Okay so this is my first botm so pls reblog it or I’ll cry! Thank you to Lauren for the beautiful graphic!

  • Mbf me pls
  • Reblog this post please (likes don’t count)
  • I’ll choose one winner (no poll)
  • and runners up depending on notes
  • Reblog until 31st of January
  • Winners will be announced on like the 2nd/3rd
  • Looking for rad spn blogs (or multifandom) with cool urls, nice posts and a lovely person!
  • +Follow if not already
  • Promo when chosen
  • Unlimited promos yo
  • I’ll include you in any promos I do that month
  • If I can help with anything (polls etc)
  • A link on my blog for the month
  • I’ll like your selfies man
  • +Follow if not already
  • Promo when chosen and then 3 more over the month
  • I’ll help you with anything too!
  • And I’ll like your selfies too dude srsly just tag me

Okay go my lovelies!

HEYYYYYY, ugh so I'm finally back on tumblr and I thought I'd do something for my followers!!!!! ((i spent 2 hours making that gif omg TTTTTTTTT but pardon it ok)) anyways, I used to be firesmaugs and before that I was samclafine, for those who forgot who I am, I'm Quinn :) 
  • Must be following this happy girl (yes I will check hahaha)
  • Reblog once to enter, you can like to save this, but it won’t count!
  • Fandom blogs only please! :)
  • You may reblog until 10th June 2014, and I’ll announce the winner on 12th June 2014 
  • This needs to reach at least 50 notes :) ((PLEASE???))
  • There will be 1 winner and 1 runner-up. With every 50 notes, I’ll add another runner-up! 
  • There will be no polls
☆What I'm Looking For☆
  • Clean theme
  • Tagged posts, easy navigation
  • Good posts
  • Creative URLs are plus points!
  • A nice person because I love people persons :)
  • If you make edits/graphics/fics/html, that’s like ultra bonus points ok
☆Winner's Prizes☆
  • A follow back, if I’m not already following!
  • A place on my links for a month
  • A graphic/edit/gif thingy of your choice ((ugh I just started so I might suck at it I’m sorry))
  • Unlimited promos throughout the month and you’re automatically included in all promos I do :)
  • A solo promo when announced
  • Love and loads of friendship (if you want, I’ll love you like there’s no tomorrow)
☆Runners-Up's Prize☆
  • A follow back if I’m not already
  • A link on my updates tab for a month :)
  • 5 promos throughout the month, just ask :) and automatically included in all the promos I do!
  • A group promo when announced
  • Loads of love and friendship ok I love people

ok that’s all, REBLOG AWAY!

aah the smell of awards! Chelsea, Chell, and I decided to make an awards for you guys, in amid of the first month of 2014 [where the heck did 2010 go]. okay enough with that, it’s time for the thingies [you know, the regulars]

Graphic made by me


Must be following ChelseaChelland me

Reblog to enter [likes can be done for bookmarking but it won’t count]

Must reach 50 notes [or this will burn into phoenix ash]

Must be a mostly Supernatural blog [multifandom blog is fine]

Ends next month [19th of February GMT]

A winner and two runner ups [for every extra 50 notes, a runner up will be added]


Best URL

Best Theme

Best Posts

Best Icon

Best Sidebar

Best Graphics

Best Poetry

Most gifted [best in all graphics, writing, & poetry]

Team Free Will award [Best overall. Only two runner ups, no extra]

The Trenchcoat award [my fav, no runner up]

The Angels award [Chelsea’s fav, no runner up]

The Impala award [Chell’s fav, no runner up]

Winners receive:

Follow backs from all of us

Graphics from me and a sketch of your fav character too! [Upon request :3]

Spot in our updates tabs!

Promos from us upon requests! :3

Involvement in any promo we do

Helps with polls from us

Our gratitude and grace and love [oooh how fascinating!]

Runner ups receive:

Follow backs from all of us

Graphics from me [upon requests] 

Involvement in any promos the we do!

Helps with polls from us

Our gratitude and grace and love [yeah i know such fascination!]

Thanks for entering and good luck to all of you! <3

Hi everyone! It's now time to announce the next 10 members of the network! THE KING OF HELL WELCOMES:
What you'll need to do:
  • Follow each other! You all have wonderful blogs :)
  • Track the tag “kingofhellnw” for updates!
  • Put the link of the network blog somewhere on your blog please :)
  • Zerlynn would’ve sent you an ask/submit, so just follow the instructions!
Didn't get in?
  • Don’t worry! We’re still accepting members, so just reblog this post to enter!
  • If you want to stand a better chance, please complete the survey :)
  • We will announce the next 2-3 members next friday!