulled away, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you, “Is everything alright, my love? You seem to be troubled since morning.” He eyed you with genuine worry, tears beginning to form at his words in your eyes. Great, you couldn’t even feign anger now.

“No, no, Y/N. Did I cause you pain? Was I not supposed to do something?” His attention was now completely deviated from your naked body to your face, all the lust fading away like mist leaving on a clear day.

“I-I can’t Taehyung…I can’t do this.” You said as your hands came to your face, and you sobbed into them. You felt your heart throbbing from the pain and disdain it was causing you, it being held in for so long and finally let out.

“Why…Y/N, did someone tell you something? You have never been so scared before.” He cooed as he gathered you in his arms, resting your head on his chest, on which you cried. You had to calm yourself down before you trusted yourself to speak, “We can’t keep deceiving my sister like this. You and I have to move on. For her sake and for ours.” You let out a choked sob, his hand caressing your hair gently. You felt him sigh, his breath fanning your hair.

“Y/N, I know you are worried about your sister. And frankly, my love, I am too. That is why I am deciding to break off our marriage. I don’t care if our dynastic succession depends on this. I know my father would understand me if I told him that I love you.” He explained, you having ceased your crying.

“But, what, no-”

“Y/N,” He placed his index finger and thumb under your chin before tilting it up to make you look at him, “I will never, in my life, stop loving you. You are everything to me than I could ever imagine. Losing you would be like losing a part of myself. Besides-” He chuckled, “-My father doesn’t enjoy your sister’s company. He loves you like his own daughter than her.” He smiled at you, before placing a loving kiss on your lips. Things were escalating. And you were finding yourself being pulled into the room further than reaching for that door.

“She’s happy with you, Taehyung-”

“She has been sleeping with my cousin, Y/N.” He said flatly. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Something only you were blind to. So many surprises in such short time; your brain didn’t seem to be wired for these rapid-fire revelations.

“She- what?” You exclaimed as his head dipped into the crook of your neck, beginning to place open mouthed kissed until your breast. The feeling returned, and you could feel that weight being lifted off of your chest in the form of your clothes.

“Yes. I caught her not too many nights ago.” He mumbled against your skin before moving southwards to your throbbing core.

“But, she doesn’t know?” You breathed, your hand going to his hair, tugging at his chocolate brown locks, as his face rested between your thighs.

“Of course she doesn’t. If she did, she wouldn’t have kissed me in the garden today, or asked for a child. It’s her trick.” He said as he ran his tongue the whole length of your sex.

“No, but, why didn’t you- ah -tell her a-anything?” You arched your back as his tongue flicked harder and faster against your sensitive nub, before he began sucking it. Pecking it, he came back up, his nose shining. You almost giggled at the sight.

You gasped as you felt him enter you, “Wouldn’t it be more fun if she caught us and acted all melodramatic, only to let this new information” - He grunted, “You’re so tight, darling” - “disclose in front of my father?” He groaned as he began moving inside you.

“As much…faster, Taehyung. As much as tempting that is, I don’t think I look forward to her catching us.” You let out a breath as you felt the pleasure pool in your stomach, him complying to your request.

He began moving faster, your skin slapping against each other, your legs tightly wrapped around his waist as he leaned in to kiss you, your lips molding into a lustful kiss.

“I agree. We should just focus on not getting caught by the servants right now.” He giggled before his face twisted into a snarl as his movements got sloppier.

A string of profanities left both of your mouths as you both came undone, you screaming out his name as his hand found your clit, overstimulating you, “Taehyung!”

“Mm?” He smirked down at you, before leaning in and pecking your forehead.

“We’ve got a whole day ahead of us, Y/N. And I’d like to use all that time to show you just how much I love you.” He looked at you expectantly.

You relaxed as much as you could, and with exhaustion slightly gripping at you, it wasn’t that hard. But you knew Taehyung had more than just sleeping in mind. So, you indulged him, “Yes, my king.”

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BBC Music Documentary

*Slideshow of musician performing, One Way Or Another by Blondie plays*

Narrator: They were the kings of [genre]

Floating head of best friend from primary school or w/e: When they entered the room the world just stopped

Vampire King

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Filth
Rating: Mature
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts
Wrote for my Unnies


The knife came away from your neck and a singular dark figure you couldn’t make out was sheathing a blade. Then suddenly, the lights went out.

