BLANK HILL ZINE submission by misterhayden!

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Blank Hill Zine Submission Guidelines

»Download the Blank Hill Zine template here«

• Feel free to resize your Blank Hill however large or small you wish, as long as it fits within the boundaries of the template, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.

• Images should be between 300 and 600 dpi.

• Color printing will depend on the cost and content of the zine, so if you’d like to submit color art please feel free, but know there’s a chance the zine will be printed in black and white.

• Please include your name for credit, and your URL.

• All work should be submitted digitally to

• The deadline for submissions is April 27th, 2015!

submissions are now closed

• All work included in the printed zine and the tumblr will be credited and linked.

• By submitting to Blank Hill Zine, you are allowing us the right to print your submission in the zine, and to post it on Tumblr. All contributors included in the physical zine will receive one hard copy, and every contributor will receive a print-quality PDF.

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Happy 420 from BLANK HILL ZINE!!!

Submission by Joseph Faill aka artjcf!

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— Deadline April 27th, 2015! —
(Less than 1 week from now!)


Gimlet does NOT want to get down. #kingofthehill #goats

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PRINCE OF THE HILL or DANGIT GUN // #CRUX #cruxworldwide #art #vector #anime #dragonballz #kingofthehill #vegeta #trunks #bulma #hankhill #peggyhill #bobbyhill #mashup #bestreet #bootlegbart #princeofallsayians #princeofthehill #akwardfamilyphoto

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New BLANK HILL ZINE submission by Ben Humeniuk aka hipogram​!

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— Deadline April 27th, 2015! —
(Less than 2 weeks from now!)