The Doctor fell right asleep after a couple of moments of trying to keep consciousness for a little bit longer. Through half opened eyes, he was looking at the Master sleeping on top of him and how peaceful and at rest he was. He hasn’t seen him like that in so long. But of course, sleep claimed him as well and the Doctor slept pretty well for the first time in a while. Maybe it was the fact that he had the Master on him, maybe the fact that the two Time Lords were beginning to trust one another again, maybe the fact that the Doctor was honestly happy in the Master’s company.

He was the first to wake up hours later. At first, the Doctor was still half asleep and was about to sit straight up on the couch but, he then still had the sleeping weight of the Master whose arms were still wrapped tightly around him. He let out a silent yawn as he realized one of his hands were resting on the other’s head. Not to disturb him or anything, the Doctor began to faintly play with the strands once more as another smile came to his lips. He didn’t want to wake the Master up just yet, he knew that he needed the peaceful sleep more. 

Finally he had fixed his earphone (or whatever it’s called) so that he could call Amy if he needed. Now he still needed a place to stay the night. Somehow the Tardis flew off without him while Amy was still inside, something so powerfull that it could pull the Tardis off course. 

While walking through the town of Colchester he thought of a way to get some money. He could just ‘borrow’ it again like always but he tried to stop doing that. Maybe, if he acted fast enough he could get enough money by working in the night. But when he passed a shop something drew his attention, a piece of paper. “Doctor - This one. No. 79a Aickman Road. Amy xx”  

The Lost Girl || Closed || King-of-the-wasteland

It had been a bit over month since Elle’s last encounter with the Master at that little cafe she pretty much destroyed. A week was what it took for her to simply recover from the onslaught of mental agony she had suffered. It had physically and mentally drained her, she slept for days before she had finally gotten the strength to move.

Unfortunately it also took a toll on her mental health causing her to completely lose it, luckily this happened on another planet. Unlucky for Elle it had caused her death and ultimately her regeneration. It was weeks before she fully pulled herself together enough, but she just wasn’t quite the same anymore. Not that it mattered to the Master, he’d torture her just the same if not more.

Currently she was wandering through the familiar wasteland that the Master had proclaimed him self king of. She knew he was around there somewhere, and she also knew he wouldn’t recognize her, so she took advantage of this. Wanting to see what he’d do, if anything. She was barefoot, a risky decision on her part as she wandered through looking rather lost. She made sure to look a mess. Tears smudged her make up, her long brown hair was coming undone from it’s bun adding to the effect. Her shirt partially tattered from getting caught on sharp bits of metal, her leggings and shorts in the same manner, even a few cuts and scrapes here and there.

Sobs escaped her as she wandered through the wasteland, looking terrified and very lost. It was so good an act she was starting to believe it herself. “I-is a-a-anyone t-there?” Elle stuttered, fear in her voice as she stumbled about a bit.

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♚- My character is a revolutionary that has now been captured by the king/ queen, your character

Alright so he wasn’t fully against the ruler or the rules being stated he just…didn’t approve of a few. Was that really a crime now? Stating his opinion of others around him and himself? He should have realized something was off as he walked back to the small space he lived in when two of the guards came and easily bind his wrists and brought him straight into the castle.

He squirmed against the grasps of them as others looked down on him before he was suddenly thrown against the rug that was right in front of the throne. He had gotten in trouble for minor things but to be like this was another story. Emerald eyes that were slightly scared peered up through raven strands at the man in the throne. 

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"Well maybe I don’t want to see you again."

The Doctor fell silent at the words that the Master spoke. No…no, he didn’t mean it. He couldn’t have. All he was trying to do was to help him and…

He broke his gaze as he shook his head faintly. “Don’t–don’t say that, Master.”

Why not // CLOSED



As the other broke the kiss, he tilted his head back, trying to keep back the needy noises wanting to escape him at every slight touch. 