You woke with a start sitting bolt upright and breathing heavy. You were confused by your surroundings. You were in a bed, in a room that had only a closet, a dresser, and a singular large window which moonlight poured into.

“Sleep well?” Cooed a mans voice.

You spun to face him while jumping away from the voice kicking the blankets off of yourself. The man sat crossed legged in a ornate chair with a slight smile dancing on his lips. He dark hair and eyes with a strong jaw that rested just above a black mask he had pulled down around his neck.
“Who are you?” You asked quickly feeling a sudden sense of urgency to escape.

Something about him felt strange, unnatural, and it scared you. The man stood up straightening his collar and removing the mask. “My name is Jimin, and this is my temple,” he said with a smile. “What is your name darling?”

You eyed him suspiciously before answering his question with a question. “You said it’s YOUR temple?”

He frowned slightly before smiling again. “Yes it is my temple, you see I am a god.”

You furrowed your brow thinking about this. Of course you knew there were gods who walked among men, you just never thought you would be in the presence of one.

“You’re a GOD?” you looked him up and down examining him and realizing that he was casually getting closer to you so you took a step back. “A god of what?”

At this he smiled more but didn’t answer. “I’m also a king.”

You started to grow uneasy as he was getting closer and you were backing away. “A king of what?” You said quickly as your back hit the wall.

He shook his head as he stopped right in front of you gently taking your hands in his.
“First,” he said. “Before I tell you those things I would like to know your name little lady.”

You shivered slightly wishing you could get away, melt into the wall, or something. “Okay fine. My name is Y/N.” You said taking a breath.

His lips curled into a smile and he brought your hands to his lips and gently kissed them. “Nice to meet you Y/N.” he said.

You immediately pulled your hands away and tucked them behind your back straightening up your posture and puffing up your chest to try and look confident and unintimidated by him, even though he was at least six inches taller than you. “I answered your question now answer mine.”

He chuckled at you trying to be brave. “You’re a feisty one aren’t you.” He curled his lips into a toothy grin to show two sharp fangs amongst his regular teeth. “I’m the King of vampires…darling.”

You barely dared to breath but tried to remain calm. “So…what are you the god of?” At this point you weren’t sure id you wanted to know but still you asked.

Instead of answering though, he laughed and got closer pressing himself against you and whispering into your ear ever so softly with his hands holding your waist. “I don’t think you’re ready to know yet.”
He then stepped away just as you were trying to push him away.

He looked slightly confused that you rejected him. Him being that close like that had rattled you. Half scared and admittedly half thrilled by his actions you shuddered and crossed your arms scowling. “What do you mean you don’t think I’m ready to know yet?”

“It’s nothing.” He said blankly eyeing you in a strange manner. Like something wasn’t right with you. “You’re still covered in blood, there’s a change of clothes for you in the closet.” He spoke softly, his strange sense of confidence suddenly having evaporated. He turned away from you and walked across the room pulling open the door and exiting the room. Leaving you, dumbfounded, to yourself.

You left the room shortly after you had changed. There was no way to escape the temple from that room due to the fact it was about five stories up and the walls were slick with rain.
Besides it was still dark and the woods were dangerous at night.

You walked through the halls alone examining the lavish temple. Your new clothes, a simple white and flowing shirt and dark jeans felt nice and you were sure you’d never worn something so expensive.

“How in the hell do I get out of here?” You muttered to yourself quietly.

Suddenly a voice sounded behind you with equal quietness. “Why do you want to leave so badly?”

You cringed and stopped walking slowly turning to face Jimin who looked at you with curiosity.

“B-because,” You stammered. “Why would I stay here?”

“Why wouldn’t you? Where else do you have to go?” He asked you. You thought about his words. He had a good point.

You were wanted in seven different states and two or more countries for thievery. You were low. You were nothing and had nowhere to go. And he knew it.

He cautiously took your hand and smiled at you. “I wouldn’t mind the company, it’s lonely here with just the monks and I.”

