Remember back in 2008 when the fandom’s consensus was just that these two were married as hell? I kind of miss it tbh we had bad  hawt yaoiz tropes but the domestic stuff was otherwise pretty cute

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So I commented on Jacksepticeye’s 5th video for Outlast 2, and I explained that he missed an important Document by the lake, titled, “Old Traveler”. Someone asked me to explain where it is so they could find it themselves, to which I gave a detailed explanation on where to find it and then wrote out the entire Document for those who wanted to see it immediately. I of course, added SPOILER WARNINGS.

So in his last video yesterday, he added an extra segment at the very end where he said he read a comment where someone explained that he’d missed an important Document, and proceeded to quote my explanation on how to get to said Document! He then went and found the Document!

  1. He reads his damn comments. Didn’t expect that.
  2. It threw more things into perspective for him and changed some of his opinions on the game.
  3. He read aloud it for everyone so now more people know about how Outlast 1 and Outlast 2 are connected.
  4. Did I Mention That He Fucking Read My Comment?! I’m Dead.

Yeah, it was a great day.

for fucking real though I’m actually almost surprised by how good Humanz is

like… there’s a lot of criticism for the fact Damon’s voice is so minimal on the record compared to the numerous collabs, and I totally understand that, but also imo it works

other than the fact Gorillaz has always had many collabs, I believe I read somewhere that he described the album like an “end of the world party” inspired by current events and with the album’s lyrical content/message combined with all of the varying voices, new and old - that’s exactly the vibe I got from it

why is it that most times when Jinki’s at the airport he’s all sleepy and playful and silly but the second he shows up wearing sunglasses ? dead silence. not a smile from him. not a smile to him - everyone’s too scared; he’s that hot. he’s just dripping in handsomeness. oozing charm. he’s going through customs like it’s a bloody runway. all because of some sunglasses. insane.