When the Master returned to caress his neck, his mouth fell open with a groan and he reached up to clasp a hand over his mouth. 
Too late. The voices of the other people in the dining room seized for a second. He could feel his quick breath brushing over the top of his palm. Complete silence..and then there was nervous laughter and Jack obviously starting to talk about something completely different. 

The Doctor let out a quiet groan, partly from annoyance, letting his hand drop and pushed the Master back. 
No not here..but he couldn’t..wouldn’t..stop. 
With his hand in the other’s hair, he brought him back up into a kiss, still pushing him back further from the occupied room. 
Using the contact of their lips he reached out for him with his mind, just projecting for starters. 
‘We…the TARDIS..please..’

He chuckled breathlessly after the moment of heavy silence was filled with Jack’s voice again. Oh they’d definitely heard that. Now he just needed the Doctor to be a bit louder. And a bit of begging wouldn’t hurt either, maybe even get him to use his name if he pressed all the right buttons.

The Master grunted when he was forced back. Come on, couldn’t he have a little fun for once? It wasn’t like he was actually harming anyone right now. Luckily he felt the Doctor’s mouth meeting his own again rather quickly, though that didn’t make up for the way he was making him walk backwards, stumbling slightly, pressed up against the other Time Lord as he was. He was just about to protest when- Oh that was unfair. The Master moaned into this kiss, growing harder simply by seeing the rather delicious and rather detailed images in his head combined with the feeling of the Doctor’s mind brushing against his own. He couldn’t resist that. Plus, the TARDIS had a lot more possibilities than this small room. Would they make it past the console this time? Again he groaned and his fingers pressed harshly into uncovered skin.

It took a while, but then the Master relented.


The Doctor owed him one now.

The Doctor wrapped an arm around the other’s waist to prevent him from falling and soon pushed him against the door leading outside. At least he was lucky enough not to have to go through the dining room. Would be quite difficult to explain.
He pressed himself closer to the other, another moan escaping him into the kiss. 
Not expecting the telepathic connection would deepen so easily,he got a faint glimpse on the Master’s memory of their last encounter in the console room and reacted in the only way possible. 
Breaking the kiss he let his lips slip down to the other’s neck, nibbling shortly at it. 
Of course he forgot where they were, when he returned the favour and pushed his hands under the waistband of the Master’s trousers, groaning against the skin beneath his lips. please…never..more..stop. 
If he wouldn’t get them out of there right then, he would probably loose it completely. 
The thin man pulled his hand away again, grabbing behind the other Time Lord and opened the door to the patio and the TARDIS standing there. Carefully catching and holding the other to him, he opened the door with a short telepathic command, walking the Master back until they were safely in the blue box.

'I..will explain..later..bedroom?’ he said through the connection, loosening himself in a passionate kiss, in which he had pulled him again.  


It had been a few months since both Aurora and the Doctor reunited with each other again. Ever since then, they’ve been going on adventures together. Spending some godfather and goddaughter time together. Though she admits that she does look up at the Doctor like he was her own father. He had cared for her since she was young. He helped her recover her lost memories and teaching her to be a better Time Lord. And the fact that he was willing to protect her, even if she didn’t need it. She was able to take care of herself…at certain times. 

Aurora stepped out of the TARDIS, telling the Doctor that she was going out for a bit. She needed some time alone to explore the place in London. She slowed the doors behind her, then started to stroll down the street of the small town that they have landed on. Her eyes scanned around the place as she glanced in delight. She inhaled the fresh, Earth air. Signing it out with relief. Within a few hours, she was already a few miles away from the TARDIS. She went further as she had planned to do, but she saw no harm in it. As long as there was no danger that was going on, she would be fine.

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(using little!Koschei cause I'm mean) When they had been outside, something had happened, an attack on Cardiff. The Doctor had brought him to the TARDIS first before dealing with it. But he still had not come back and Koschei was starting to get worried. He never got worried over anyone except Theta once in a while. He didn't like the feeling. With a sigh Koschei went back to the console room. Then he saw something odd. And very bloody. "Doctor?" Could he come closer? What had happened?