You looked up at him and frowned. “I’ll stay…for the night. Just one night, while I make up my mind.” You said.

At this he smiled, a genuine smile, and squeezed your hand lightly. “As you wish Y/N.”

After giving you a full tour of the temple, Jimin insisted you let him make dinner for you and since you were feeling rather hungry, didn’t refuse.

You sat up on the table looking around while Jimin prepared chicken of some sort. The clock on the wall told you it was midnight and you yawned stretching your arms.
“Don’t you get tired?” You asked brushing hair away from your face.

He barely glanced over at you and shrugged. “No, I don’t get tired, I don’t sleep.”

You said nothing more and merely watched him cook. He had changed his clothes, he was now wearing a plain black tank top that showed off his muscular arms and what looked to you like they could have been yoga pants or something. It was a far less intimidating outfit then his previous dark leather clothing that he had been originally wearing.
He noticed you staring and looked back at you holding your gaze.

You realized you had been staring and quickly looked away pretending to be very intrigued by the table you were sitting on.

You heard him chuckle before saying, “How are your injuries?”
You absentmindedly reached up and touched your neck where it had been cut to feel that the blood had dried and hardened into a protective layer.

“Um, it’s fine. I forgot about it honestly.” You said with a shrug.

He put down the cooking utensil he had been using and strode over to you. You eyes him wearily unable to tell if his actions were threatening. He gave a reassuring smile and gently lifted your chin upwards with one finger to look at the cut. “I tried to heal you…with magic I mean but for some reason, it didn’t work.” He brought his hand away from your face and looked at you with his eyes full of curiosity.

You were unable to meet his gaze and stared off at a distant spot on the table and merely shrugged.

“Why couldn’t I heal you?” He asked as he gently traced a finger along the side of your face.

“I dunno.” You muttered and tilted your head away from the touch of his hand.

He merely looked thoughtful as he took a last long gaze at you and then he turned and went back to cooking.

You entered the room Jimin originally had you in about a quarter past one in the morning after eating a good meal in which Jimin merely watched you the entire time. It was weird.

Yawning and unable to keep your eyes open, you collapsed onto the bed looking up at the ceiling. The world seemed to spin and you fell into sleep…

You woke with a start laying flat on your back looking up towards the ceiling, no blankets to cover you. Your thoughts were cut off by a loud howling sound from outside the window. You looked over, faint light flooded through the curtains and you felt very cold.

You swung your feet off the bed and walked over to the window pulling open the curtains to see a horrendous snow storm raged outside and your heart sunk. No way could you leave and go out into that.

And yet…a part of you was glad and you weren’t sure why.

You made your way down the halls shivering as the winds howled outside. You felt alone and cold as your bare feet padded down the hall, you started to worry.

What if Jimin had left? Your worries were soon put to rest when you stumbled upon a door that light poured out from underneath. You sighed with relief and put your hand on the door, hesitating before pushing it open.

When the door was open it felt like summer had suddenly washed over you. You were now standing in a beautifully lit and comfortably warm bathhouse.
A couple monks wandered about moving towels and such.
You approached one cautiously shutting the door behind you.
“Ummmm, excuse me have you seen Jimin?”

The monk nodded and pointed to a stall looking thing which a curtain was drawn across.
“Thanks.” You said politely and made your way over.

You weren’t sure why you were looking for him really. I guess you just didn’t want to be alone.
You took a breath pushing the curtain aside and stepping inside.

“Jim…oh.” You started to say his name then stopped as you took in the sight before you.

There was an elegantly designed hot tub built into the floor and Jimin stood beside it with only a towel around his waist.

“Very sorry I didn’t mean too barge in like this I’ll just uh…” You had quickly turned your head away towards the wall as your face flushed and turned red.

Jimin was caught off gaurd slightly but he chuckled. “It’s quite alright Y/N.” And with that he turned back to the tub and let his towel fall as he stepped into it. “Feel free to join me if you want.”

You stared at the ceiling intently fumbling for words. “No that’s, um, I mean…I don’t want to disturb…”

He cut you off holding up his hand. “You’re not disturbing me, I’d be glad for the company. So long as your not uncomfortable.”

