You would think that having been in Nerdvana, I would be able to take away some pretty cool souvenirs… But…

Instead, I came back home with ALL of my physics calculations for Episode 7, my debate speech, Danielle’s note to send me to the Nerd-Off and a note Genevieve left me in case she didn’t come back from her first Nerd-Off.

Yes, these are the memories I decided to take back with me, haha!


The full, unedited SFO anthem!


My friend and I made “King of the Nerds” out of 100 Rubik’s Cubes.

Check it out!

“If you go out there in the world and you feel like no one appreciates you because of something that you love.  Just keep looking because there are people out there who love what you love and who will appreciate you for who you are. Being a nerd is about being special, its about being different, but most importantly its about embracing that and making wonderful things happen for yourself. So go out there and be the best damn nerd that you can be." 

-Ivan from King of the Nerds