The Doctor didn’t realize how long it was going to take but he had to keep Koschei safe within the TARDIS. That was his main concern. He was sitting on the console, bruised and battered and bloodied up like someone who came from a war, as he began to take off his jacket to inspect more of himself. A voice immediately made him snap up as he looked to see Koschei in the doorway. “Kosch,” He whispered.

Nature's Calling | Closed | King-of-the-wasteland

Amy decided that she was going to take a walk, well more like a mind consuming stroll through the forest. Walking through the city always made her feel like she was being watched, like her thoughts weren’t private. But closed off in the forest, with all the trees, and the animals living harmoniously around her made her thoughts more.. personal. Made her feel as if she could think of something quite dirty, or private and she wouldn’t fear someone hearing or thinking of it. Smiling she let her feet carry her through the forest, walking along a path that has been long worn out when she came to a place that she hadn’t stumbled upon before. Maybe she took a different turn further back. Stepping through a clearing she saw a small opening of grass before a larger path that circled around a small body of water. The water was crystal blue clear and a small waterfall let just a mist down into the pond that had a small brook or stream further down on the other side of the water which led between the trees. Smiling she sat down next to the water and kicked her shoes off, letting her feet rest in the water, feeling the coolness against her hot skin.

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((I don't know but Koschei is whining and he misses Theta so uhm..)) "Thete... Theta?" Koschei asked in a hushed voice. "Are you still awake?"

Giving a tiny noise the blond student stirred in his sleep, rolling on his back and clumsily reaching to his face to push the blond strands from his face. 
“am now..” he uttered, but it did just sound sleepy not in any way angry. 
Turning his head on the pillow to the door, he blinked a few times, still half-lidded eyes but a smile tugging at his lips:
“Hey, Kosch. is somethin’?”  


The Doctor was piloting the TARDIS back to the spot he first saw the Master just a day ago. Granted their evening could have gone…better. “Are you going to be on your best behavior old girl?” He asked which got an annoyed hum and a small spark flying out at him. “Hey hey hey! Don’t get angry at me; he didn’t even touch you.” More annoyed noises came from the console. “He won’t turn into a paradox machine. Now just land nearby so I can pick him up.” The TARDIS threw a spark again as he landed. 

“Look…I know you don’t trust him. I’m not sure if I do either. But he’s alive nevertheless. It’s my obligation in some sense to just try and help him. If he steps out of line you can chuck him out the door like yesterday and we will move on once more, cross my hearts.”

He looked on the screen but didn’t see anyone nearby like last time. “Hmm…” He hummed softly and thoughtfully as he walked down the ramp and poked his head outside the ship.

Repose || The Doctor & The Master

The Doctor worked carefully inside the old engine room. A mass of wires hung down in front of his face, illuminated by the electric blue glow of his sonic. “Come on, then,” he muttered to himself. “I know you’re a bit rusty, but I need to find out just where you came from…” The traveller clicked his tongue and adjusted the glasses on his nose. If I could only get it up and running again I could access the ship’s files. He sighed and popped the screwdriver between his teeth to connect two yellow wires.

After a few minutes of fiddling, the lights finally crackled on and the Doctor broke into a large grin. “Ha! Now we’re talking!” He pushed himself to his feet and half-hopped, half-ran around to the computer controls, his eyes falling on a little green monitor, a map of the ship. A little blinking red dot marked where he stood, but there wasn’t just one. There was another not two rooms away, flashing and moving.

“Oh, lookie there, ay…” The Doctor’s brows arched in interest. “Seems I’m not the only one who popped by for a visit…”

Quiet afternoons and screaming
Your muse hears mine screaming in their sleep. How does yours react? ((I owe about all of our threads but I couldn't resist sorry xP Also coming up with titles are very much not my forte haha))

It wasn’t exactly odd, in fact, it was a common happenstance these days. To find the Doctor in some seemingly impossible position, fast asleep on the couch or in an armchair. He never slept long, just small naps every now and then. 