You glanced over at him for a second. His back was facing you and he was completely submerged in the water other than his chest and rest of his upper body. “I’m not uncomfortable.” You said uncertainly as your face beet red. Fortunately he couldn’t see that.

“Well then please by all means.” He said motioning to the water.

Grumbling to yourself, you pulled off your shirt and jeans leaving you in your bra and underwear then you cautiously walked to the tubs edge.

He turned his head to look at you. You could see he was eyeing you the way a predator might eye its prey.

You tried not to look at him and dived into the water submerging yourself to hide your body.

When you popped your head back up to the surface he was no longer looking at you but instead, he had his eyes closed and head tilted back enjoying the water.

You stayed where you were and gazed for a long time at him until you realized you were once again staring so you looked away swimming to the edge of the hot tub where there was a seat built into it.

The both of you sat there in silence for a long while before he spoke.“ Why are you so weary of me?” He asked softly and opened his eyes again to look at you. “You don’t have to be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you, you know.”

You looked over at him meeting his gaze. As your eyes met you felt something stir inside you. An odd fluttery feeling that you hadn’t really felt before. It made you blush and you looked away embarrassed and muttering. “I’m not afraid of you Jimin.”

“Even though I’m a god? And vampire?” He questioned you.

You hesitated, it was odd to think of him as someone as powerful as he obviously was. Odd to think that someone as powerful as he was would be in your presence. “You know…” You said finally. “You never told me what you were a god of.”

Now it was his turn to hesitate his brow furrowed in thought. “Well you see I’m the god of love and pleasure.” He looked up at you to see your reaction as if he was uncertain.

You really were not all that surprised, being the way he acted and spoke. If he were a god of anything else then you would have been surprised. “Interesting.” You said simply.

He tilted his head turning his gaze away from you again. “You’re very different…I don’t understand. Usually I can…” He stopped and pursed his lips.

“Usually you can what?” You asked relaxing a little. It felt more casual now. Now that he seemed uncertain.

“Usually it’s easy to…well seduce women, with the use of magical persuasion and to be honest I have tried it countless times on you but nothing.” He said with a sigh glancing at you apologetically.

You were a little taken aback at the statement but you just sighed as well sinking deeper into the water so only your head poked above the water. “I’m immune to magic…any form of it.” I said with a sad tone.

“I’m listening.” He said folding his arms over his chest.

You looked over at him then gave a shrug. “I was sold me into slavery when I was five, after my parents died. I was bought at an auction by the master of the Blood Clan temple because my blood is very valuable and has many different properties. So he kept me to drain me…to sell my blood.” A singular tear fell and you wiped it away quickly. “But I escaped.”

Jimin regarded you with a serious but also gentle gaze. “You’re safe with me.” He said. “If you’ll choose to stay.”

You nodded slowly keeping your gaze on the water. He smiled and before you knew it he was by your side and wrapping his arms around your middle. Your whole face turned red as you remembered he was completely naked and you yourself was only in your underwear and bra.
“Um…Jimin, what are you doing?” You asked.

“Comforting you.” He replied with an almost childlike giggle as he pulled you closer so your body was pressed against his, his head resting atop yours.

“But Jimin you’re…” You tried to say.

“I’m what? Naked? You don’t need to be shy with me Y/N.” he stated.

Your face turned redder at the statement, it felt like you might burn up. “Yes but…”

Jimin cut you off pulling away slightly and putting a finger to your lips saying softly, “Shh, no words my darling.”

You looked up at him dumbfounded and feeling smaller and more embarrassed then you ever had in your life. So you just nodded. Then he leaned in close cupping your face and bringing his lips to yours pulling you into a deep kiss.

But eventually the kiss did end and he let go of your face pulling back away from you and sliding his hands back down around your waist.
“Come to my room with me.” He whispered to you sliding his hands down further to cup your rear.

At this you shivered. Happy little shivers that crept down your spine and moved all through you. I nodded slowly holding his gaze fighting the urge to bite my lip.

As soon as I nodded he lifted you up by your rear and instinctively you wrapped your arms around his neck and legs around his waist. You could feel his growing erection pressing against your crotch which caused more pleasant shivers through you.

