IMO, one of the smartest, most sly moments of Marvel ever comes in that scene in Daredevil when Matt Murdock meets Wilson Fisk in the art gallery.

There is so much going on in this scene.

Matt is taken off guard when Fisk appears. And Matt wanted Fisk to be a horrible person. Instead he is nice and polite and clearly loves Vanessa. 

Fisk, meanwhile, has figured out something about Matt. He knows Matt is a threat. Matt wants to kill him on the spot, but knows he cannot. 

They all act polite. But I think even Vanessa gets something is wrong.

But nothing is ever said.

The movies don’t have the subtlety.

Man, if it wasn’t Marvel, I think this show would have won several emmys. The tension here is off the scale. 


wilson fisk buys pop-tarts