Until today. This time the Master found him in the library, one leg over the back of the couch and one arm hanging from the side with his face pressed against the armrest. He’d left the Doctor there, going about his own business of gathering research material and such. But after he had sat down in the armchair and had been reading for a good hour now, the other Time Lord was still peacefully snoring. Well…not exactly peacefully anymore.

The Doctor was turning and mumbling, a small frown on his face and his fingers twitching as if to grab a hold of something. Then a soft cry. The Master cringed, more out of surprise than because of the sound. What now? Should he wake him up? Let him be? 

A scream followed and the Master reached over to the younger Time Lord, nudging his shoulder. He could just deny caring once the Doctor had woken up and had stopped screaming. Right now the cries of fear and pain were far to distracting.

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So much death. 
He was running through the burning fields, the red grass turned in black dust, consumed by unforgiving fire. A box beneath his arm. 
A box pulsing with light, life and pure destructive energy. 
Turning his head he saw a man surrounded by a circle of fire, which was slowly closing on him and his screaming was loud. 
His voice a combination of so many different, but always the ones of one man.
The Doctor stopped running immediately running towards the circle, trying to get to him, but too late..and still he tried. 
Until he didn’t care about the flames and they started to burn him too Until even the orange sky started to rip apart. 
Until he started to scream. 

The Doctor startled from his nightmare, his leg slipping back on the couch, his hand clenching around the edge of the cushion and his eyes snapped open 
He was staring at the ceiling, still blinded by the remaining pictures of his nightmares.and he didn’t realise he was screaming until a few seconds later. 
The thin man stopped and pushed himself up so he was in the corner of the sofa, his eyes switching from the Master to the various objects in the room.

His breathing was shallow and he tried to calm himself down, looking at the older Time Lord, visibly shaking. 
Not real
Just a nightmare. 
The screams of himself and the man in his dream were echoing in his mind and he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around him.
He didn’t saw this man’s face, but he knew who he was supposed to be and this man was sitting in the armchair in front of him.

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He took in a deep breath, both eyebrows lifting up as he slowly blew it out again. Now that sounded interesting. But the Master knew better. A small chuckle followed and he shook his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me…After all these regenerations you only now decide to be any fun. You know what, show me how much you mean it and I might consider taking you so roughly you won’t be able to run off like the coward that you are.”

“Consider away, Master, though, while you’re at it, consider also that it might not be you who gets to be in charge,” the young-faced Time Lord growled softly, stalking up close. “Consider I might not be the Doctor you’ve come to know and love. Would you still want to tango?”

18. My muse gives yours an impromptu back massage

The Doctor saw the Master sitting on the jumper seat in the console room. They kept running around back and forth very recently and it was taking a toll on them both. He slowly went up behind him and gently placed his hands against his shoulder blades before he began to massage them.

Don't Be So Rough



Baring his teeth into another sneer, XI turned his face back to his opponent. The faint imprint of red on his cheek displayed the Master’s last strike. “You’re so lucky I’m up for a brawl, and that you’ve got a pretty face, or I’d’ve blasted a hole in it already.” With no specific martial form or honourable warning, he threw himself at the Master, making to shove him to the floor.

Giddy excitement was flowing through him. Yes yes yes this was good! He needed more. Despite having anticipated that, the sheer impact knocked him down to the floor, leaving him gasping for air for just a second. He groaned a little, but the wicked grin stayed as he looked up at the man on top of him. “Oh you’re going to pay for that.” He hummed happily and took a hold of the Time Lord’s shoulders. Next he drove his knee up in the man’s stomach. Hard.

The young-faced Time Lord snarled, rolling off the Master and up to his feet, doubled slightly with the complaints of his muscles. “Lucky shot,” he wheezed. “You’d be fucked if I’d kept you down.” A filthy grin spread across his features. “Maybe in more ways than one. Have to say I did like that face on you from my universe. Pity I ‘ave to bruise it.” XI threw a kick at his opponent.