king-radical-deactivated2015033  asked:

who are you even

Me? I’m the person who made that post you saw fit to add your vastly pointless commentary to. I’m the person who’s been watching notifications for a post I made to entertain one person flood my activity bar on a regular basis since the day I fucked up and posted it.

I’m the person who has to squint when people like you decide to tack two stupid useless words (I’ll give you some credit because at least you added real words) onto a post, thus stretching out the notifications I’ve learned to put up with seeing even more. Why are you asking me who I am? That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that if you don’t know the person who posted something, chances are that they don’t give a single solid shit what you have to say about it and you should keep it in the tags, where the people who do give a shit can see it.