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I really love your art!! I have a little little wish, can u draw how Marco or Star explain to Cressie, "how baby's come to Mewni"?please, please! I send you a big hug.

have something very half-assed since i still have work to do lol, sorry

You’re too eager, Star.


We’re gonna be l e g e n d s.


Your soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It’s someone who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. 

It’s not the human everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second.

Jonerys Week| Day 1 | My King, My Queen (also a little fluff)



“You won’t ever leave me, will you?”

Jon Snow chuckled as he ran his hand down his queen’s back. She was pressed up against him, her head resting on his chest and her own fingers tracing his scars.

They lay warm in the furs of her bed, their naked bodies cuddled close to each other. 

“Never.” he responded, “I left you once before and it was the worst mistake I ever made.”

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Queen Of Hearts

A/N: Many thanks to @lizzybeth1986, without whom this chapter would not have seen the light of the day. This was  just shameless smut until she pointed out the developments in Liam and MC’s relationship by the time of the Derby race and lawn party. Thank you so much, my dear Hana Lee! 😂❤️️
Title cover belongs to @zigbadboy. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Mmm, cronuts. 😍
I am not quite happy with this chapter but I hope at least some of you like it. Thank you very much. 😊

Pairing: Liam x MC 
Books: The Royal Romance (Book 1), LoveHacks 
Rating: M (NSFW) 

Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time 
Chapter 2: Welcome To Cordonia 
Chapter 3: Reunited 
Chapter 4: Save The Last Dance 
Chapter 5: Off The Races 

Chapter 6: Queen Of Hearts 

Damn, she was intimidating. Too bad for you, Queen of Cordonia. It took a lot more than contour and a European accent to intimidate Lady Riley Spencer of frigging House Beaumont!
Riley watched Queen Regina make her rounds around the lawn party. She was a picture of grace. But not in a Queen of Genovia way. More like Queen Cersei. It was strange to picture her sweet Liam being related to the stoic King and Queen. No wonder he had to be so proper all the time. Anyone would look ridiculous being even slightly informal next to that woman.
“And how do you do…”, the Queen was saying to someone.
Hell, everybody was stiff and weird here. Something seemed a little off even about that Lady Madeleine. She almost seemed robotic. Or stone cold, like the evil Queen from The Magician’s Nephew.
‘I need to stop comparing real people with fictional characters’, Riley shook her head.
At least, she had conducted herself properly in the Queen’s presence. Liam would appreciate that.
She became fidgety at the thought of him. His shirtless torso was still swimming in front of her eyes.
'My God, those abs’
And how strong he was! He hadn’t broken a sweat doing push-ups while she sat on him.
'He probably has amazing stamina. Wonder how long he lasts in…’
Feeling goosebumps rise on her bare arms, Riley looked around. It wouldn’t do to be caught daydreaming about her favorite Prince’s body.
'And what a body… damn you, Riley! Pull it together!’  

Liam shook his head. He was smiling ear to ear.
'Freaking cronuts’, he thought, licking his lips, 'If only I could have tasted the cronut crumbs on her lips’
He and Riley had held hands, returning from their cronut escapade. She looked particularly alluring in moonlight. But what had really pleased him that evening was her confession. 

“I’m not a manic pixie dream girl, Liam”, Riley had sighed, “I never defy authority just for the sake of rebellion. It takes a lot for me to break the rules. I always need a good, solid reason to take risks”
“Then what made you do this?”, he had asked.  
“I couldn’t stand the idea of you and your friends not knowing what cronuts taste like”
Our friends”, he had corrected her.
And she had smiled in that irresistibly cute way of hers.
Our friends" 

Riley had enough on her plate with all the craziness of the season and the press, but she didn’t let go of any opportunity to make him happy, make his friends happy. That was a good quality in a possible fiancee. 

The thought of her bending her own rules for him and his friends was strangely encouraging. Maybe she would adjust to Cordonian customs too for his sake. Maybe the people would see her for the Queen she could be. Maybe he would get to sneak away with her for every day of his life. And maybe he would finally get to watch over her, to protect her himself. 
He smiled longingly at the thought. There were so many things he wanted when it came to Riley. 
Holding her hand, kissing her cheek when she was laughing hard, leaving marks on that slender neck of hers… Liam groaned. 
These were un-gentleman-esque thoughts. He was still trying to make peace with the idea of favoring her. It wasn’t like he was cheating on anyone. Every prince and princess had a favorite during their social season. And Riley just happened to be his. 
'Yeah. That’s it' 
It was such a relief. No one could fault him for following 'custom’ after all. They didn’t need to know that he was in fact following his heart. 

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Homecoming Game

Alright guys! Our WHOLE school got to check out at 2 because we made our food goals. I stayed at the band room with some friends because why not. We waited around for the parade to start. It was super duper hot out and I sweated through my band shirt but hey, it’s my last homecoming parade (that I’m marching in) so I made it my all. I grabbed candy from the ground and people that were throwing it then headed to the cafeteria to get my BBQ plate. I ate, and got halfway dressed to play the radio show. We played the fight song and the opener to the show. After that, I fully got dressed and I lead the brass line to the field. It sucks because I have to carry my “small podium” to the field. We had to kneel for the circle of honor and then we did our show as a pre-game show!!!! It’s getting to the point where I and my co captain and section leader know we’re giving it our all, and the others in our section aren’t giving enough ya know? So we went to the stands, only playing our fight song, and then it was Halftime!! The homecoming court was great and we played our ballad over and over. It got to the point where I started watching my BD conduct (who’s on the other side of the field) because my DM wasn’t…it’s a story. One of my trumpet babies passed out after we got off. She’s alright now! But it was super hot and we didn’t get many breaks. We won our game, and after the game we had our annual fireworks!!!!! After fireworks, I went to our VERY FIRST HOMECOMING DANCE!!! It didn’t last long but it was fun. I didn’t include EVERY little detail because drama that happened doesn’t really need to be put on here. Till next time guys!!!


Los Reyes Católicos
Reges Catholici
Katholische Könige
The Catholic Monarchs
Les Rois Catholiques

Rey Fernando II de Aragón, V de Castilla, de Navarra, de Nápoles y de Sicilia
Rex Ferdinandus II Aragoniae, V Castellae, Navarrae, Neapolis et Siciliae
König Ferdinand II. von Aragón, V. von Kastilien, von Navarra, von Neapel und von Sizilien
King Ferdinand II of Aragon, V of Castile, of Navarre, of Naples and of Sicily
Roi Ferdinand II d'Aragon, V de Castille, de Navarre, de Naples et de Sicile

Reina Isabel I de Castilla
Regina Isabella I Castellae
Königin Isabella I. von Kastilien
Queen Isabella I of Castile
Reine Isabelle I de Castille

Michael Sittow (1469-1525)
Juan de Flandes (1460-1519), 1490.