kings county asylum

By Photorapper on Flickr.

“For anyone who is at all familiar with the abandoned Kings Park facility, Building 93 is something of a landmark. Built in 1939, to this day it’s one of the tallest structures on Long Island. Most any search done on the hospital will yield a substantial amount of excellent work detailing the structure and its gothic architecture.

So for me the thought was to find an image that provided a perspective somewhat different than what I had seen before.

This was taken behind Building 93 in an area that is somewhat of a valley where a large power generating and warehouse complex operated. I saw the natural elements in the composition as forming an organic whole with the building, almost as if, with the original purpose of the hospital now complete, the trees and vines were taking the mammouth facility into their care.

Lens: 24 mm
ISO: 100

Software: Photoshop 5.1 - Tiffen DFX 3.0 - Photomatrix - NIK Silver Efex Pro”