gojira-kingofthekaiju  asked:

Top 5 EDH staples?

okay, so rather than do a top 5, I’ll do one for each colour because I think it’s better overall. Plus, I don’t agree with the whole EDH really has staples thing.

White - Path to Exile

Unconditional removal that exiles at instant speed. They get a land, but they also lose their biggest threat. You may need to be careful casting it, just making sure not to throw on a 1/1 solider, but regardless, every deck should have one.

Black - Demonic Tutor

For 2 mana find your fatty or combo piece or just a way to win the game. The kind of card that embodies the philosophy of ‘you won’t realise it’s there until it’s gone’ as the kind of reliability it offers is subtle, but powerful. Every deck should run it. 

Green - Eternal Witness

She is just wonderful. There may be cards that do similar effects, but they aren’t on a 2/1 body and, let me tell you, that makes all the difference in the world. In fact, your next best option are cards like Treasured Find, Nature’s Spiral or Regrowth, each costing 2. So in effect, you’re casting one of those spells and getting a 1 cost 2/1. A must have

Blue - Brainstorm

Brainstorm just gets work done. Where Ancestral Recall is banned, Brainstorm is the next best thing. Though a bit finicky the cast right, it can offer untold bounties to players who are willing to work with it. At it’s heart, it may only draw you 1 card, but the fact it gives you the option of the top three, or any two cards from your hand is great. It’ll feel as home in any blue deck

Red - Chandra, Flamecaller

Without a doubt the most useful printing of Chandra ever printed for EDH. Any other deck will often lend itself to a single printing but this was can, in large part, fit into any red EDH deck. Initially, I had Chandra Ablaze in this spot, entirely for her -2, but the fact that this one does it for 0 and her other abilities are useful won her the spot