He let out a playful growl and began planting little kisses all on your neck and chest as the world blurred around you and suddenly you were with Jimin in a large and astonishingly beautiful room.

“What?” You looked around confused and Jimin laughed.

“Sorry, had to use teleportation. Didn’t want to wait anymore.” Jimin said then as he licked up your neck long and slow all the way to your lips which he then traced with his tongue.

“Oh, I see.” You giggled as he licked on your lips.

He took the opportunity while you were talking to gently slip his tongue into your mouth kissing you deeply. You held onto him tightly gripping the back of his head not wanting it to end. You felt his lips curl into a smile right before he pulled his face away from yours and tossed you gently back onto the bed while he stood at the foot of it.

You lay there as more pleasurable chills shot through you. He studied you for a while tilting his head then grinned at you mischievously snapping his fingers. When he did, your underwear and bra vanished and suddenly you were completely naked before him.

“Oh god.” He groaned licking his lips.

You blushed heavily. To be studied in such a manner as he was studying you as you lay there was beyond thrilling and you were at this point very very aroused. “I bet you’ve never sucked a gods dick before.” He said with a coy smile.

“N-no.” You stammered glancing at his now fully erect penis but trying not to stare.

“Well…you can if you want to.” He said almost shyly, still looking intently at you. Taking in every detail.

You nodded and sat yourself up scooting to the edge of the bed in front of him. His penis was right in front of you and you having never done this before, wasn’t exactly sure what to do.

You looked upwards at him and bit your lip. “I’ve never done this before…” You said worried how he might respond.

“Hmm, it’s okay you just keep looking right at me and put that dick in your mouth.” He said looking at you with a desperate hunger in his eyes.

You nodded again and did as he said, looking at him the whole time, you wrapped your lips around the head and took him into your mouth little by little till you couldn’t take anymore.

At the first touch of your mouth around his dick he let out a little moan seemingly great fun for the touch of your lips. It wasn’t long before you started sucking and licking up and down his shaft like a pro. Teasing and pleasuring him.

“I bet you’re so wet.” He groaned grabbing the back of your head and pushing more of his dick into your mouth.

All you could do was groan a response, your mouth was so full of his dick. He let go of the back of your head and you slid your mouth off of him.

“Get on all fours.” He said, almost demanding but with a hint of pleading. “I need you right now.”

“Yes Jimin.” You said and bit your lip rolling over and getting on all fours.

He crawled up onto the bed behind you and without warning smacked your ass hard causing you to Yelp a little and then giggle.

“I know you want it.” He said with a growl grabbing you by your hips and positioning his dick at the entrance to your soaking wet pussy.

You nodded vigorously still biting on your lip. “Yes I do want it so badly.”

“Well here you go.” He grabbed your hips right pulling you back towards him at the same time he thrusted forward causing him to slam into you hard.

You let out a small cry as the force broke your hymen.

“Oh my god you’re tight.” He groaned starting to move in and out of you slowly.

It was a little painful at first but grew to be less as he moved in and out of you in a steady rhythm. He licked slowly up your back starting to pick up the pace. Your wetness dripped down your thighs coating his dick while he groaned.
Your small cries and whines soon turned to moans of pleasure while he fucked you.

You could feel him going deeper inside you with every stroke and he started going harder. And harder. Till he was pounding into you so hard it made your breasts bounce underneath you and You were moaning louder, begging for him to make you cum.

A couple times he smacked your ass while he fucked you. Making sure to go hard and deep inside you.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” He groaned and you felt his grip tighten on your sides.

“Oh god yes Jimin, cum inside me.” You half moaned half panted.

He reached down and put his hand to your clit rubbing it hard. The action sent you over the edge, sending an electric butterfly through you causing you to cry out as a wave of immense pleasure shot through you and making your hips buck and even more hot wetness drip down your thighs.

Jimin groaned, your orgasm triggering his own and suddenly you felt his hot warm cum fill you up, mixing with your own. He slowed his thrusts to a stop. Shooting every last bit of cum he had to offer deep inside of you.

“Oh my god that was amazing.” You moaned now feeling ready to collapse.

