kings of fandom

  • “Ronan kissed me,” […] “I also kissed him.”
  • […]
  • Everything Ronan had ever said about Adam reconstructed in Gansey’s mind.

(a few days earlier)

Ronan: I’m so fucking in love with Adam Parrish.

Gansey: huh, lol, aren’t we all

Ronan: *puts fist through wall*


You are allowed to like the movie over the stage production. 

You are allowed to walk in a theatre without knowledge of anything.

You are allowed to watch Les Mis, Wicked, Hamilton, or Phantom only and like musicals. 

You are allowed to not be character wannabes.

You are allowed to share the love of musicals without needing to know everything in it. 

I love this kissing scene so much that I’m still screaming of happiness! Kaneki’s finally letting out those emotions repressed inside him and feeling loved for the first time! <3 <3 Thank you Ishida sensei!


“But down in the Underground

               you’ll find someone true

Down in the Underground ..”

Labyrinth songs aesthetic  #1: “Underground” - David Bowie


Just give me a moment to consider how sorry I am

Yeah I’m not.
And yes I did two Easter comics … cause I hate myself.
On my way home now. For those who have celebrations, enjoy, and to everyone reading take care. P.s some people are asking why Nico is glowing, Wills doing that to stop Nico shadow jumping so now he has to run like a normal person. But it’s ok cause he got Wills pants.
Please credit with a @crossroad_c_pettigrew in the description if you choose to repost on instagram, thank you.



[…]“Go to sleep,” Arthur told him softly.

“Yes, my lord,” Merlin said.  And then he slid his fingers between Arthur’s, to clasp his hand.

Arthur pressed his forehead into the back of Merlin’s neck, covering Merlin’s fingers with his own, before lowering their hands to rest upon the cot.

It took some time before Merlin’s breathing calmed. Longer still before he fell asleep.

Arthur knew it did, because he spent the entire time paying attention to how it felt to have Merlin pressed so closely against his body.[…]

                  - And like the cycle of the year, we begin again@katherynefromphilly

(grazie ancora @elokid per star traducendo questa bellezza✧ )