My blog is far more just about pictures. Natural is not not just a fade. Choosing to loc me and my daughter’s hair is not because it’s the IN thing. Locs are a part of my culture YOUR culture. Now some are being told that locs are not professional and that one can be denied employment because of their locs. Why is this okay? A petition has been created. It takes 10 seconds to register and sign it and another 5 seconds to repost. They’re trying to get 100,000 signatures and considering the amount of followers I have on here and Facebook that shouldn’t be hard. Please click the link in my bio and sign the petition. Your support is appreciated
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what’s your favorite kind of seb’s smile?

that smile when he’s being a completly dork

that smile when he’s with anthony mackie

that smile when he’s laughing too hard

that smile when he’s a being a fluffy angel

that smile when he’s with chris evans

that smile when he blushes 

that smile that it’s like hOLY MOTHER OF GOD

that smile that makes him hot and then a puppy

that smile that make you think ‘protect him at all costs’

there’s a million 

of types

but only


can make 

your whole day


I love our hair: the color, the texture, the kink, the wave, the way we choose to style it. This is an ode to Black hair. Thank you Afro Punk for creating a safe space for some of the most beautiful Black people i’ve ever seen to come together and be ourselves. 
photography x courtney harvier
IG @xhaleharvier