Jimin giggled a little slowly sliding out of you.
“You got so wet.” He said stroking your thighs his dick still erect. “Lay down on your back so I can clean you up.”

“Mmhm.” You moaned and happily obliged, rolling onto your back and spreading out your legs.

He immediately put his head between your legs and started licking and sucking up his and your cum combined in your pussy.

You giggled, every lick sending waves of pleasure through you. He soon finished, licking up every last bit, and slid upwards laying atop you and stroking your breasts looking at you earnestly before kissing your neck and whispering in your ear, “Will you do me the honor of becoming my queen?”

A smile crept to your face and you whispered back softly. “Yes, I will be your queen.”

Kings and Queens

Originally posted by bwiseoks

👑 Genre: Romeo and Juliet(ish)AU! (Fluff, Smut)

👑 Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

👑 Word Count: 7.2k

You sigh as you look down at the mask sitting in your lap. It has purple jewels spreading across the front, and a golden feather coming from the right side. Golden jewels on the corners of both eyes. On the back was a golden strap that was used to hold the mask to your face.

Your mother had stuffed you into a corseted gown, with purple material covered in black lace. The edges of the corset adorned with golden trimmings. Your hair rolled up in tight curls, put up half way with too many bobby pins for you to keep track of. This is so ridiculous…. you thought as the make up artist your mother hired for this event put the finishing touches on your face.

“Finished!” She beamed. “Now let us see how it looks with the mask on!”

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My playlist of platonic love (and misc)

As per requested: Here’s some of those 25 songs that are about friendship and family. A few of these are included just because they describe my aromantic experience so well- Like Solo Dance. Pardon me all music-geeks; if I get the genres wrong. Also: Feel free to suggest songs to me! I listen to most kinds of music.

Kodaline - Brother Genre: Radio-friendly guitar rock

Icona Pop - Girlfriend Genre: Pop! This could be about love if you’d want to, or a gun, or as in this cover: two best friends.  

Starley, Ryan Riback - Call On Me Genre: Edm. Doesn’t a lot of us want a friend we could call when we’re down- and be that person in return?

Martin Jensen - Solo Dance Genre: Edm

K.Flay - Thicker Than Dust Genre: Electropop

Foster The People, Lost Kings - Best Friend Genre: Edm

Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth - See You Again Genre: Hip hop/Rap

Bruno Mars - Count On Me Genre: Pop?

Spice Girls - Wannabe Genre: Pop. This one is on the edge of being out of this list- But there’s just something so sweet about them putting so much importance on friendship? 

War - Why can’t we be friends Genre: Idk. Why can’t all people just forget about their differences and be friends? 

Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends Genre: Rock

Andrew Gold - Thank you for being a friend Genre: Idk

Clean Bandit, Sean Paul, Anne-Marie, Shaked - Rockabye Genre: Edm. About a mother who does her best to take care of her child. 

Childish Gambino - 3005 Genre: Hip hop/Rap. According to the artist this is about wanting to spend time with a person (that doesn’t have to be a romantic partner), or just yourself. Very cool!

Moses Sumney - Quarrel Genre: Indie, Alternative. Listen to the text, and you’ll see. From his album “Aromanticism”

Queen - You’re my best friend Genre: Rock. Apparently this was written to the writer’s wife, but since the emphasis is around their friendship I think it still counts.

Bill Withers - Lean on me Genre: Soul? 

Again, please send me music. This playlist can’t be allowed to be this short.

recommended webtoons and reviews!

hey guys so I’ve been really interested in this app called webtoons. I’m sure you’ve heard of it the ads have gone around occasionally. well a lot of the stories on there are extremely good tho I haven’t even read half of them, I’d like to recommend some to you!
over time this will need to be updated but I’m too lazy to do that so here’s a disclaimer :P
DISCLAIMER: this information is accurate as of August 28, 2017 of course it will change over time.

