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You wanted a prophecy, this is your prophecy: the man who pulled sword from stone - behold! Your born king!


Prince Charles, on the voice-over, in a deadpan tone: ‘’Seeing this footage for the first time helps us understand where my mother got her sense of fun from and how she passed that on to her own family.’’ Pictured are the family of the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother herself and King George VI

In other words: those Windsors are bat-crap crazy..


This is the letter by Coretta Scott King that Mitch McConnell banned Elizabeth Warren from reading on the Senate floor

Elizabeth Warren, who occupies a windswept patch of real estate in Donald Trump’s brain, was reading a letter written by Coretta Scott King in opposition to Sessions’ nomination for a Federal judgeship. That was in 1986, and he was voted down at least in part due to allegations of racism.

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