kings of bachata

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If you want to listen to a bop go check out Louis Tomlinson back to you on Spotify

….. I think I’ll stick with the king of bachata lol


Romeo Santos performed at the Yankee Stadium, a history to remember. The only other 3 artists to perform at the stadium were Madonna, Paul McCartney, Metallica, and now Romeo Santos (Dominican-Puertorican Latin singer)…and SOLD OUT TWO SHOWS!

Quoted by Romeo himself “If Madonna, if Paul McCartney, if Metallica can sell out Yankee Stadium…Latinos can sell out this shit too!” *Proud moment for all the Latinos*

Romeo Santos was once in a group called Aventura; who are named the Kings of Bachata. They brought and popularized bachata music, and made it what it is today. Since now going solo for the past couple years he has been named the King of Bachata music. This was a dream come true for me seeing him live. His songs has been played through out my whole life.

Romeo Santos is like the Beyonce of Bachata Music, this man sells out concerts/domes in minutes. I am lucky enough to live right next to the stadium, so you can hear everything!!! And let me tell you there were cars parked every where!!! This weekend is the best this year!!

I went to the one on Friday; which he brought out the legendary artists; Antony Santos, Luis Vargas, Vieja Fefa, and Tego Calderon.

For Saturday he brought out Prince Royce, Marc Anthony, and for the first time in 4 years since performing together, he brought out Aventura!!!! (ughhhh I wish I just my bought ticket for Saturday!!! *insert the saddest emoji on earth!*)