1. I Love Yoo by Quimchee
- genre: romance
- updates every friday
- 21 episodes (so far)
- summary: “Dodged by pain and misfortune from the very beginning, Shin-Ae decides she wants nothing to do with people nor anything to do with romance. Although content with her unsocial, boring, loveless existence, her lifestyle is challenged after she ruins an unsuspecting strangers’ clothes.”
- imo: it’s really good shin-ae is so relatable and the guys are hot af 😫👅 the plot is still progressing but I can tell there’s much to come and it’s exciting

2. Lookism by Taejoon Park
- genre: drama
- updates every sunday & tuesday
- 67 episodes (so far)
- summary: “A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy.”
- imo: one of my absolute favorite webtoons because it gives you a perspective on life. all of the characters are hot and the plot is really good! I really like the art style too

3. unOrdinary by Uru-chan
- genre: fantasy
- updates every thursday
- 60 episodes (so far)
- summary: “The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization…that something needs to change…”
- imo: the plot is definitely real good. cliffhangers keep you on edge and it’s just so good Jesus Christ

4. Bastard by Youngchan Hwang/Carnby King
- genre: thriller
- updates: its finished!
- 93 episodes
- summary: “There’s a serial killer in my house!”
- imo: the plot is very good (once again) and it’s just so good ugh all of these are so good

5. Sirens Lament by instantmiso
- genre: romance
- updates every saturday
- 73 episodes (so far)
- summary: “Content with her ordinary life, Lyra is somewhat of a wallflower. However, her comfortable lifestyle suddenly goes astray when she accidentally plunges into the world of sirens. Entangled in a curse, Lyra will learn that her world may be a lot bigger than she ever imagined.”
- iMo: shon x lyra

6. Midnight Coffee by Red Ram
- genre: romance (BL)
- updates every.. sHrug. it’s still in discover so
- 49 episodes (so far)
-summary: “Two guys. Winter. Coffee.”
- iMo: I have yet to finish this but-

7. God of High School
- genre: action
- updates every friday
- 322 episodes (so far)
- summary: “It all began as a fighting tournament to seek out for the best fighter among all high school students in Korea. Mori Jin, a taekwondo specialist and a high school student, soon learns that there is something much greater beneath the stage of the tournament.”
- iMo: character 👏 development 👏. I love all of the characters in this webtoon!! just a little note tho it’s kinda confusing because there are so many names and so much going on so you may take a couple double takes lmao
I’m also going to list some webtoons that don’t really have a story line but are more comedic

Sarah’s Scribbles
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend
Boyfriend of the dead
wonky webtoons
- what I mean by this is like those webtoons I’m not too fond of but maybe you might like so-

Oh! Holy by Ahyun
- it’s kinda boring??? idk I just didn’t feel like finishing it but the ship is cute

Ecstasy Hearts by SilentMaru
- don’t get me wrong the art is really pretty but the plot is Willy wonky like uh what

feel free to reblog with more suggestions bc I need some!

Goblin King! AU

Genre: This part is some angsty shit with the grandmother but that’s about it, and even then there’s not much. There will be a second part that will wrap it up (the second most likely going to be more filth than plot just an fyi) w/ Goblin King! Jimin

Pairing: Goblin King! Jimin X Reader

Posted: 2/22/17

Words: 2.3k, just a warning it is really long even if it may not seem like it.

Warnings: mature themes, swearing, shitty writing, alternate universe (So Jimin will act different, as well as the other members), winky wonk sturf (not until later), shitty writing, and oh did I mention shitty writing?

Description/Summary - When your stepmother treats you like dirt and tells you that she’s selling your childhood home, the one that held all of the memories you had of your now deceased father, you become enraged, betrayal seeping through your veins. In a fit of a thunderous rage you call upon the Goblin King and beg him to kill her and take you away from your horrible life. Little did you know, he heard your call. But there is a price ;).

A/N: I’m warning y’all now, I haven’t really written in a while so I’m a bit rusty, oh and I’m shit at writing. Yeah I’m just damn trash floating around in a void of more trash that consumes my every being. I also did not edit this, I was hella bored and this happened. I don’t really feel like editing this after 3 days of work on this thing. Let me know if you guys want the other parts, and please be nice.
Also, some ideas are taken from the cinematic genius that is the movie Labyrinth, It has David Bowie in it and it’s one of my favorite movies from my childhood. If you haven’t seen it, set your shit down and go fucking watch it, it’s awesome. I do not own the Goblin King aspect, but most of the other stuff is mine.

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