The last baby is now officially up for sale! How to purchase him:

Make sure you have read through my requirements post here
Make sure you pass all of the requirements
Send me an ask or submit, not a PM
In the message please include:
A statement that you have read and understood the requirements
A link to a picture of your current enclosure for your current reptile (plastic totes are 100% ok, as long as they are set up well)
I will then reply that you have either gotten the baby or not, and we will proceed from there onto the payment(s) for him, along with possible shipping dates. :) The baby will not be marked as sold until a payment is made, I won’t hold him for free.
Please remember he is being sold as PET ONLY. While he is healthy himself, there is a possibility of genetics being weak which can cause weak clutches that die after leaving the egg.
Also, I can only ship to the lower 48 states in the US.
TL1: $200 (plus shipping if shipped)
Sex: Male
Morph: Kingpin
Current weight: 78g
Hatch date: August 12, 2016
Personality: Incredibly sweet! Has never struck or hissed at anyone or anything other than food. He is an explorer, he loves to come out of  his cage and be handled. He is still a little shy, especially with his tail and his head, but is still very sweet and mellow. He was the first baby to poke his little head out, he is a true adventurer at heart <3
Meals: 3. More detail will be given to the purchaser
Thanks and good luck! :)


Wilson Fisk buys Pop Tarts.


1) Kingpin by Marko Djurdjevic

2) Bullseye by David Mack on Tumblr

3) Joker by Jock

4) G is for Green Goblin by Kris Anka on Tumblr

5) Sabretooth by Mark Texeira

6) Nemesis by Steve McNiven

7) Sentry by Joe Quesada

8) Doctor Doom by Gabriele Dell'Otto

9) Magneto by Paolo Rivera

10) Lex Luthor by Lee Bermejo

Trying out a different style! I had fun doing this, it felt good to try something different.

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